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Magic Industry Empire Volume 1 Chapter 89

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Master, save me!

The class bell had already rang a long time ago and the other students had already left their seats, either going out to relax or gathering to talk with their friends in groups of two or three.

The classes for the Baron Rickto Magic Academy were an hour and a half long, so the rest time was also a bit longer. Recess was twenty minutes, so students naturally seized this time to properly rest up.

The only exception was Vivian.

Other than going to the restroom once, Vivian almost never left her desk. Her head had been down the entire time as she honestly looked over her notes from the class just now. She read it again and again, trying to firmly lock up this knowledge in her mind and doing everything she could to understand it.

After being sent here by Xu Yi, Vivian had always been using everything she had to focus on studying.

Because her parents had been slaves, Vivian had been a slave since she was born. So during the fourteen years before Xu Yi bought her, Vivian had always lived as a slave.

Although Viscount Leslie treated his slaves better than some other nobles, a slave was still a slave in the end. The so called kindness was only limited to not mistreating her or randomly killing her, it was impossible for Vivian to receive this kind of education.

After Xu Yi became her master, Vivian found that her life had greatly changed. Not only did she not have to worry about food or a place to rest each day, all she had to do was some simple housework.

Moreover, Xu Yi was multiple times better to slaves compared to Viscount Leslie.

Vivian knew that after Xu Yi bought her, she had already made her mental preparations. She thought that Xu Yi was someone with special tastes, liking her body that hadnt fully developed yet.

However, Xu Yi had lived with her for two months and hadnt made a single move on her, not to mention doing anything to her.

This filled Vivian with joy while also filling her with a tiny disappointment.

It was hard to get a good master like Xu Yi and if he really wasnt interested in her body, would he ever sell her someone else in the future

Of course, that was not certain. Vivian had heard from some other female slaves that female slaves who were tired of were sold to even more cruel masters, making their lives even worse.

But no matter what, the anxious Vivian never would have thought that Xu Yi would send her to school.

Going to school, to Vivian, it was a hope that once filled her heart. In the end, because of the cruel reality, she had no choice but to give it up.

She knew that she was just a lowly slave. On the Sines Continent, not every commoner would be able to receive an education, so there was no need to mention a lowly slave who no one cared if she died or not.

So when Xu Yi asked her if she wanted to go to school, she was stunned for a while. After confirming with him multiple times, she finally joyfully agreed.

In the blink of an eye, Vivian had already been enrolled in the Baron Rickto Magic Academy for over a month now.

Although Baron Rickto Magic Academy was called a magic academy, it was not just for teaching magic.

When this school was formed by Baron Rickto, it was made for teaching magic, but after developing for hundreds of years, this school had become the largest comprehensive school in Banta City.

Other than teaching magic, it also taught all kinds of basic knowledge like language, history, culture, and even art.

Because Vivian had never been educated before, Xu Yi had enrolled her in a basic language course, giving her the most basic reading and writing skills.

Other than this, she had been enrolled in a drawing course.

Although Vivian had never been educated, her intelligence was not low. Adding in her desire for knowledge, in just a short month, she had already grasped how to read and write.

Although she didnt understand everything, she already had no problem with basic reading.

Compared to her language course, Vivians performance in her drawing course could be considered shocking.

Xu Yi through the casual drawings that Vivian made had learned of her talent, but after she came to Baron Rickto Magic Academy, her talent had instantly exploded under the guidance of the art teacher.

In just a short week, Vivian had completely conquered the teacher. The usually strict art teacher said that she was a genius artist that came every few decades.

The current Vivian, because of her strong talent in art, she had already gained some fame in the Baron Rickto Magic Academy.

It was a pity this fame didnt bring many advantages, but rather caused quite a bit of trouble for her.

After she finished reviewing after class, Vivian left the language classroom and walked down the hall to her drawing classroom when she was blocked by three people.

“Hey, dear miss Vivian, can you accept an invitation to supper with me tonight” The young man in the middle of the three looked at Vivian and asked this in a very glib voice.

Vivian looked at him and recognized him as Enrique of the magic department.

“Sorry, I dont have time tonight.” Vivian decisively rejected him.

Ever since he saw Vivian from the side in the drawing classroom and personally witnessing Vivians talent in art, it seemed like Enrique had begun liking Vivian. He had begun to stalk Vivian while trying to chase her.

But Vivian had gained this precious chance to learn with great difficulty, so how could she have time to waste with Enrique So whenever Enrique made a request, Vivian had directly rejected him and not given him any chance.

“Its no problem if you dont have time tonight, you would have time tomorrow, right” Enrique didnt seem to want to give up.

“I dont have time tomorrow either.” Vivian shook her head before seriously saying to Enrique, “Please give up, alright”

After being with Xu Yi for a while and being influenced by him, the current Vivian was not as timid as before and now dared to speak her own thoughts.

Enriques expression changed. He never thought that Vivian would reject him so decisively, this wasnt giving him any face at all.

In front of his two friends, Enrique instantly felt very embarrassed and couldnt stop his voice from turning cold.

“Miss Vivian, I just want to have a meal and talk to you a bit, there is no need to be this heartless, right”

Vivian innocently blinked her eyes, not understanding what Enrique meant.

After all, she was just a little girl who wasnt even fifteen yet and she had been a slave for her entire life, so didnt understand relationships too well. She didnt understand the boring ego of these kinds of little men.

But this kind of appearance from her made Enrique even madder.

Enriques face sunk. He thought about it before suddenly grabbing Vivians hand and saying in a deep voice, “Let me tell you, whether you are willing or not, you will agree tonight! Otherwise, dont blame me for being impolite!”

Seeing Enriques two lackies coming forward, Vivian remembered the scene from back when she was under Viscount Leslie, almost being beaten to death by guards because of a single mistake. Her face instantly filled with fear and her body began to tremble.

Seeing Vivians look of fear, Enrique immediately gave a proud laugh. He prepared to pull Vivian around the campus.

How could Vivian compare to Enrique in terms of strength. Although she was very unwilling, she couldnt help being pulled along by him.

If it was another girl, she definitely could have called out, but Vivian had been a slave since she was young and she was used to having a low status or being bullied by others. Although her body and heart was filled with resistance, she didnt call out for help at all.

Only in her heart, there was a single cry.

“Master, save me!”

Enrique pulling Vivian along suddenly stopped and a figure appeared in front of him.

“Hey, uncle, you want to meddle in this matter Let me tell you, its best if you dont…..” Enrique only finished half his words when a fireball suddenly flew at him.

Enrique was shocked, but he quickly let go of Vivians hand and raised a water shield in front of him.

It had to be said, Enriques level of magic was not bad. In this kind of situation, he could actually form a complete water shield.

But although this fireball seemed normal, its strength was quite astonishing. Enriques water shield was instantly shattered and the fireball slammed into his chest, sending him flying away.

Enrique had just fallen to the ground when water ball fell onto him. It extinguished the flames on his chest while completely drenching him in cold water.

It was now the beginning of November and it was a bit cold. Now that he had been drenched in cold water, naturally he was hit with a chill, instantly waking up Enrique who had almost fainted from being hit with a fireball.

Looking at the person in front looking down on him, Enriques heart filled with shock and fear. He quickly shouted out, “You dare hit me! Do you know who my father is If you dare go against me, do you believe that my father will beat you until youre crippled!”

Xu Yi looked down at Enrique who had lost some hair from the fireball and who looked incomparably sorry from being drenched in water and he couldnt help letting out a cold laugh.

“Oh Who is your father Lets hear it.”

“My…...My father is the chairman of the Falcao Chamber of Commerce! Let me tell you, I know many powerful magicians and any one of them can beat you until youre a cripple!” Bringing out his father, Enrique was suddenly filled with courage.

“Of its actually chairman Morgans son, this is really hard to handle…..” Xu Yi revealed a difficult expression.

Enrique thought he was afraid and he jumped up from the ground. He pointed at Xu Yi and arrogantly said, “How about it Are you afraid now Humph! Let me tell you, you have hurt me like this, dont think Ill let you go. You just wait, I will definitely tell this matter to my father and let you suffer!”

Xu Yi nodded in praise, “Not bad, you know you cant win, so you look for your father for help. I wanted to take care of you, but I have to give chairman Morgan some face, so I cant do anything. Then again, chairman Morgan is our good friend and laying a hand on a friends son is like bullying the weak.”

Enrique was stunned. Based on this persons words, he seemed to be an acquaintance of his father Father even said that they were good friends

It would be bad if this was true. To be considered a friend of fathers, normally it would be people he contacted through business.

Father cared more about benefits to the company compared to anything. If he told this matter to his father, there was no need to mention his father taking revenge for him, his father might even fiercely teach him a lesson.

“You…..Who are you” Enrique hesitated a bit before he finally couldnt help asking this.

“Not bad, you finally know to ask my name.” Xu Yi revealed a grin, “Listen well, I am Xu Yi, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman.”

Enriques face instantly looked like dying ashes.-

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