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Magic Industry Empire Volume 5 Chapter 69 - Her majesty

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Count Will was thinking too much.

In his opinion, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had trained the Ireland Chamber of Commerce, but they had made an opponent that could match them, causing them to lose large amounts of benefits. This was no different from asking for trouble.

But to Xu Yi, there was a completely opposite feeling.

“Hey, Freeman, this really fills me with awe.”

Xu Yi took the pipe that was as thick as his wrist and carefully looked inside it a few times . He even took the Vernier Caliper from Freemans hand to measure it a few times before revealing a look of praise.

“This P2 steel pipe is already at the same level or even greater than the ones our workshop makes. Freeman, can you tell me how you did this”

Freeman revealed a simple smile and scratched his head, “It isnt anything, we just kept increasing the requirements.”

Xu Yi nodded, “Un, good words. The so-called craft is just increasing the requirements for yourself. From this P2 steel pipe, I can tell that your Ireland Chamber of Commerces skills when it comes to this steel pipe isnt worse than our company.”

After saying this, Xu Yi couldnt help feeling praise for him. He forcefully patted Freemans shoulder as he said in a loud voice, “Do you know, this is something that Ive been hoping for for many years now, but I never thought that your Ireland Chamber of Commerce would be the first ones to do this.”

“No, no, no, chairman Xu, your praise is too much.” Freeman waved his hands.

Freeman and Xu Yi had met many times and he had deep contact with Xu Yi, so he was clear that Xu Yi always had this hope. He wanted the magic machine industry not to belong to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce alone, it would be best if there were other companies that had abilities that were similar or even beyond that of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Freeman was very confused by Xu Yis idea because there wasnt any company, or rather any merchant that wanted their competitors to become stronger than them.

But Freeman was very clear that this came from Xu Yis heart.

If it wasnt like this, he wouldnt have transferred the magic machine technology of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and could have created a complete monopoly. He would have earned profits that were several times what he earned now.

Their Ireland Chamber of Commerce having success with the steel pipe couldnt leave the Frestech Chamber of Commerces support.

Even in the current Ireland Chamber of Commerce, through Xu Yis suggestion, he had lent them two dwarven Magic Engineers from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce who had solved the problems with the steel pipes.

The results of the Ireland Chamber of Commerce now couldnt leave aside the support of the dwarven Magic Engineers or the support of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

So while Count Will thought that the Ireland Chamber of Commerce had stolen a part of the market with their own strength, making the Frestech Chamber of Commerce lose benefits, Freeman was clear that Xu Yi had done this deliberately.

So Freeman had always acted modest and even humble in front of Xu Yi.

He always felt that everything he had now was given to him by Xu Yi. Otherwise, he would still be a farmer in a village outside of Banta City, worrying about feeding his family each day.

“Chairman Xu……” Freeman hesitated a bit before suddenly saying, “How about I go and talk to the Lord City Lord, your Frestech Chamber of Commerce should be in charge of this steel pipe factory. Our Ireland Chamber of Commerce doesnt have much problems in terms of technology, but there are many other aspects which we cant compare to your Frestech Chamber of Commerce. If your company were to lead, we are willing to fully support you!”

Seeing the complex look on Freemans face, Xu Yi revealed a faint smile. He shook his head and patted Freemans shoulder.

“Dont think that much, Freeman. This matter is already decided, it cant be changed at will. Count Will trusts your Ireland Chamber of Commerce very much and has expectations for you, even her majesty is paying attention to this matter. If your company can do well this time, I believe that your company will soon be able to become a real first class company.”


“Theres no buts.” Xu Yi waved his hand and cut Freeman off, “Freeman, you should know what I want. I am very happy that your Ireland Chamber of Commerce is qualified to lead this factory…..and grateful. Count Will and her majesty Seveni are very expectant of your performance, so whether you want to take this responsibility or not, you cant throw it away. Do you understand what I mean”

Freeman was silent for a bit before slowly nodding.

“I understand, but…..chairman Xu, if there are any problems with the production in the future, I hope that you can keep helping us.”

Xu Yi revealed a smile that made Freeman feel assured.

The two discussed several details of the steel pipe factory before Freeman suddenly thought of something.

“Chairman Xu, when you mentioned her majesty, I have a question that I dont know whether I should ask or not.”

“Un What is it Is it related to her majesty” Xu Yi asked.

“Un…..Chairman Xu, have you seen her majesty in the past few months”

“No.” Xu Yi shook his head. He thought about it and found that he hadnt seen Seveni in close to half a year.

Seveni had only contacted him through letters and official documents in this half a year. When Xu Yi thought about it, he felt a bit disappointed and gave a sigh.

After Seveni took the throne, it was different from before in the end.

Their friendship might become even further apart and they would be no different from normal people sooner or later.

Xu Yi had always hoped that they could always be friends and they wouldnt become enemies in the end.

But Xu Yi didnt have much confidence in this only hope……

“You havent seen each other in several months” Freeman knit his brows, “I thought that I could get some information on her majesty from you.”

Xu Yi was a bit surprised, “What information about her majesty do you want to know Arent the newspapers reporting on her majesty”

With the economic development of the Lampuri Kingdom, the newspapers in the various cities began to grow.

The newspaper industry in the Lampuri Kingdom had already developed quite well. Just in Banta City, it was no longer only the «Banta Times» and there were four other smaller newspapers.

And in the capital of the Lampuri Kingdom, Anvilmar City, other than the «Anvilmar Times» and the «Lampuri Weekly» that Baron Hannas opened, there were thirty other different newspapers of different sizes.

With so many newspapers coming out at once, naturally Anvilmar City was filled with information.

And for someone that everyone paid attention to like her majesty Seveni, naturally she appeared in the newspapers everyday.

There were a few newspapers that reported on the affairs of her majesty. Some of the smaller newspapers reported on gossip like what her majesty wore today, what perfume she used, or if she changed her maid…..

They didnt even let off the food her majesty ate……

In this situation, if anyone wanted information on her majesty, they just needed to read the newspaper. Why did Freeman come all this way to ask Xu Yi

Freeman had a very strange expression on his face, “The problem is……a month ago, the newspapers havent reported any information on her majesty. They just reported on some business that she took care of and there wasnt any other information on her majesty.”

Xu Yi couldnt help smiling, “Un, Freeman, I never thought that you were someone who likes to gossip. Its fine to gossip, but why do you want to gossip about her majesty”

Freeman shook his head, “I just feel that it is strange. Before this, the newspapers would report on various matters of her majestys life and it was even disclosed by her majesty. What was it called…..it was to let her majesty be closer to us citizens. But a month ago, there wasnt any information on her majesty that came out. Not only did I find this strange, everyone found this strange.”

“Is that so” Xu Yi slightly knit his brows and felt that this situation was indeed a bit off.

Giving some gossip about herself to let the citizens feel closer to her, this was the suggestion that Xu Yi had given Seveni back then. Now that there hasnt been any news on this for a month, naturally it was a bit strange.

After thinking about it, Xu Yi couldnt think of anything.

There was no other way, he didnt see Seveni at all during this time and they had little time together, they just sent a letter if they needed something.

If others didnt know what happened to Seveni, naturally he also didnt know.

Seeing that Xu Yi looked like he didnt know anything, Freeman hesitated a bit before looking around. He suddenly came to Xu Yis side and lowered his voice to say, “Chairman Xu, there are many newspapers through their own private channels that have heard…..her majesty…..is pregnant!”

“What!” Xu Yis eyes opened wide as he looked at Freeman in shock.

Seveni…..was actually pregnant

How could that be possible!

No! This had to be fake!-

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