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Programmable Magic Array

Seeing Lord Fisher angrily leave with his three companions, Housekeeper Lahm came beside Xu Yi and said in a worried voice, “Chairman Xu, you…...is it good for you to treat agricultural department officials like this Didnt the Lord Count give an order that he hoped to see you working together with the agricultural department to promote the things youve done in Banta City”

Xu Yi pointed in the direction of the four people leaving, “Did they seem like they wanted to cooperate”

Housekeeper Lahm was instantly speechless.

Lord Fishers group of four had been arrogant and bossy since the beginning, completely treating Xu Yi as a subordinate. They even ordered Xu Yi to take out the agricultural magic machines. This really didnt seem like they wanted to cooperate at all.

It had to be known that Count Sean had been filled with praise of Xu Yi in the letter, writing in words filled with courtesy. It could be seen that chairman Xu was not a normal commoner.

Adding in his close relationship to Viscount Leslie, it was very normal for Xu Yi to completely disregard four officials from the agricultural department.

“Housekeeper Lahm, why are you sure those four were agricultural department officials” Xu Yi suddenly asked.

Housekeeper Lahm was stunned before replying. Even now Xu Yi still doubted the identity of the four of them.

He quickly responded, “Their uniforms are the uniforms of the agricultural department and they even had the agricultural departments badge. In Anvilmar City, nobody would dare impersonate officials.”

Xu Yi nodded before not saying anything else, rather he returned back into the room to continue examining the six machines.

The examination results were considered optimistic.

These six machines were after all made of iron and they were made with Xu Yis strict quality control, as well as the dwarves craftsmanship, so these six machines were very firm and hard to damage.

Other than some damage to the Magic Array of the small Magic Excavator causing it unable to start, the other five machines could be considered in perfect condition.

Xu Yi didnt have the repair materials on hand and there were no suitable materials in the other yards. Xu Yi could only leave after informing Housekeeper Lahm and go out shopping in Anvilmar City.

Compared to yesterday, there were even more magicians in magic robes on the street today. No matter where you looked, there would be groups of magicians that entered your eyes.

If one came to this world during these two days, one would definitely be mistaken that all the people in this world were magicians.

Xu Yi found magic material shop to find some materials to fix the Magic Array, but he had to wait an hour before he finally bought some. One could tell just how busy it was.

When he was about to leave the street specially selling magic related goods, there was a person that staggered out of the small shop in front of him.

“Ive already said that no one will like this broken toy of yours! Youre not allowed back here it the future!” A young salesman charged out of the store and roared out at him before sending a kick at his butt. Only then did he go back into the store.

Watching the person hobble away, Xu Yi suddenly felt that he was a bit familiar.

After thinking for a bit, Xu Yi finally remembered. This person was the person he had saved when he came to Anvilmar yesterday.

Watching him hobble down the street, Xu Yi suddenly had a thought and followed him.

After that person left the street, he turned into a small alley and found a quiet, remote corner. Without any scruples of how cold the stone tiles were, he directly sat down. He took out a pitch black round thing that looked like a piece of bread from his chest and slowly began to gnaw on it.

He was clearly very hungry, but he ate very slowly. After he finished gnawing a mouthful of black bread, he chewed it several times in his mouth before swallowing. It was like that piece of black bread that no one would care about if it was thrown on the floor was the most hard to obtain delicacy.

Xu Yi watched him from not afar for a while. Thinking about it, he left the little alley and bought some things before walking in front of him.

“Hey, youll be very thirsty just eating bread, have some milk.” Xu Yi squatted down in front of that person and gave him the hot milk he had bought from a small shop by the side of the road.

That person was stunned for a bit before looking up at Xu Yi. Xu Yi immediately revealed a gentle smile.

That person looked at the hot milk in Xu Yis eyes and a look of desire appeared in his eyes.

Xu Yi put the swayed the milk in front of him, but after a swallowing sound came from him, he lowered his head and didnt have any intent on taking the hot milk.

Xu Yi was a bit surprised. This persons appearance, his head was like a crows nest and it seemed like it had been many days since hes eaten his fill. No matter what, he looked no different from a beggar, but he never thought that he would actually reject him.

Thinking about it, Xu Yi said with a smile, “Hey brother, this is not a handout. I am a merchant and I want to do some business with you, so this hot milk is just a greeting gift.”

The person looked up again and a look of doubt appeared on his dirty face.

Xu Yi pointed at his chest, “I saw you walking out of the store a moment ago and heard what that salesman, so you should have been wanting to sell the thing in your chest to the store, right Oh, thats right, other than being a merchant, I am also a magician. I can feel that the Magic Array on the thing in your chest is very strange, so I am interested in it. Can you take it out for me to see If I am satisfied, I can buy it.”

That person hesitated a bit before suddenly reaching his hand out and taking the milk from Xu Yis hand. He swallowed it in a single breath.

That hot milk was still quite hot, so his burns werent light.

Xu Yi patiently waited for him to recover before taking out the delicacies in his other hand that he had bought earlier.

That person didnt reject it this time. He took it and swallowed it like a wolf like with the hot milk.

Only when there wasnt a single drop of milk left and not a single crumb left of the food did that person let out a long breath. He then looked at Xu Yi and finally said, “You…..want to buy it”

Perhaps it was because he talked very little to others, but just these three words took quite a bit of effort from him.

Xu Yi shook his head, “I dont dare say that I will buy it. I am a merchant, before seeing a product first, I will not easily make my decision. Of course, if my feeling isnt wrong, Ill probably buy it.”

That person nodded and dug in his chest a bit before taking out a round crystal ball.

Xu Yi took the crystal ball and carefully looked it over. He found that the surface of this crystal ball was no different from the toys little children had, but after using magic to check it out, he knew that there should be a Wind Attributed Magic Array attached to the surface of the crystal ball.

“Can I give it a try” Xu Yi pointed at the foundation of the crystal ball and asked this.

That person nodded. He looked at Xu Yi curiously as if he was wondering what Xu Yi was prepared to do.

Xu Yi focused his mind and sent a trace of magic from his palm into the foundation of the crystal ball.

The Magic Array at the foundation of the crystal ball instantly activated and a light breeze came from it. The debris inside the crystal ball that was supposed to resemble snowflakes began to float and it looked like the crystal ball was filled with snow.

When it started, there wasnt anything strange about it. The Wind Attributed Magic Array at the bottom kept releasing a stable breeze and it was no different from a normal Magic Array.

But after a while, the wind from the foundation suddenly changed and suddenly blew in an oblique angle.

The debris that had already been blown into the air instantly began to dance. It wildly danced inside the crystal ball, making the scene that was considered stable inside the crystal ball become like a blizzard.

After another while, the Magic Array at the bottom of the crystal ball suddenly stopped blowing wind. Rather it suddenly stopped and the floating debris naturally fell down again.

When the debris had completely fallen down, the Magic Array at the base was activated again. This time it blew out jets of air from the bottom in different places like a fountain, not blowing continuous wind.

So the debris that covered the bottom was suddenly shot up before falling down again.

The jet stream from the bottom was fast and slow, sometimes shooting in a single stream and sometimes blowing from the entire bottom. The debris inside the crystal ball danced in the air, creating a beautiful scene.

This process lasted for two minutes before the base once again blew a small breeze like in the beginning.

Xu Yi took back his magic and the crystal ball became calm again.

“The process will keep repeating, right” Xu Yi raised the crystal ball as he asked the man.

That person was a bit surprised before nodding while asking, “You can tell”

Xu Yi revealed a smile. He looked back at the crystal ball in his hand and his gaze gradually began to burn.

This crystal ball didnt seem all that amazing, but Xu Yi was very clear that the Wind Magic Array at the foundation of the crystal ball would be enough to create a revolution!

Before this, the Magic Arrays that Xu Yi learned and had contact with all had a set effect once the Magic Array was laid out and it was always a single effect, without changing at all.

For example, the Revolving Wind Array in the Magic Fan. When it was set into the foundation of the Magic Fan, the might of the wind was already set. Then it would be used to power the blades, which moved at a determined speed, blowing out wind that was also at a set volume.

As for the second generation Variable Speed Magic Fan, that was actually three different Revolving Wind Arrays at the bottom of the Magic Fan of different power.

When one changed the speed of the Magic Fan, they were just changing to another Revolving Wind Array.

But for the Wind Magic Array on the bottom of the crystal ball in Xu Yis hand, he had maintained a steady stream of magic, but the effects had actually changed!

Not only did it change wind speed, it also changed the wind direction, the area of release for the wind, the frequency, and many other aspects…...

If one were to describe it, the Wind Magic Array on this crystal ball could even be said to have a taste of programming to it!-

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