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“Chairman Xu, youre saying…...you will openly sell your Frestech Chamber of Commerces military magic machines” One of the ambassadors asked in a loud voice.

“Thats right.” Xu Yi gave a nod, “Of course, there will be some conditions.”

Hearing this, the ambassadors who had been excited suddenly calmed down.

This was right, if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce really wanted to sell the military magic machines to all the countries of the continent without any conditions, there was no need for Xu Yi to host this banquet. As long as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce released the word, there would be many countries that would come to find them.

“Chairman Xu, please tell us what the conditions are.” Another ambassador asked the most important question for all these ambassadors.

“Before talking about these conditions, I want to give everyone a short introduction on the military magic machines.”

Xu Yi waved his hand with a smile and the two Frestech Chamber of Commerce staff moved in the Magic Illusion Projector that had been prepared, putting in an Illusion Film disc.

After they left, Xu Yi looked at everyones curious gazes with a smile, “Everyone, I want to show you an Illusion Film clip first.”

Xu Yi pressed the switch of the Magic Illusion Projector after saying this and an illusion came out.

“Hong, hong, hong, hong, hong……”

Countless intense explosions filled the room and scared everyone.

When everyone calmed down, they focused on the Illusion Film and found that the scene being shown was a battlefield covered in flames.

In the sky of the illusion, there were countless arrows and fireballs flying by. From time to time, when a fireball landed on the ground, there would be an intense explosion that possessed a power that was shocking.

“Everyone, this is the scene that we recorded from the war between the Lampuri Kingdoms northern army and the Sack Kingdoms Hungry Wolf Regiment for everyone to see.” Xu Yi gave a short explanation before pointing at the fireballs flying through the sky in the illusion, “Everyone can see that in this scene, the main military magic machine being introduced is this kind, which is the military magic machine that the Lampuri Kingdom is mainly equipped with, named the Magic Cannon.”

“Magic Cannon.” Everyone could understand Xu Yis explanation before turning back to the Illusion Film that wasnt long, but was repeating itself. They all gave a nod and thought that this name really was appropriate.

[TL Note: Its a Chinese thing where they both have the word for flame in their names.]

Although this clip wasnt long, the might that the Magic Cannons demonstrated shocked them.

Although there were many of these ambassadors who had gone to the battlefield when they were younger, the battlefield they experienced was only using swords and spears to fight in close range. The long range weapons at most were simple attacks with bows and arrows, how could they have the same terrifying might as the Magic Cannons in the Illusion Film.

Although they already knew that in the war between the Lampuri Kingdom and the Sack Kingdom, the battlefield had been very intense because both sides had plenty of military magic machines, which far surpassed traditional warfare, seeing this Illusion Film with their own eyes today, they truly learned that this battlefield was dozens of times more intense and terrifying than they had imagined.

“Chairman Xu, this Magic Cannon…..how much is for…..one of them” An ambassador pointed at the Magic Cannon in the Illusion Film and asked this.


Everyones eyes suddenly shifted from the Illusion Film to Xu Yi.

“Ke…...There are many kinds of Magic Cannons. The ones shown in the Illusion Film, which is the kind that the Lampuri Kingdoms northern army uses, its the newest seventy five millimeter caliber Magic Cannon that was developed by our company. The current price is…...two thousand and three hundred gold coins for one.” Xu Yi said with a faint smile.

“Two thousand and three hundred gold coins” Everyone in the room took a cold breath.

This was indeed a bit expensive. It had to be known that for two thousand and three hundred gold coins, an entire squad of fifty could be equipped.

But turning to see the might of the Magic Cannon in the Illusion Film, this might that couldnt be resisted at all, everyone thought that this price was quite reasonable.

Was a squad of fifty fully armed soldiers useful

With this Magic Cannon, just a single attack would be enough to take care of them.

Moreover, from the Illusion Film, they could see that this Magic Cannon had a very terrifying attack range. Roughly estimating it, it was over two kilometers.

Compared to the traditional bow and arrows, this attack range completely suppressed it.

Thinking about it, if a traditional army faced an army with this Magic Cannon, they might not even see the shadow of the other side before being scattered by this Magic Cannon. What would they use to resist it

Thinking this, not to mention one for two thousand and three hundred gold coins, even if it was double this price, it would still be worth it.

“Right, chairman Xu, you said that this was only the price of the Magic Cannon, right Then the fireballs that are being fired by these Magic Cannons…..are they included with them” An ambassador suddenly asked.

Xu Yi shook his head, “No, this fireball is actually a Magic Shell that is launched into the air by the Magic Cannon and it isnt a real fireball. Moreover, we have currently developed a total of seven kinds of these Magic Shells. This is only the most basic Magic Shell and its best for attacking a large area with shrapnel. Other than this, there are other kinds of Magic Shells. For example, the Ice Magic Shell, it can be used to release the might of a Sixth Grade Ice Spell, so it is effective in certain scenarios.”

Everyone couldnt help revealing surprised looks again.

They knew that the military magic machines were powerful before, but they never thought that there would be all these kinds. There were even different kinds of Magic Shells used for the same Magic Cannon, this really was impressive.

“Then chairman Xu, this Magic Shell…..do they have to be bought separately” The ambassador who asked the question before followed up.

“Of course. Each Magic Shell has to be carefully made, so of course it costs money to buy.” Xu Yi said without any courtesy.

There were whispers that filled the room as most of the ambassadors couldnt help knitting their brows, revealing displeased looks.

This Frestech Chamber of Commerce was just too much. Its fine if the Magic Cannon was that expensive, but you also have to buy the Magic Shells separately


An ambassador didnt give up and after thinking about it, he suddenly asked in a loud voice, “Chairman Xu, everything you said was based on this Illusion Film, but how do we know if this Illusion Film is real or not Look, this Illusion Film is an illusion in the end…….”

Although this ambassador had a hidden meaning in his words, they did make sense, so all the ambassadors in the room looked at Xu Yi and waited for his explanation.

However, what they didnt expect was that Xu Yi didnt explain at all, he just looked at the ambassador who asked this with a faint smile.

“If you dont believe, you can not buy it.”

When this was said, all the hearts of the ambassadors in the room couldnt help trembling.

Xu Yi was right, if they didnt believe, they could just not buy it.

However…..did they have this choice

Since the Rudson Kingdom had repelled the Candra Empires invasion twice, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces military magic machines had been the center of attention of all the companies on the continent.

After the Sack Kingdom invaded the Antila Kingdom and then the war between the Sack Kingdom and the Lampuri Kingdom, it showed even more the destructive impact the military magic machines had on traditional warfare on the continent.

Now all the countries were clear that with this new method of war, the traditional method of using swords and bows had already lost all ways of resisting.

It wasnt an exaggeration to say that if any countrys army couldnt resist the powerful attack of the military magic machines, then any country would want as many military magic machines as possible.

Even if they didnt plan on using these military magic machines to invade other countries, they still needed to buy them to protect themselves.

Xu Yi could say “you didnt need to buy them”, but not a single ambassador dared to say that they really didnt need to buy them.

That ambassadors expression changed and he pulled his neck back, returning into the crowd and not daring to say anything.

Xu Yi looked around and seeing that no one else questioned him, causing the room to fall into silence, he cleared his throat and said, “Everyone, you have already seen the might demonstrated by the Magic Cannon in battle, so I believe that you are definitely very interested, but perhaps youve neglected an important problem.”

Everyone looked at Xu Yi with doubt, what other problem was there

“The problem is one that has always troubled our company, but due to limited conditions, we havent been able to solve it yet. So although we want to sell military magic machines to all the countries, we cant actually do that. This problem is…..” Xu Yi paused, “Our companys production capacity isnt enough.”

Everyone was surprised before understanding.

This was indeed a problem that everyone had thought of when they received the invitation for todays banquet.

Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was very famous on the Sines Continent, it was only a company that was in the small Stantine Duchy in the southwest corner.

In terms of scale, it couldnt compare to the other famous large companies of the continent.

With the current scale of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, no matter how much they overestimated their production capacity, other than satisfying the needs of their guards, it was already good enough for them to supply the Lampuri Kingdom and the Sack Kingdom. How could they also supply all the other countries on the continent

If Xu Yi had some conditions because of this reason, this was understandable.

Even if they did understand it, what kind of conditions would Xu Yi give

This was what everyone cared about.-

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