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Great Magician Ferguson entered his horse carriage and quickly disappeared from the line of sight of the two looking down with binoculars, drawing out a surprised sigh.

“Look at Ferguson, it seems like his discussion with that kid Xu Yi has broken down. Camilla, I have to say, your grandson in law really is brave. He actually dared to completely offend the guild Has he thought of the consequences of doing this Youre not even saying something to him.”

“Why would I say anything” Arch Magus Camilla rolled his eyes, “Let me tell you, Alaster, dont just look at how young Xu Yi is, his mind is more clear than you and me. Since he dared to do this, he must have thought of the consequences. Also, do you really think there will be consequences Just with those fellows at the guild Humph……”

Seeing the disdain on Arch Magus Camillas face, Arch Magus Alaster gave a sigh and shook his head, “Although those fellows at the guild are pieces of trash, they have many ways to take care of a company if they wanted to do so. Not to mention that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce is deeply involved with magicians, so if the guild really decides to deal with your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, your company will lose a bunch of magicians, I think that would definitely be a heavy blow to your company.”

Arch Magus Camilla looked at Arch Magus Alaster with a look of surprise.

“Why do you think our company would lose a bunch of magicians”

“Why wouldnt it” Alaster was surprised, “The guild doesnt need to do much, they just need to give simple orders that they wont allow magicians to work for your Frestech Chamber of Commerce and it would cripple your company. You dont think thats serious”

“So you think that the magicians of our company would listen to the orders of the guild” Arch Magus Camilla gave a laugh, “If it was you and the guild gave you an order, would you listen”

“Me It depends on how reasonable it is…...If it is, then out of supporting the guild, I would listen. If it isnt, then of course I wouldnt. Of course, I am an Arch Magus and the guild wouldnt give me an order. Even the Marlow Empires emperor wouldnt dare do this.” Alaster curled his lips as he said this.

“Nonsense, you are an Arch Magus, who would dare give you an order” Camilla rolled his eyes, thinking that his classmate and friend was clearly doing well in the Marlow Empire, “Dont think that only an Arch Magus like you can weigh the orders of the guild, normal magicians weigh these orders even more than us Arch Magi.”

“Oh” Arch Magus Alaster looked at Arch Magus Camilla with an interested look.

This was the third day since he had been invited by Arch Magus Camilla from the Marlow Empire. He was very curious about his old classmate who had broken through to become an Arch Magus in this short period of time, so he rushed over after receiving the invitation.

But in the three short days he had been with Arch Magus Camilla, he found that Arch Magus Camilla wasnt frantically throwing himself into magic research like he thought, but rather he was looking into some strange things.

For example, the guilds attitude towards Low Grade Magicians which had nothing to do with magic research at all.

As an aloof Arch Magus, only the Magicians Guild cared about their attitude and they didnt need to care about the Magicians Guild.

As for the Low Grade Magicians, they were in a completely different world from these two Arch Magi. They didnt need to consider what the Low Grade Magicians thought at all.

However, Arch Magus Camilla seemed to understand this very well and seemed quite interested in it.

This was something that Arch Magus Alaster was very curious about.

Could it be that Arch Magus Camillas strange increase in strength and him being able to break through in a short period of time was because of this

But Arch Magus Camilla knitted his brows to think for a bit before shaking his head and surprising Arch Magus Alaster.

“Forget it, leave this matter to that kid Xu Yi to worry about, Im too lazy to care. Alabaster, do you see that tall iron tower in the distance That is the magic signal tower I mentioned to you before. When we talked on the Magic Communicator yesterday, they used these magic signal towers constructed all around us.”

Arch Magus Alaster never thought that Arch Magus Camilla would keep him guessing and couldnt help being a bit angry.

But after Arch Magus Camilla said these words, he already flew over to the magic signal tower, so he could only helplessly shake his head and also fly over.

“Come, Alaster, feel it.” Arch Magus Camilla pointed at the magic signal tower.

Alaster nodded before sending out a bit of magic, inspecting the magic signal tower all over.

“Its the same as the Magic Array on the Magic Communicator.” Alaster thought about it before asking, “This means that the principle of this thing is to use the same Magic Arrays to communicate with each other, allowing them to talk from long distances”

“Right, this is the Magic Array resonance that our company has created, what do you think”

“Its very good. This novel Magic Array is very worth studying, I never thought of this before.” Arch Magus Alaster praised this before seeing that Arch Magus Camilla had a proud look. He had a thought and asked, “Camilla, this Magic Array resonance technology, did you help the Frestech Chamber of Commerce develop this”

“No, of course not. I mainly study high intensity energy transfer things. This Magic Array resonance mainly uses Low Grade Magic Arrays, so even if I wanted to study it, that kid Xu Yi wouldnt let me do it.” Arch Magus Camilla waved his hand.

“I think that its too wasteful for you to study these Low Grade Magic Arrays, right” Alaster asked with a smile, “You are an Arch Magus, if you go and study this Fourth Grade Magic Array, that really would be a waste.”

“It isnt completely because of this.” Arch Magus Camilla shook his head, “Its mainly because there is only a single Arch Magus in the company and there are things that only I can study, no one else has this ability for now…..Eh, alright, it is indeed as you said. But Alaster, you cant look down on this Magic Array resonance. Dont worry about how it only uses Low Grade Magic Arrays, the finesse required isnt less than High Grade Spells.”

“I can tell even if you didnt tell me.” Alaster put a hand into his chest and took out a Magic Communicator. He sent a wisp of magic in and carefully looked over the Magic Array inside several times before revealing a bit of surprise, “Camilla, this Magic Array…..did you really not participate in designing it”

“Right, it was all made by those little fellows in the magic research facility, I didnt do a thing.” Arch Magus Camilla guessed that Alaster wanted to ask something, so he said while laughing, “What Even you think this Magic Array is very strong”

“Un…...Such a refined Magic Array, its my first time seeing this.” Arch Magus Alaster gave praise, “Moreover, the design of the Magic Array…..there are many parts that I cant understand. Camilla, can you bring me to see the magician who designed this Magic Array I want to ask them face to face.”

Arch Magus Camilla couldnt help laughing, “I say, Alaster, you are an Arch Magus and youre asking a Low Grade Magician questions, wont you scare them”

“In the exploration of magic, there is no difference in levels.” Arch Magus Alaster said with a serious look.

Arch Magus Camilla was a bit surprised. Looking at him, he put aside the thoughts to joke with him.

“Thats fine, I was just telling you that normal magicians are more important to the Magicians Guild and now that you recognize this, Ill bring you to see them.”

After saying this, Arch Magus Camilla looked around and his eyes fell onto the magic signal tower to their southeast.

“They should be doing some full repairs there, so lets go over.”

This magic signal tower was over five kilometers away from where they were, but for these two Arch Magi, this was the distance they could travel in a few breaths.

Not long after, the two of them arrived by the magic signal tower.

Arch Magus Camilla saw the two magic research facility researchers currently checking the Magic Array at the peak of the tower. When he looked down, he found that there was a group of people below, so he floated down to them.

Noticing the two figures that suddenly appeared, Akali who had her head down looking at her blueprint impatiently waved her hand, “Dont bother me right now, ask them if you have some questions.”

Arch Magus Camilla gave a laugh, “Akali, what problem do you have this time”

Hearing Arch Magus Camillas voice, Akali was scared. She quickly looked up and found that it wasnt just Arch Magus Camilla who arrive, but there was also Arch Magus Alaster who arrived from the Marlow Empire three days ago and was even more surprised. She quickly put away the things in her hand and respectfully gave Arch Magus Alaster a bow before asking Arch Magus Camilla, “Grandpa Camilla, why did you suddenly come here”

Arch Magus Camilla signaled at Arch Magus Alaster with his lips.

“There, Alaster was very interested in the communication Magic Array that you developed, so he wanted to ask you…..ke…..consult with you.”

“Consult” Akali said in a surprise voice as she turned to look at Arch Magus Alaster.

“Youre called Akali” Arch Magus Alaster revealed a smile that was quite friendly, “I just checked the communication Magic Array in the magic signal tower and the Magic Communicator and I thought that the design was quite refined, so it has high research value. I wanted to ask you some questions, I hope that you can answer them.”

Akali looked at him for a bit, blinking her wide eyes in a daze several times before shaking her head.

“Im sorry, your excellency Arch Magus Alaster, I cant answer your questions related to the Magic Array.”

Arch Magus Alaster was surprised.-

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