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Chapter 139: The Second Master of the Mu family Matches Your Taste

“Im not asking you to catch someone for me.”

Song Zixuan said speechlessly, “People the Song family sent out have already found Master Li.

“But to prevent him from having the chance to escape, our men must wait for a good time to catch him.”

Song Zixuan didnt hide anything from Lu Zijia at all.

He directly explained it at once to her.

This showed that he trusted Lu Zijia.

Lu Zijia ate the soup dumplings as she nodded.

“Thats right.

Ordinary people like you should be more cautious.”

Song Zixuan, “…”

Why did he feel like Lu Zijia said this as if she wasnt an ordinary person

In fact, Song Zixuan wasnt interested in the truth!

“If youre not here to ask me to help you catch someone, why are you here”

Wasnt this unlucky man unwilling to see her before Why did he come to seek abuse by himself today

Song Zixuan repressed his desire to fly into rage and said while gritting his teeth, “Cant I come to see you if nothing happens”

He thought they could be considered friends.

And yet, judging from Lu Zijias current reaction, she didnt seem to treat him as a friend at all.

Thinking of this, Song Zixuan couldnt help but feel more frustrated.

However, he didnt give up because of that.

Even though this woman was a bit irritating, she was much better than those people who flattered others before stabbing them in the back.

Seeing that Song Zixuan was about to fly into rage, Lu Zijia only found it odd.

Why is he suddenly so angry Hes such a weird unlucky man.

“Whatever, but Im busy.

I dont have time for you.

You have to take care of it yourself,” Lu Zijia said in dissatisfaction.

Even though she didnt have any business right now, she could make more talismans, just in case.

Thinking of drawing talismans, another thing suddenly came into Lu Zijias mind.


She immediately stared at Song Zixuan.

Song Zixuan was startled by her sudden action.

His fragile heart almost jumped out.

“What do you want”

With a few experiences of being tricked, Song Zixuan immediately got nervous and looked at Lu Zijia vigilantly.

Song Zixuans reaction was totally the representation of the saying, “Once bitten, twice shy.”

Seeing that he suddenly crossed his hands on his chest, looking like he was being bullied by a weird man, Lu Zijia couldnt help but feel disgusted.

“Arent you too cowardly

“Youre a man after all and youre afraid of a weak woman like me”

Song Zixuan, “…”

A weak woman If this woman was a weak woman, there wouldnt be any strong women in the world!

He had marked down all the times that this woman had tricked him!

“Also, you arent my cup of tea, so you dont have to worry that Id do anything to you,” Lu Zijia said as she ate the last soup dumpling and showed a blessed, satisfied look.

Seeing her expression, Song Zixuan couldnt help but feel a bit frustrated.

Its just a few soup dumplings.

This woman looks like shes eating some great delicacies.

Shes such a bumpkin.

“And the Second Master of the Mu family is your cup of tea” Song Zixuan couldnt help but blurt out.

Song Zixuan originally thought Lu Zijia wouldnt answer this question or would deny it.

After all, the reason why she and Mu Tianyan got married wasnt quite dignified.

Many people in the upper class society in the capital had already heard about this.

And yet, Lu Zijia nodded very honestly and said without hesitation, “Pretty much.”


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