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In the magicians circle on the continent, inquiring about the private magic research of a magician was a taboo because this was something that was precious to every magician. Asking about this was considered a provocation.

But that depended on the situation.

For Arch Magus Alaster, for an Arch Magus like him to ask about the research of a Seventh Grade Magician, for the magicians of the Sines Continent, not only was this not a provocation or offensive, it was rather an honour.

It had to be known, the Arch Magi were the incomparable peak of the magicians circle, so it was an honour just for the low level magician if their eyes fell onto them, not to mention asking them about magic.

So when Arch Magus Alaster said that he wanted to ask for advice from Akali, he was very confident that Akali would happily agree to his request.

However, he never would have expected that Akali would directly reject him!

Arch Magus Alaster was surprised. His expression became a bit awkward and he could only give a dry laugh before waving his hand, “Alright, it was my mistake. Miss Akali, just treat it as if I never said anything.”

Akali was also surprised before quickly reacting. She shook her hands and said with a smile, “Your excellency Alaster, please dont misunderstand, it isnt that Im not willing to explore this topic with you, but rather this is a secret of our Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Without the permission of sir chairman, I cant reveal it to anyone, so please forgive me.”

“The Frestech Chamber of Commerces secret” Arch Magus Alaster was a bit surprised, “Wasnt this Magic Array developed by you Then it should belong to you.”

“No, this Magic Array is my……” Akali looked at the surrounding researcher, “And my fellow researchers work, this isnt just done by me alone. Moreover, when we were researching the Magic Arrays, we relied on the support of the company for various matters. Without this support, we wouldnt have been able to develop it.”

The researchers around Akali nodded, clearly agreeing with what Akali had said.

Seeing Akalis response, Alaster was even more interested as he kept asking, “Then…..youre saying that youre willing to give the Frestech Chamber of Commerce the research you worked so hard on, not even willing to share it with others”

“Your excellency Alaster, youre still mistaken.” Akali said with a smile, “This communication Magic Array was developed by us for the company, so it didnt belong to us in the first place, but rather it belonged to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. If we talk about these secrets with others, or even disclosing these secrets, it would violate the contract we signed with the company.”

“Oh Then youre saying that you were only hired” Seeing Akali nod, Alaster thought for a bit before asking, “Then…..If the Magicians Guild wanted you to hand these things over, what would you do”

Arch Magus Camilla looked at him, thinking that this fellow really couldnt hold back.

Akali and the other researchers were all surprised.

“Of course we wouldnt tell them.” Akali said with a surprised look, “Your excellency Alaster, I just told you, this is the secret of our company, how could we tell the Magicians Guild”

“This means that if you were to choose between the Magicians Guild and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, you would choose the Frestech Chamber of Commerce” Arch Magus Alaster asked.

“Isnt that nonsense……” A young male researcher beside Akali couldnt help saying this. Then he realized that he had been too rude in front of Arch Magus Alaster and his expression froze before he revealed an awkward look.

Arch Magus Alaster didnt care at all as he asked with a smile, “Why is this nonsense”

“This…..Because…..Because the Magicians Guild isnt paying us our salaries…..” The young male researcher hesitantly replied.

“Yes, the company is the one paying us and giving us magic materials. At the same time, they gave a good study environment, which is why we can develop these things. The Magicians Guild has never given us anything, so why would we tell them” Another young male researcher added.

“Thats right. If the Magicians Guild wants it, they can take out money to buy it. Why should we just tell them because theyre telling us to do so”

“Not to mention that the Magicians Guild is not helping us, they are hindering us all the time. Its already good that were not causing them trouble, why should we listen to them”

“Why should we agree if there arent any benefits for us at all…..”


Hearing the strong words they had, Arch Magus Alaster fell into silence.

After a bit of silence, he turned to look at Arch Magus Camilla.

“Camilla, I have to admit that they do make a lot of sense.”

Arch Magus Camilla gave a shrug, “Of course it makes sense because this thing is very simple. Its who pays that gets to make the decision. Those fellows at the guild want to do nothing and gain benefits, would you be willing to accept this”

“But the guild is……” Arch Magus Alaster stopped halfway and looked at Akalis group before pausing. Then he shook his head with a smile, “Forget it, it seems like Im old and cant keep up.”

He looked at the tall magic signal tower after saying this and revealed a self deprecating smile, “Since this thing is related to your Frestech Chamber of Commerces secrets, then I wont ask anything else. But young miss Akali, I dok admire someone like you who can develop such a refined Magic Array. I hope that if there is a chance, we can talk a bit.”

“It would be my honour.” Akali happily said.

Alaster was an Arch Magus, so being able receive praise from him was an incomparable honour for Akali and her group.

After nodding to everyone, Alaster and Camilla flew away from the magic signal tower. Then they looked around in the sky above the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main base before finally returning to Arch Magus Camilas large private lab to the west of the base.

“Hey, Camilla, if I remember correctly, you said that you are a special researcher for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Then arent the things here the Frestech Chamber of Commerces secrets Is it really good for you to bring me along like this” Arch Magus Alaster looked around before casually asking this.

Arch Magus Camilla rolled his eyes, “I say, I havent seen you in over ten years and youve become this stingy Moveover,you're being petty over a little girl, it really is embarrassing. Alright, come and take a look, this is my newly developed thing. Come and see how it is.”

“Are you sure this isnt a secret” Arch Magus Alaster gave another joke, but seeing Arch Magus Camilla knitting his brows, he came over while laughing.

Arch Magus Camilla let him see a blueprint which described a very complicated Magic Array.

Arch Magus Alaster looked at it for a while as he knitted his brows.

“Hey, Camilla, this should be a miniature Forbidden Array, right But why does it seem so strange”

“How is it strange”

“Its…...Why is the might so…..so wild” Arch Magus Alaster seriously looked over the blueprint in his hands as he revealed a trace of surprise in his eyes, “You want to gather the full might of this Forbidden Spell and launch it at once What do you need to do this for I think that a normal Forbidden Spell is strong enough, right”

After saying this, Arch Magus Alaster was suddenly surprised as he narrowed his eyes.

“Camilla, is this for one of your Frestech Chamber of Commerces military magic machines If it is, this might…..isnt it too much What is your Frestech Chamber of Commerce thinking”

“What are you thinking” Arch Magus Camilla took the blueprint from Arch Magus Alasters hands and pointed at it, “Cant you see, I dont want to release the full power of the Forbidden Spell at once, I want to release it bit by bit, alright”

“Is that so” Arch Magus Alaster took it again and seriously looked over it twice before carefully thinking it over. Finally, he gave a slow nod, “Un, I didnt look at it carefully before. If it is designed like this, this part will limit the power of the Forbidden Spell and wont let it be released all at once. But I am even more curious, Camilla, what is this for”

“According to that kid Xu Yi, this is our Frestech Chamber of Commerces most advanced project, called the high energy output system. If this thing can be developed, our company can make many new things that people wouldnt even dare imagine!” Arch Magus Camilla had an expectant look.

“High energy output system” Arch Magus Alaster looked at Arch Magus Camilla with a confused look, “What is this thing.”

“Its too complicated to explain to you. If youre interested, I can slowly tell you, but before this, Alaster, do you want to accept my invitation to develop this thing together I guarantee that you will be very interested in this.”

“This…...What benefits are there to studying this thing” Arch Magus Alaster asked back.

“Of course there are benefits.” Arch Magus Camilla said without any hesitation, “This is research involving a Forbidden Spell, other than our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, where can you find so many precious magic materials that you can study without worry You have to know that I spend over a thousand gold coins in magic material with each study session. For us magicians at the Arch Magus Rank, studying low grade magic doesnt help us. So do you understand what the greatest benefit of studying this thing is”

Arch Magus Alasters eyes lit up and his heart was moved.

Although he was an aloof Arch Magus, receiving both special subsidies from the Marlow Empire and the Magicians Guild, he only received no more than sixty thousand gold coins a year.

Although this amount seemed like a lot, for him that needed to spend several thousand gold coins every time he studied something, it was far from being enough for him to use.

Hearing what Arch Magus Camilla said, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would provide all the materials for a study at this level, they really were generous.

“Other than this, as long as you participate in the research, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce can give you a special pay. How about fifty thousand gold coins a year”

“Fifty thousand gold coins a year” Arch Magus Alasters heart skipped a beat as his eyes suddenly began glowing gold.-

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