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Magic Industry Empire Volume 6 Chapter 70 - Heaven Island

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There was a black line on the horizon on the sea.

“Sir Leslie, were about to arrive at Heaven Island.”

“Un, prepare to land.” Leslie put down the telescope in his hand and nodded at his subordinate as he gave his order.

The sailors on the guard ship immediately went off.

After half an hour, fifteen guard ships with two large transport Magic Ships arrived at the harbour that had been completed on Heaven Island half a year ago.

The residents on the island saw this fleet approach, but they didnt reveal any panicked looks at all. Rather, they were all very excited as they came to the harbour with looks of expectations on their faces, looking like they were here to welcome them.

After this fleet came from the far Sines Continent to their Heaven Island the first time, it had already come several dozen times ago, so the residents of the island were already used to seeing it.

This fleet always brought many new things, for example, the special products from the continent, the products that were rare on the island, and these strange and useful things called magic machines……

When the residents bought these previous goods, they didnt use gold coins that were used everywhere, but rather they exchanged some common herbs that could be found on Heaven Island.

At the same time, this wide dock that had over ten wharves was completely funded by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

When building this harbour, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce hired many island residents to help with the construction. They had given the workers a wage as high as five gold coins a month, which let these island residents earn quite a bit.

So for the people of the island, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and this fleet were like angels that came from heaven. They gave them all kinds of good things, so naturally they would be very happy to welcome them each time.

When the fleet anchored at the dock, there were many island residents that came forward.

However, the people who came down first were in full armour, who looked like majestic soldiers.

The people of the island werent surprised by this since the people of the fleet had told them that the endless seas were filled with danger. They would frequently run into pirates, so it was natural that they would be armed to protect themselves.

But the island residents also noticed that this time, there were much more guards that came down from the ships.

When this fleet came before, there would only be around a hundred guards, but this time, there were four to five hundred guards.

When they lined up on the harbour, it looked like a black mass that was very powerful.

Of course, after they noticed the super large steel ships that werent that far away, everyone calmed down.

There were more ships that came this time, so it wasnt strange that there would be more guards.

But everyone was also curious, why did they increase the scale of the fleet this time They even brought these two large transport Magic Ships that hadnt been seen in a long time

Could it be……the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would do something on the island this time

The last time such a large fleet appeared, they were here to construct the harbour. Everyone couldnt help becoming excited.

If it was like this, could it mean that there was a chance they would work for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce again and earn some money

Thinking of this, the island residents became even more excited. Without waiting for the crew to disembark, they already charged forward.

If it wasnt for the guards that had already come down that blocked them, they might have already charged onto the ship.

When everyone saw Leslie come down from the deck, they immediately cheered.

Leslie waved his hand to greet the island residents on the dock which got him a bigger response.

“Hei, these fellows really are innocent.” Leslie revealed a faint smile. He stepped onto the wharf and stepped to the side of a box the guards had prepared before jumping right onto it.

Seeing him act like this, the surrounding island residents became more excited.

When the Frestech Chamber of Commerce announced they would build the harbour and recruit workers from the island, it was this sir Leslie who had announced this from up above like this.

Now that he was doing the same thing, he must be announcing something again!

The island residents surged forward and completely surrounded Leslie.

Seeing these people gather, Leslie raised his hands and the noise around him quickly stopped as everyone focused on him.

“Everyone, I want to announce some good news. Weve come this time to open a magic machine component processing factory on this island, as well as preparing to open a steel mill and a mine. So right now, we need to recruit around two thousand workers…..”

After hearing this, the crowd suddenly filled with shocked cries.

Two thousand workers

God, this Heaven Island in total only had around twenty to thirty thousand people. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce was suddenly recruiting a tenth of that population!

Putting aside the children and old people who couldnt work, this meant that out of the ten thousand adults on the island, many of them would be able to get a good job where they would be able to earn five gold coins a month!

Moreover, based on the tone of this sir Leslie, these two factories and mine that they didnt know what would be used for wasnt a short term project like the harbour, it was being opened long term.

This meant that the people of the island would have a chance to work there to get a long term and stable income.

For the residents that could only barely survive on the resources of the island, this was the biggest blessing.

Although gold coins didnt have much meaning on Heaven Island that was isolated from the world, now that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces fleet was here, bringing the products of the Sines Continent with them, there was a use for the gold coins.

For example, a Magic Fan that could bring a cool breeze to people on a hot summer day could be bought for three gold coins.

If it was like before, the people of the island would have to collect a bunch of herbs before barely being able to get one. But now if they could get this job, they would be able to get one in a month!

“Sir Leslie, I want to register!” A voice called out from the crowd.

The crowd had been silent, but with this call, everyone started raising their hands as they tried to get Leslies attention.

Leslie raised his hand to have the crowd quiet down.

“Everyone please listen up. As for how to recruit workers, we will have open recruitment after the factories and mine are finished being built. But before this, we will first construct the two factories and the mine which will also require plenty of manpower. Those that are willing to help us build the two factories and the mine, we will be holding recruitment in a bit. We will choose from the best among you, understood”

With Leslie saying this and the experience of what happened before, the people were able to easily accept this arrangement.

After this announcement, they went to the exchange area that had already been set up.

Leslie brought a large fleet this time, so naturally they brought plenty of products from the Sines Continent. The people of the island had already desperately collected the herbs and ores that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce needed.

With both sides trading on the harbour, it looked quite lively.

Leslie watched this from afar and couldnt help shaking his head.

Heaven Island was isolated by the sea and had been isolated from the Sines Continent for too long, so there wasnt even a basic currency system and they could only use this primitive transaction method.

It seems that to create a reliable base here, it would require quite a bit of effort.

When Leslie was thinking about the future, a subordinate came over and said in a low voice, “Sir, theres movement from that side.”

“Oh” Leslie raised his brows and gave a hand sign for his subordinate, “Send down the orders and follow the plan.”


The subordinate left to pass down the orders.

Leslie continued to lurk in the shadows on the wharf and after silently waiting for ten minutes, there was a deep sound on the ground that came from the distance.

“Theyre here.”

Leslie turned to look deeper into the island and saw that there was a large group of people coming over.

When the islanders who were trading with the sailors heard this sound and turned around, their expressions all changed.

“Its the royal family!”

“My god! Why are they here”

“What are they here for”

“Could it be that they……”


After a while, this group came to the beach. It was a group of people wearing different clothes and they had various iron weapons in their hands. Although their formation was scattered and they werent standing in uniform, they had a certain degree of training, so they could be considered an armed force.

Among these people, there was a crude horse carriage with two horses and in the carriage was a fat middle aged man who was like a mountain of beat with a special large crown on his head. This crown almost completely covered his head, almost not revealing any of his facial features.

After these people stopped, a man walked out and looked at the beach before loudly saying, “What are so many people gathered here for You want to cause trouble”

The island residents on the beach all stopped moving and looked at each other before turning to look at Leslie who had been sitting on the beach without moving the entire time.

“It seems like its my turn.”

Leslie revealed a faint smile and stood up, walking over towards this group with a relaxed look on his face.-

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