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Chapter 74 Part 3: Riding and Archery

Ji Shuran turned it over in her mind.

She comforted Jiang You Yao but supposed that what Jiang You Yao said was true and Zhou Yan Bang truly had intention towards Jiang Li, then she certainly needed to be alert.

Although it’s common for a man to have three wives and four concubines, to have Zhou Yan Bang wishing to take Jiang Li as a wife rather than her own daughter, Ji Shuran felt her throat was blocked.

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“But what you said is correct, Jiang Li indeed cannot remain.” Ji Shuran said: “At first I thought if she was obedient and did what she was told, we can still use her in the future.

But now it seems that she doesn’t know her place at all.

She hasn’t returned for long yet has stirred great commotion.

Letting her remain would be a disaster.” 

“Mother, are you going to deal with her”Jiang You Yao’s eyes brightened when she heard what her mother said and asked immediately.

“I’ve said already,” Ji Shuran smiled and stroked Jiang You Yao’s hair, “Jiang Li is too ostentatious and draws other people’s hatred.

Don’t worry, this time she’s in the limelight and already offends some people.

There’s someone who wishes for her to disappear even more than us.

You just need to wait and see tomorrow’s riding and archery.” 

Jiang You Yao was puzzled: “Someone also wants to deal with Jiang Li” 

“You Yao, you have to remember.” Ji Shuran didn’t answer Jiang You Yao’s question and instead said: “The best method is not to draw blood, but to sit on the mountain and watch the tigers fight.”

Jiang You Yao nodded, not quite understanding.


In the Jiang residence, Jiang You Yao was unhappy but it was joyous in the Fang Fei Garden. 

Jiang Jing Rui had already become a frequent visitor of Fang Fei Garden, even Baixue knew that he loved to drink tea that’s not bitter and poured a big spoonful of honey in his cup.

“Let me say, eldest uncle and eldest aunt are really not proper at all.” Jiang Jing Rui said: “You got first place in music, but there’s not even a congratulatory gift.” He spread both his hands out, “Year after year, whenever Jiang You Yao received first place, all kinds of rewards are not missing.” He carefully watched Jiang Li: “Both are eldest uncle’s daughters, why is the difference so big Could it be…….

You are actually not a Jiang family member”

This person’s words were truly unpleasant to hear, it was as if he especially rushed over to stab people in the heart.

Tong’er was so angry she almost cursed at him and Baixue frowned.

Jiang Li calmly looked at him and said: “Maybe.”

“Huh” Jiang Jing Rui was astonished, “Why are you not angry at all”

“There’s nothing to be angry about.” She was originally not a Jiang family member. 

“Your self-restraint is really good.” Jiang Jing Rui shrugged.

Suddenly, he recalled something and bluntly laughed aloud, “I want to laugh when I recall Jiang You Yao’s expression today——”

Jiang Li was suspicious whether Jiang You Yao had ruthlessly offended Jiang Jing Rui before.

Otherwise, why would Jiang Jing Rui not wish for her to be well

“Nevertheless, what are you preparing to do tomorrow” Jiang Jing Rui asked: “Tomorrow is riding and archery, you…….” He seized Jiang Li up and down once and shook his head: “In any case, it’s not possible to also get first place, right”

For the matter of Jiang Li receiving first place in music and surpassed Jiang You Yao, although Jiang Jing Rui was surprised, it wasn’t to an unimaginable degree.

The reason was because Jiang Jing Rui had no comprehension of music.

He simply didn’t understand what Jiang Li’s ability to play a complete and wonderful tune of the 《Eighteen Songs of a Nomad Flute》signified.

However, Jiang Jing Rui with his group of friends liked to compare riding and archery.

Because his learning was so-so, he knew how difficult it was.

Thus he came over to advise Jiang Li.

“When you mount the horse, take two steps first then pretend you are unable to and concede.

Or maybe you shouldn’t take part in the competition.

I saw every year many of those ladies from Ming Yi Hall were also like this.

Sometimes they got on the horse but didn’t run, just walking slowly until it ended and still didn’t pass the finish line.” He shook his head and wondered,” You ladies do not need to be too adventurous, it’s most important to protect yourself.

The examination field is so big, in the case you fall down and sustain injuries, the gains do not make up for the losses.”

Jiang Li listened to his saying and knew that Jiang Jing Rui’s intention was good.

She thought in her heart, in the end, Jiang Jing Rui and Xue Zhao are different.

If it was Xue Zhao, he would certainly have said: “Since you want to compete with others, you should naturally learn well.

It’s not a joke to get thrown down and injured by chance, so you must grasp how to ride and shoot well.

In case something happened, you could only deal with it yourself.

So what if it’s a lady Young ladies also needs to be adventurous!”

Jiang Li couldn’t help laughing.


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