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Chapter 75 Part 5: Thrilling

Meng Hong Jin felt disappointed.

In her sleeve, there’s something like a tiny pipe for holding a writing brush.

It’s something her elder brother gave last year for her to play with.

At the slender as a writing brush’s pipe’s bottom, there’s a protruding mechanism.

As long as it was pressed, a silver needle would shoot out from inside.

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Meng Hong Jin applied medicine on the silver needle.

In the narrow passageway, when Jiang Li had just shot her three arrows, Meng Hong Jin took the opportunity when she was pulling an arrow to mask her sleeve and pressed the mechanism. 

The silver needle firmly shot towards the horse’s buttocks and startled it, naturally causing the horse to go mad.

If this happened, Jiang Li would definitely be thrown off the horse, perhaps she would lose an arm or a leg.

The silver needle was very fine, it would be difficult to investigate afterwards.

In the case when it was found out, who would have thought that it was her doing

Meng Hong Jing observed that Jiang Li didn’t display any skill in horsemanship before and thought that Jiang Li only knew the most basic skill of riding a horse.

What she absolutely didn’t expect was, when the horse went mad, Jiang Li not only didn’t get thrown off, but under the thousand eyes she revealed her mastery.

Such movements couldn’t be made by a person who didn’t know horsemanship!

She was deceived by Jiang Li!

Meng Hong Jin was both shocked and angry.

The people who were supposed to lead Jiang Li hurriedly came over.

Jiang Yuan Bai was even more nervous.

A crazy horse was too terrible, the only way was to cut the horse’s head.

But when the horse fell to the ground, Jiang Li would also sustain injury.

Or else, they could use qinggong to move her out of the way.

However, these were all males, if Jiang Li was hugged by a male, no matter what, she would attract criticism. 

During deliberation, the dark brown horse speeded up.

Everyone cried out in alarm.

One of Jiang Li’s hands didn’t grip the rein tightly and it was released, only one hand left holding the rein!

Meng Hong Jin was overjoyed, Jiang You Yao and Jiang Yu’e were also overjoyed at the turn of events, Jiang Li is over!

But before they could laugh, they saw Jiang Li raise her hand and grab the horse’s mane.

The dark brown horse felt pain on its neck and neighed while raising half of its body.

Jiang Li took the opportunity to move her body back and turned over, in one step she once again sat astride the horse.

Back to the original position!

This incomparably thrilling scene took place merely within a few breaths.

The people watching felt as if their throat were being gripped forcefully, so tense that they couldn’t say a word out.

Only when Jiang Li had sat on top of the horse were they able to release their breaths. 

“This girl…..” Zheng Hu Chen was speechless.

Ordinary females, even the males that they knew, rarely had such courage.

Moreover, without mentioning Jiang Li’s horsemanship that was more excellent than was imagined, the most important was her calmness and fearlessness in the face of death, her unchanging color even when Taishan collapsed.

This was the reason she could do well, whether it was equestrian archery or other things.

She truly didn’t resemble an official’s daughter, furthermore, she was only 15 years old.

After just releasing their breaths, the crowd once again burst into cries of alarm.

Zheng Hu Chen moved his eyes to see and this time, he really was unable to say a word.

To their surprise, after Jiang Li managed to once again sit on the horse’s back, instead of trying to cooperate with the person leading her, she seized the opportunity to steer the already mad horse towards the finish line. 

In spite of everything, she was still thinking of completing the competition by relying on this crazy horse!

Too willful! Too impulsive! Too…….

damn energetic!

Only seeing Jiang Li crawling on the horse’s back, her cyan clothes was like cyan lightning in the wind.

It was clearly a fresh and elegant, gentle and soft color, yet it appeared similar to the green bamboo, full of vitality after the rain.

Making people difficult to believe how such a delicate body was able to contain such huge courage.

A gentle creek water yet was able to roll up the toughest rock.

“See, quickly see…….” Kong Liu excitedly pulled Ji Heng’s sleeve.

Ji Heng stared at the corner of his sleeve and calmly said: “I saw.”

Meng Hong Jin, who was following behind, paled.

She didn’t expect Jiang Li to be so lucky.

The mad horse didn’t throw her away and Jiang Li still rushed ahead of her. This won’t do! Meng Hong Jin panicked and saw the surrounding people were all cheering for Jiang Li.

Who still took note of her.

This is equestrian archery! It’s something she is an expert in! If she even lost to Jiang Li in this, she would be nothing!

Meng Hong Jin abruptly exerted force and ferociously raised her horsewhip, tightly going towards Jiang Li.

Because of the disorder just now, Jiang You Yao and Jiang Yu’e, the few people who were behind, had also followed.

Seeing Meng Hong Jin suddenly exerting force, they were not to be outdone.

As it was the final stretch of road, one after another raised their whip to urge their horses, each one showing remarkable ability.


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