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In reality, the news of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce rejecting the two requests of the Magicians Guild wasnt as exaggerated as being told to over ten million people.

Because although the New Moon Chamber of Commerce hadnt put Magic Illusion Projectors in all the cities of the southwest countries, even with the population of these people added up, that was less than twenty million.

The New Moon Chamber of Commerces Illusion Films would be shown to the citizens of the city, so there was a limited audience. The actual viewing rate according to Xu Yis estimates was less than 30%.

That way, the number of people who knew about this was only several million and definitely not up to ten million.

The people who cared about this and could understand the meaning of this piece of news was less than a tenth of these million people, so it was only several hundred thousand people.

But Xu Yi didnt really care about this. He had used such a strong method to announce this to show that he was going separate ways from the Magicians Guild, firmly showing that he wasnt willing to accept the unreasonable demands of the Magicians Guild.

For the people who cared about this, they naturally understood what Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wanted to express with this.

Among these people, the most important people to Xu Yi were the Low Grade Magicians of the various countries.

The two requests of the Magicians Guild was first to break up the Magic Machine Patent Protection Union which wasnt related to most Low Grade Magicians. This was just the Frestech Chamber of Commerce going against the greed of the Magicians Guild.

The other request was to close the Magicians Associations, which could be considered closely related to the Low Grade Magicians in each country.

The Magicians Association was mainly for the Low Grade Magicians and the goal of the Magicians Association was to resist the control of the Magicians Guild over these Low Grade Magicians. It was to let these Low Grade Magicians have a good job, allowing them to have the basic funds to survive and further their magic research.

For the Low Grade Magicians from good family backgrounds, this wasnt important, but for the rest of the Low Grade Magicians who came from poor family backgrounds that made up 95% of the population, the Magicians Association was protecting what they wanted.

Since the Magicians Association had been formed, in just three months, it had already pulled in twenty thousand Low Grade Magicians. This included over 90% of the magicians in the Lampuri Kingdom, the Rudson Kingdom, the Stantine Duchy, the Drake Duchy, the Mirando Duchy, and the Norton Duchy.

As for the Sack Kingdom, the Falk Kingdom, and the other surrounding countries, the Low Grade Magicians were quickly gathering which allowed the Magicians Association to quickly develop.

Through working with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the other magic machine companies, the Magicians Guild had solved the work problem of over 70% of these magicians in a short amount of time.

Although most of them had to enter a magic machine vocational school before they were able to start working and earn wages, this had already greatly changed their lives.

So compared to the Magicians Guild who didnt help these Low Grade Magicians and even charged them to take the exam each year, the Magicians Association was without a doubt helping the Low Grade Magicians more.

In this situation, the tens of thousands of Low Grade Magicians expressed their disdain at the two conditions the Magicians Guild headquarters had placed on the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

After the Illusion Film was broadcast during the news report, countless Low Grade Magicians in these countries declared that they would be leaving the Magicians Guild, expressing their protest against the Magicians Guild.

However, the Magicians Guilds reaction was unexpectedly tough.

Half a month after this piece of news was broadcasted, the Magicians Guild had issued a statement through the Magicians Guild branches in each country and their cooperating organizations.

The statement declared that the news broadcast of the New Moon Chamber of Commerce was falsified by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. It was the Frestech Chamber of Commerces plot against the Magicians Guild.

Regarding the Frestech Chamber of Commerces actions, the Magicians Guild would strongly condemn them and announce that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was now one of the companies the Magicians Guild didnt welcome.

With this premise, the Magicians Guild requested all the magicians on the continent to resist the Frestech Chamber of Commerce together to warn those magicians working for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and leave their jobs, otherwise they will be determined to be working for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and wouldnt enjoy and benefits of the Magicians Guild.

Other than aiming at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the Magicians Guild was also targeting the Magicians Association with this statement.

The Magicians Guild headquarters announced that the Magicians Guild was an organization that had ulterior motives against the Magicians Guild. Its existence was a blight on the magicians of the entire Sines Continent. Because the Magicians Guild was the most prestigious magicians organization that had lasted for several thousand years, it was well above all other organizations in terms of reliability and credibility. They hoped that the magicians who joined the Magicians Association would see the light and leave the Magicians Association.

When this statement was made, it created a large wave on the Sines Continent.

Because just like the Magicians Guild statement had said, the Magicians Guild had been on the continent for several thousand years. Not only did it have a high prestige in the minds of magicians, it had a high prestige in the minds of normal people.

Now that there was a new Magicians Association going against the Magicians Guild, there must be some large problem.

However…...regardless of how intense the reactions of unrelated people were, the core of the conflict between the Magicians Association and the Magicians Guild, which was those Low Grade Magicians, had been very determined the entire time. They fully supported the Magicians Association and many of them directly left the Magicians Guild.

“To put it bluntly, those fellows at the Magicians Guild think too highly of themselves…..” Xu Yi looked at the report in his hand and couldnt help shaking his head, “They keep acting aloof, acting like they are the managers of all magicians, thinking that all magicians should listen to their words. Theyve completely forgotten that they are an organization that works for the public. If they cant provide benefits to magicians, who would listen to their orders”

Arch Magus Camilla rolled his eyes on the side, “So youve just been giving those Low Grade Magicians all those benefits so they would listen to you”

Xu Yi laughed, “Grandfather, doesnt this sound too ugly What listen to me Im just giving them a good living and letting them use their skills as magicians to work for our company. Everyone is getting what they need, so its very fair. To be honest, its clearly our company thats paying more. Look, arent we falling out with the Magicians Guild for them”

“Dont make it sound like youre being wronged.” Arch Magus Camilla glared at Xu Yi, “Kid, I know what you are doing, this has been your plan since the beginning, right By doing this, youre clearly taking the problem of the living conditions of the Low Grade Magicians from the Magicians Guild, you think that I cant see this”

Xu Yi smiled before seriously asking, “Grandfather, then do you think…..Im doing the right thing”

Seeing Xu Yis serious expression, Arch Magus Camilla was silent for a bit before giving a sigh.

“I must admit that doing this is the best help for those Low Grade Magicians. Although the Magicians Guild was saying that they wanted to improve the study conditions of those Low Grade Magicians, helping them walk the path of magic, they did very few things to actually help them, almost not helping them at all. Now that youve created a good income for these Low Grade Magicians, I think that it solved the biggest problem.”

Arch Magus Camilla paused for a bit before suddenly standing up and giving Xu Yi a bow.

“Xu Yi, I have to represent those Low Grade Magicians to sincerely thank you. If it wasnt for you, most of those Low Grade Magicians would have nothing their entire lives. Now that youre here, at least they will be able to maintain their living conditions. Theres even a big chance that they will be able to continue walking the path of magic. It isnt exaggerated to say that you have greatly helped the development of magic on the entire continent.”

Xu Yi was scared by this and quickly stood up as he waved his hand, “Grandfather, this is too much. Im just following the demands of our company, Im not as noble as you think I am.”

“I only look at results.” Arch Magus Camilla softly said.

Xu Yi was silent for a bit before revealing a smile.

“Alright, since grandfather feels this way, itll be this way. But grandfather, the Magicians Guild will react to this. Other than these meaningless accusations, what do you think we need to pay attention to the most”

“I never thought that you would be this absolute……” Arch Magus Camilla rolled his eyes at Xu Yi before seriously considering this. The expression on his face turned serious, “Do you still remember how I responded when you asked me about the stances of Arch Magi on wars”

“You said that the Magicians Guild does not allow Arch Magi to participate in the invasions wars of other countries, but they can participate in defensive wars.” Xu Yi replied before suddenly thinking of something that made his expression change, “Grandfather, youre not saying…..that while an Arch Magus cant invade a country, they can attack a company, right”

Arch Magus Camilla slowly nodded, “Yes, attacking with a countrys army will create public outrage, but attacking a single company…..is a personal grudge……”

Xu Yis expression instantly became very ugly.-

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