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“The condition that I want to propose is in hopes of solving this problem.”

Xu Yi turned to point at the Illusion Film that kept repeating itself.

“Lets return to this Illusion Film. Everyone, I believe that you all know that the Lampuri Kingdom being able to defeat the Sack Kingdom was because they had the support of our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, because they were equipped with a large number of military magic machines. It allowed them to easily roll through the Sack Kingdom that produced their own military magic machines, having the advantage on the battlefield. But do you know why the Lampuri Kingdoms military magic machines are better than the Sack Kingdoms”

“Chairman Xu, theres no need to boast, right Everyone is very clear that not to mention military magic machines, when it comes to magic machines, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce is without a doubt the strongest, theres no one better than you. Isnt that right, everyone” An ambassador suddenly said with a laugh.

The surrounding people all agreed with him.

If it was said that some people doubted this before, since the Sack Kingdom could produce their own military magic machines and proved that the military magic machines werent that hard to produce. They thought that their military magic machines werent worse than the Frestech Chamber of Commerces. But after the war between the Lampuri Kingdom and the Sack Kingdom, no one doubted the Frestech Chamber of Commerce again.

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “I first want to let everyone ponder, it isnt that our Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic machines are better than those of the other companies. I hope that everyone can seriously consider this, what is it”

Everyone knitted their brows and revealed difficult looks.

“Chairman Xu, isnt this making it hard on us We are people who only have a surface understanding of magic machines, how could we know whats good”

“Yes, chairman Xu, stop keeping us guessing. Just be direct and tell us what you want to say, alright”

“Right, chairman Xu, quickly tell us your conditions. As long as you say them, everyone can discuss them.”


Xu Yi raised his hands for everyone to fall silent again.

“Since everyone doesnt understand, then I tell everyone the main reason for this.”

Xu Yi turned around and pressed on the Magic Illusion Projector, changing to another Illusion Film disc and starting it again.

The room dimmed and lit up again as another Illusion Film appeared in the air.

“Everyone look, these are two different kinds of Magic Cannons.” Xu Yi pointed at the illusion.

Everyone looked at it and found that there were two Magic Cannons that were turning in the illusion.

When they seriously looked at it, they found that it wasnt just a difference in shape and colour, there was even a difference in overall structure.

“The one on the right is the Magic Cannon produced by our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, which is the seventy five millimeter portable cannon that was introduced before. In the last Illusion Film clip, I think that you should have seen its might. As for the Magic Cannon on the right, it was independently made by the Sack Kingdom. This was seized by the Lampuri Kingdoms army in the Sack Kingdom and was used by me as a comparison.”

Hearing Xu Yis explanation, everyone looked carefully at the illusion for a while. One of the ambassadors couldnt help suddenly saying, “Chairman Xu, why do I feel that…..the Sack Kingdoms Magic Cannon looks ugly Moreover, its much uglier……”

The others couldnt help looking at this person, thinking that if this fellow was going to flatter Xu Yi, was there a need to be this open

They were just two lumps of iron, what was ugly or beautiful about them

After hearing this, they looked back at the two Magic Cannons in the illusion and everyone felt that the Sack Kingdoms Magic Cannon on the right wasnt soothing to the eyes.

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “If its in terms of the exterior without caring about how the inside structures coordinate with each other, our company has the elven engineers in charge of this, so naturally the Magic Cannons that we make will look a bit better.”

“Oh……” Everyone suddenly revealed a look of understanding.

Seeing everyones reactions, Xu Yi couldnt help shaking his head.

These fellows had too little understanding of military magic machines.

Although it couldnt be said that the appearance of the Magic Cannon was unrelated to its might, the focal point shouldnt be on this.

“Everyone, after you finish looking at the appearance, lets compare some details. First lets look here……”

Xu Yi walked over to the Magic illusion Projector and he pointed at the illusion with his finger, pointing at the barrels of the two Magic Cannons.

“Of the overall structure, the most important part is the barrel. Everyone can see that our Frestech Chamber of Commerces barrel is much smoother than the Sack Kingdoms and also more clear.”

Everyone seriously looked at it before nodding.

“Un it is indeed like this. Chairman Xu, why is this”

“There are two reasons. One is material and the second is craftsmanship.”

Xu Yi pointed at each of the barrels.

“Everyone look, our Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Cannons barrel is specially made with our C-308 steel ingot that was specially made to produce Magic Cannons. This material is highly resistant to heat, friction, and corrosion, so it can resist the strong wear from firing the Magic Shell, which increases the durability of the barrel.”

“As for the Sack Kingdoms Magic Cannon, it is produced using normal iron. Although it can also be used to fire a Magic Shell, it cant compare to the qualities of C-308 steel ingots. Everyone, take a look, the Sack Kingdoms Magic Cannons barrel is showing obvious signs of wear, so it could be imagined how much the inner barrel is being worn down when this is shot. If nothing unexpected happens, this Magic Cannon will be worn down at most after a hundred shots.”

“It cant be Its this weak” Everyone was surprised.

“This is the professional judgement of our companys specialized engineers after analyzing this Magic Cannon, it wont be wrong.” Xu Yi said with a serious look.

Everyone looked at each other and held back their doubts.

If Xu Yi said “you can not buy if you dont believe” again, it would be too awkward.

“This is the difference in material. As for the craftsmanship, just based on the outer wall of the barrel, the barrel of the Sack Kingdoms Magic Cannon is uneven and there are clear bumps that can be seen with the naked eye. It could be seen that the Sack Kingdoms Magic Cannons craftsmanship is far from being able to compare.”

No one questioned these words at all.

Because Xu Yis “craftsmanship” wasnt something that they had a concept of since the beginning.

If Xu Yi mentioned “craftsmanship”, they could still understand it, but this thing clearly wasnt made by hand.

“If the poor craftsmanship of the barrel isnt enough, then we can look here.”

Xu Yi pointed at the foundations of the two Magic Cannons.

“Please look at this place, this is where the barrel and the foundation are linked. If they arent tight enough, the Magic Cannon will be unstable when it fires the Magic Shell, which can seriously affect the accuracy, even making the Magic Shell unable to fire and explode when being shot.”

Everyone followed the direction Xu Yi was pointing in when they heard this.

After seriously looking at it, everyone immediately found that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces foundation had linked everything together perfectly and the two sides were all well maintained, causing the barrel to perfectly fit into the foundation of the Magic Cannon.

The Sack Kingdoms Magic Cannons bearing joint had a space where even several fingers could be put in. It even made it so that one side was higher than the other.

When put on this foundation, that Magic Cannon was a bit crooked, which was no wonder people felt it looked a bit ugly.

The most important thing was that when this kind of Magic Cannon was shot, it would definitely shake which seemed very dangerous to people.

After looking for a bit, an ambassador asked Xu Yi with knitted brows, “Chairman Xu, I can roughly understand that the Sack Kingdoms Magic Cannon is worse than your Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Cannon, but how is this…..related to the conditions that you mentioned”

The others all looked at Xu Yi.

Thats right, Xu Yi had talked about all these random things the entire time, but it didnt seem related to his conditions, right

“Theres a very important relation.” Xu Yi said with a serious look, “Everyone, I wont hide it from you, when the Sack Kingdom developed these military magic machines, it was because our Frestech Chamber of Commerce leaked some of this technology to them. This allowed them to develop these military magic machines themselves.”


This was the first time they were hearing about this, so they couldnt help being surprised.

But after thinking about it, they found that it was quite reasonable.

If it wasnt like this, how could the Sack Kingdom have suddenly developed military magic machines by themselves

“But everyone could see that even with a part of the technology, the Sack Kingdom had many difficulties trying to create military magic machines themselves. In the end, they could only produce these inferior military magic machines that werent worth mentioning at all.”

The ambassadors all had strange expressions.

Even if they were inferior military magic machines, it was still considered usable in their countries.

“I want to tell everyone through this matter that even if I give you all the military magic machines technology now, it is impossible for you to make outstanding military magic machines by yourselves.” Xu Yi said.

Seeing the unconvinced looks on some peoples faces, Xu Yi continued with a smile, “Dont doubt this. The military magic machines are only a small part of the magic machine industry and without a full industrial system in place, if you want to directly make military magic machines, you will be like the Sack Kingdom in the end. You will invest a large amount of manpower and wont be able to make any useful military magic machines.”

After saying this, Xu Yi turned to point at the Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Cannon in the illusion.

“Although this Magic Cannon seems like a very simple magic machine, all the parts that are in it, whether it is the steel or even the smallest screw, all come from a complete industrial system. Without the ability to produce these components, producing a qualified military magic machine is a fools dream!”

Xu Yis words were forceful and direct.

The ambassadors were silent for a bit before one of them asked, “Chairman Xu, could it be that you…..want us to first build these…..complete industrial systems first”

“Thats right.” Xu Yi nodded.

All the ambassadors were surprised.

“But…..how do you build this complete industrial system”

“Its very simple.” Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “As long as youre willing, our Frestech Chamber of Commerce can cooperate with the companies of your countries, helping them build a foundational magic machine industrial system. Then we can give you a method of developing this system. As long as youre willing to build this foundation, after you wait a bit, our company will directly give you the methods to build military magic machines and let you build military magic machines independently!”

Hearing the last part, all the ambassadors began breathing quickly as their eyes lit up.

“Chairman Xu, you…...Your meaning is that you want us to be able to build military magic machines”

“Yes.” Xu Yi nodded with a faint smile, “I have a saying in my hometown, give a man a fish, he eats for a day, but if you teach a man to fish, you feed him a lifetime. The meaning is that instead of giving people fish, its better to teach them how to fish. Our company cant even give you fish, so instead, why dont we directly teach you all how to fish”

All the ambassadors looked at Xu Yi with more passionate gazes.-

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