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Magic Industry Empire Volume 6 Chapter 99 - New goal

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Volume 6 Chapter 99 New goal

Hearing this cold snort, Alex suddenly realized something and immediately stood straight as he stared straight forward, not daring to move.

Although Xu Yi was only five years older than Alex, because of Xu Yis status and the fact that he had always been close friends with Heinz, Alex would always lower his position when he was facing Xu Yi.

Adding in the fact that Alex had made a serious mistake before, if if wasnt for Xu Yi giving Heinz face, he would have been in jail already and would never have a chance to get out.

So every time he met Xu Yi, Alexs heart would always have a bit of fear.

Xu Yi had suddenly called him without giving him a reason which made him feel very uneasy.

“Alex.” Xu Yi suddenly said.

“Ah Ah, here! Here, sir chairman, what is your order” Alex carefully asked.

Xu Yi looked at him and gave a soft snort, “Ive heard that youve had nothing to do and feel that being in the headquarters is wronging you and youre very bored, right”

Alex was scared as he quickly waved his hand and shook his head, “No, no, no, sir chairman, Im not bored at all, really! I have many things to do every day, how could I be bored”

“Is that so” Xu Yi looked over his clean clothes and couldnt help giving another cold snort.

Because Alex had made a big mistake before, Xu Yi had called him back from Anvilmar City and sent him into the transport fleet as a transport driver before promoting him based on the situation.

In the end, in less than two months, Alex said that working as a driver each day was too laborious and didnt want to do it anymore.

With no other choice, Xu Yi could only call him back to the headquarters and gave him a job that had no work and didnt have any influence, allowing him to idle around all day.

Alex was very satisfied with this job and because there was no work, there were few things that he needed to do each day. His wage wasnt low and other than not having any power, there wasnt anything bad about this.

Heinz was clear on Alexs personality, so he approved of Xu Yis arrangement very much.

If nothing unexpected happened, Alex would have never gone up or down and Xu Yi never would have thought of this person.

But because Heinz announced that he was retiring today, while Xu Yi was feeling sentimental, he remembered Alex.

Even if Heinz was dissatisfied with his own nephew, he was the son that his big sister had entrusted him with, so he always stuck himself out for Alex. It could be considered pampering.

When he talked about Alex with Xu Yi, Heinz always blamed himself. He said that he didnt teach his nephew well and he couldnt become an outstanding person.

Xu Yi hadnt been moved by Heinz before, but after Heinz left today, he suddenly thought that he should help Alex again, giving him another chance which was considered giving the retired Heinz some comfort.

“Alex, are you satisfied with your current work” Thinking of this, Xu Yi asked this.

Alex thought about it before giving a strong nod, “Satisfied, very satisfied! Sir chairman, my current work really is great!”

“Do you really think this” Xu Yi revealed a smile, “I thought that you were doing well these days and was planning on giving you some work with more prospects, but since you feel that your work is very satisfying, it seems like theres no need.”

“Ah” Alex was surprised before his eyes lit up and he rubbed his hands. He said with an awkward smile, “This…..Sir chairman, although Im very satisfied with my current work…..Ke, you see, if there is more promising work, I would be very happy. Can you tell me what this job is”

Xu Yi revealed a smile and took out a document from his desk.

“Look at it yourself.”

Alex took this document and impatiently opened it. When he took his first look, his eyes popped out and as he continued, his expression became more and more excited.

After he finished reading it, Alex couldnt help looking over it again before asking Xu Yi with a look of disbelief, “Sir…..Sir chairman, are you……are you really sending me to manage this office This is Wimbledon City! This is the capital of the Candra Empire! Are you really assured in letting me go to such an important place”

“If I said I wasnt, would you believe me” Xu Yi asked back with a smile.

Alexs smile immediately froze before he forced out two laughs.

“This…..He, he, sir chairman, you dont believe in me…..This is normal since I…..”

“Enough.” Xu Yi waved his hand to cut him off, “Ive already made my decision. You will take this post because you are one of the rare experienced people in our company, so theres nothing good about keeping you here all day doing nothing. Of course, I will honestly tell you, this is all because of your uncle, otherwise I could find someone else, understood”

“Of course! Of course I understand!” Alex kept nodding, “Sir chairman, I promise that I will do my best this time, I will definitely manage the Wimbledon City branch well! I want to let the entire Candra Empire become familiar with our Frestech Chamber of Commerce!”

“Alright, its good that youre confident.” Xu Yi nodded before saying, “You can go and make your initial preparations. If nothing expected happens, when the new year comes, this branch will start construction. You have half a year to prepare everything.”

“Alright!” Alex gave a strong nod. He looked at Xu Yi for a while and seeing that he wasnt planning on saying anything else, he could only give Xu Yi a respectful bow before leaving.

After Alex left, Tvisti suddenly said, “Sir chairman, didnt this Alex betray the company before Why are you giving him such an important position Could it be that you arent worried hell make the same mistake”

“Remember, Tvisti, we humans will not completely judge a person based on what theyve done wrong before and will give them a chance to correct this. Although Alex did make a serious mistake before, I am willing to give him another chance. Also, I have to admit that Alexs abilities in this aspect are quite good and as long as he works properly, I believe that he will do well.”

Tvisti was silent for a bit before suddenly saying, “But the main reason is because of vice chairman Heinz”

Xu Yi was surprised before he revealed an awkward smile, “What You can recognize this now”

“We elves are very good at learning, it isnt strange at all that I can see through this.” Tvisti shook her head, “But sir chairman, I still have to oppose your decision. This Alex…..the feeling he gives me isnt good.”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “If I told you that the importance of the Candra Empire market and the Marlow Empire market have two different meanings, what would you think”

Tvisti revealed a confused look, “I…..I dont know……”

“Alright, youll know the difference later. Its about time, lets go to the conference room, they must all be waiting.”

Xu Yi and Tvisti entered the largest conference room in the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main building which was already quite lively inside.

Sitting in front was the CEO Kennard with high level managers around him. Everyone had a happy smile on their face and the room had a happy atmosphere, looking very lively.

Seeing Xu Yi come in, everyone stopped discussing and all stood up as they looked at Xu Yi. Quite a few people couldnt hide the respect and awe that were in their eyes.

Xu Yi calmly walked up to the chairmans position in the center of the room under everyones gaze and sat down.

“You can all sit down.” Xu Yi waved his hand to indicate for them to sit before turning to Kennard beside him and saying with a smile, “Alright, Kennard, start this years end of year summary meeting.”

Kennard didnt sit down as he looked at the document in his hand before throwing it onto the table. He looked around the table before saying in a loud voice, “First, I want to tell everyone some good news. Our Frestech Chamber of Commerces profit has greatly grown compared to last year! Although the concrete data hasnt come out yet, Im certain that we will break fifty million gold coins!”


After a moment of silence, there was a thunderous applause that filled the room.

Although Kennard had already told them before that the companys profit had grown this year, no one had expected it to suddenly reach over fifty million gold coins.

It had to be known, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces profit last year was just over thirty million gold coins! It had grown by over twenty million in just a single year!

This growth really was astonishing and hard to believe.

A company developing would always follow the same rules, it could quickly develop at first, growing from nothing, looking very exaggerated.

But once the development reached a certain degree, the growth would stabilize.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces yearly income had grown by several million a year before until it broke thirty million last year, which was already a speed that everyone was shocked by.

But it had suddenly grown by twenty million this year, this was simply unbelievable.

“What Everyone is this surprised” Xu Yi looked around at the shocked looks on the faces of the high level members and after pausing, he said, “If youre all shocked by just fifty million, if you heard the goal that Ive set for our companys profit next year, I really think that your chins might just drop off.”

Everyone looked at each other in surprise before the household magic machine departments manager Ankhto carefully asked with a gulp, “Sir chairman, what…..are your goals for next year”

Xu Yi raised his right index finger with a smile, “One hundred million.”

The entire room was filled with silence.-

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