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Chapter 91 Part 1: Returning

“No need to wait, there’s an opportunity exactly at this time.

After uncle Ming Xuan finished with things, I can go to Xiangyang together with uncle, right”

When this sentence came out, Ye Shijie and Ye Ming Xuan were both stunned.

Tong’er also opened her eyes wide.

After a long time, Ye Ming Xuan asked suspiciously: “Just now, did you say you want to go back to Xiangyang together with me” 

“Yes.” Jiang Li replied frankly, “It’s been many years since I have seen my maternal grandmother and the other uncles.

I was young at that time and made many mistakes.

Later on, after understanding the ways of the world, I felt quite repentant but had no opportunity to personally apologize.

Now since uncle has come to Yanjing and going to go back to Xiangyang in a few days, that will be an opportunity.” She lowered her head slightly in remorse: “Never having the chance to be filial to maternal grandmother, always feeling uneasy whenever the thought comes up.”

Ye Shijie wanted to subconsciously sneer.

These words coming out of Jiang Li’s mouth were honestly like a joke.

It should be known that Jiang Li didn’t have such a good face towards the Ye family people who were going to pick her up.

But the words to mock her were left like that, as Ye Shijie could let the words out when he looked at Jiang Li’s smiling eyes. 

If she was lying, she must be the most brilliant liar under the heavens.

Those pair of eyes looked so sincere without any fakeness, even being doubtful seemed like an insult.

Ye Ming Xuan was even more shocked and was speechless.

Ye Ming Xuan did business all year round.

Among the three sons in the Ye family, he was the shrewdest and the most suspicious.

As a result, he was not the same as Ye Shijie.

Ye Shijie himself had not discovered that he had unconsciously already begun to speak of Jiang Li with acknowledgement and had unknowingly approved of Jiang Li’s change.

Yet Ye Ming Xuan firmly believed that a person’s inherent quality would not change easily. 

Moreover, even if the young Jiang Li was led astray by others and alienated the Ye family, it’d been so many years after the Ye family had left, why didn’t the person behind strike while the iron was hot and continue to lead Jiang Li down No matter how one saw it, Jiang Li’s sudden sobriety was unreasonable.

Actually, today’s Jiang Li was indeed not the same as the person in his memory.

Whether it was her temperament and way of conversing, Jiang Li could be considered as excellent among the noble ladies of Yanjing.

As for suddenly showing intimacy towards the people of the Ye family, Ye Ming Xuan didn’t dare to rashly reach a conclusion.

He thought it was perhaps the Jiang family member or Jiang Yuan Bai who instructed her, or perhaps it was Jiang Li herself who had other plans.

Who couldn’t show friendliness on their face  

However, abruptly saying that she wanted to return to Xiangyang, it immediately made Ye Ming Xuan puzzled. 

Firstly, though the Ye family was a wealthy family, Xiangyang was really incomparable with Yanjing’s hustle and bustle.

The entire journey would be travel-worn, could a pampered and spoiled eldest daughter of an affluent family be able to accept it On another aspect, if this matter was incited by Jiang Yuan Bai or a person from the Jiang family, what benefits could there be in letting Jiang Li return to the Ye family To be honest, just Jiang Li alone in the Ye family could not set off any storm, on the contrary, her strength alone was weak.

Unable to ruin things, purely desiring to curry favor with the Ye family Was it worthwhile for the Jiang family 

“Uncle doesn’t have to think so much,” Jiang Li was all smiles: “I am just returning to see grandmother, that’s all.” Jiang Li suddenly opened her mouth as if she was able to peep into Ye Ming Xuan’s mind.

Suddenly having his thoughts jabbed, Ye Ming Xuan didn’t show any embarrassed expression on his face.

He laughed in an instant and said: “I was thinking, the road returning to Xiangyang is as high as the mountain and long as the river.

You are a little girl, how can you endure it 

“Uncle don’t forget, I once stayed in a nunnery for eight years.

Carrying water and chopping wood were all done by myself, I’m not that delicate.” Jiang Li said. 

She said it openly and frankly, as if she didn’t feel in the slightest that it was a shameful matter, just like normally stating her past experience, which also blocked Ye Ming Xuan. 

Ye Shijie’s brows wrinkled slightly. 


I’m afraid your father would not feel at ease if you follow us back.” Ye Ming Xuan muttered. 

“If uncle negotiates with my father, I believe father will let me go.” Jiang Li indifferently said: “Mother has passed away for ten years, I’ve already grown up.

I am not the sole di daughter, there is still third younger sister in the residence.

Father’s energy will not be totally spent on me alone.”   

Her words carried meaning.

After Ye Zhen Zhen passed away, Ji Shuran married Jiang Yuan Bai.

Supposed that she wanted to make the impression of a warm, caring mother, it’s necessary for her to make Jiang Li close to her.  And as long as the Ye family existed, it’s bound to be impossible for Ji Shuran to be the closest person to Jiang Li.

Therefore, misunderstandings must arise between Jiang Li and the Ye family.

As for how this misunderstanding came about, that would depend on the method used.  

This was something that Jiang Li thought of later.

Seemed that at that time, Ji Shuran deceived the young second miss and unknowingly how she let Jiang second miss said such malicious words to her own maternal grandmother, thus breaking the two families relationship.

Whether Jiang Yuan Bai was aware or not no need to be mentioned.

However, even if he was aware, being in laws with a merchant or being in laws with a censor, he would rather select being in laws with a censor*. 

A generation of newcomers replacing the former people, seeing the newcomer laughed, then the former people wept. 

This uncle Ming Xuan seemed like a smart person, he would understand the meaning in her words.

“Moreover, now older cousin is an official in the Ministry of Revenue,” Jiang Li smiled: “father would certainly agree for the two families to move around more.”


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