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Volume 6 Chapter 45 International call

“Do you really think that having Leslie do this will make the Candra Empire think it is unrelated to your Frestech Chamber of Commerce”

“No, I definitely dont think this unless the Candra Empire is filled with idiots.”

“Then why did you do this”

“I just gave the Candra Empire an excuse. If our Frestech Chamber of Commerce was openly supporting the Rudson Kingdom, how could the Candra Empire pull down their face to cooperate with us in the end”

“Youre that confident in the Rudson Kingdom”

“I am just confident in the products of our Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

“Even if the other side is a giant like the Candra Empire”


“Then……I wish…..Alright, I wish the Rudson Kingdom the best of luck. Anyway, our Lampuri Kingdom doesnt want an unfriendly neighbour like the Candra Empire right next to us.”

“Its the same for our Stantine Duchy.”

“So thats why you insisted on supporting the Rudson Kingdom”

“That is only a part of it. The most important reason is to take advantage of this war to advertise our company.”

“Xu Yi, you really are crazy……”

“Many thanks for your praise, many people all say this.”

“But Im very happy talking to a crazy person like you, especially when were two thousand kilometers away, which makes me even more happy.”

“Is that so Then youre welcome to talk to me whenever you have nothing to do.”

“Good, Ill come and talk to you in the night and Ill choose when Still is by your side.”

Hearing Sevenis voice coming from the Magic Communicator with a bit of playfulness in her laughter, Xu Yi helplessly rolled his eyes.

This should be an era defining significant moment, the first real long distance international call on the Sines Continent. In the end, it was turned into a call used for gossipping which really made him a bit speechless.

Two months ago, the magic communication network was finally finished in the Stantine Duchy. At the same time, the special communication line to Anvilmar City was also just finished and it was connected just last week. This was their first formal test call.

This morning, Akali who was responsible for this had pulled Xu Yi to the communication room to let him have the first call with Seveni who was two thousand kilometers away in Anvilmar City. It was to let this call that had historical value become even more significant.

But he never thought that after their talk about the war between the Rudson Kingdom and the Candra Empire which could be considered important, what came after next was trivial matters between men and women.

“Relax, Still wouldnt mind and…..Still has been busy during this time, she only has a few days of the month to be by me.” Xu Yi replied with a sigh.

“Un, I know, shes been in our Lampuri Kingdom during this time. As for during this time……she seems to be promoting the New Moon Chamber of Commerces Magic Illusion Entertainment Technology in the Falk Kingdom”

“Yes, after the Falk Kingdoms market opens, her next target is the Marlow Empire.”

“Then that means wont she be even more and more busy in the future And she would have less and less time to spend with you”

Xu Yi was silent for a bit before calmly saying, “This is her choice, I support her.”

Seveni on the other side was silent for a bit, but when she spoke, she changed the topic.

“Alright, Xu Yi, lets not talk about this. Its hard enough to talk to you, so lets discuss the heavy magic machine industry companies in our Lampuri Kingdom that you mentioned last time”

“Alright, I already told you the difference between heavy and light industry last time. Your Lampuri Kingdoms magic machine companies are all light industry companies, but to build a complete magic machine industry, you cant just depend on light industry. The most important thing is heavy industry. As for heavy industry, I suggest that you first train some companies that can smelt alloys, then once you have a steady supply of steel and other metal alloys……”


The first call ended just like that and it lasted for over an hour.

When Xu Yi came out of the communication room that Akali built, he suddenly realized that if this was on earth, for an international call like this without any special plans, it would cost a shocking amount to have a call that lasted an hour.

But thinking about it, for this single call between him and Seveni, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Lampuri Kingdom had spent over three million gold coins.

Converting it, this was equal to three hundred million RMB on earth.

The long distance call fee wouldnt be anything in comparison to this.

If this communication network was only used for calls between him and Seveni, it wasnt worth this cost. So what Xu Yi cared about the most now was to let the magic communication network have the same abilities as the wireless communication network on earth. At least it would allow different people to have different conversations on the same network.

“In theory, this is possible.” Akali didnt hesitate to reply, “According to our long research, the vibration frequency of the magic signals arent fixed. If the magic signals could be incited to be different, using the receiving signal, the voice that will come out of the Magic Array will be a bit different, but…..”

“But its very hard to automatically change the Magic Array to accept the corresponding magic signal” Xu Yi asked with a smile.

“Yes……” Akali gave a sigh and was a bit dejected, “To let different people have different conversations at the same time, it requires the Magic Arrays in their Magic Communicators to be completely different. But like this, it is impossible to mass produce the Magic Communicators and we can do custom orders. But if it was custom made…..the cost would be too high. It definitely wouldnt be something normal people could use.”

“Un, if we cant let everyone use them, then theres no meaning to this.” Xu Yi nodded and thought for a bit before saying, “Akali, I feel that you should change your mentality. The problem that you are facing now is that each Magic Communicator needs a different Magic Array to receive different magic signals, but I feel that you can just let these Magic Communicators be the same. You just have to use slightly different magic signals and with a central controller, it would control where these magic signals would go.”

Xu Yis idea was following the concept of telephones on earth, but there was just a small change to it.

Akali felt that it was strange at first, but after thinking about it, her eyes lit up.

“Sir chairman, I feel…..that this direction isnt bad. Un, I understand!”

Seeing Akali excitedly walking off, Xu Yi couldnt help giving a laugh.

It was because Akali was so focused on her research that she could come up with these shocking results in a short period of time.

After leaving the magic communication room at the magic research facility, Xu Yi headed to the northwest corner of the Stantine Duchy where the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards training base was.

Last time the effects of bringing Kennard here wasnt that good, so he didnt insist and didnt continue bringing Kennard over.

But if Kennard came today, he would definitely be shocked.

Because the training partner of the guards today was not Great Magician Juna.

Floating high in the sky was actually Arch Magus Camilla!

Countless beams of light cut through the sky and they were gathered around Arch Magus Camilla in the sky, letting out a series of explosions that looked shocking.

However, after the dust settled, Arch Magus Camilla was still safe in the air, not being injured at all.

Of course, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards around Arch Magus Camilla didnt plan on stopping at all. They kept firing various military magic machines and wildly attacked Arch Magus Camilla.

Countless explosions filled the air and creating beautiful fireworks one after another.

Even if it was noon and the light of the explosions were suppressed by the strong sunlight, it still showed the might behind the attacks of the guards.

Xu Yi believed that faced with this powerful attack, even a Great Magician wouldnt be able to last that long.

However, Arch Magus Camilla looked quite at ease, like he was playing around.

After watching from the side for a bit, Xu Yi called out to stop the training exercise.

“Grandfather, do you feel any threat from the attacks of the guards” Xu Yi gave Arch Magus Camilla a bottle of water while asking this.

Arch Magus Camilla thought for a bit before replying, “It isnt true that they dont have any threat to me at all, but that is when Im not doing a thing. If we really fought, they couldnt hurt me at all. If it really didnt work, I could still easily run away.”

“Is that so” Xu Yi knitted his brows, “This means that if there was an Arch Magus that wanted to attack us, we cant use the guards”

Arch Magus Camilla took a deep look at Xu Yi before giving a sigh. He shook his head and said, “Xu Yi, your talent isnt bad, but there are times when you are thinking too simply. What is the rank of an Arch Magus, does a Great Magician like you not know If they could be taken care of by normal people with military magic machines, that would be too much.”


“No buts, I know what you are thinking. If there is a war with the Candra Empire, how should we deal with the Arch Magi that the Candra Empire has” Arch Magus Camilla rolled his eyes at him.

Xu Yi gave a laugh and rubbed his head, “I really cant hide anything from an old man like you.”

“I say, kid, are you indulging in fantasies or are you really that arrogant” Arch Magus Camilla rolled his eyes again, “There hasnt been a Great Magus on the continent in over a thousand years, so Arch Magi are already at the top of the continent. If they could be taken care of by normal people, the magicians on the continent should already change their professions.”

Xu Yi curled his lips with a bit of disdain in his heart.

No matter how Arch Magi are, no matter how close to gods the Great Magi in legends were, if they were to face the nuclear bombs from earth, he didnt believe they would be able to stop them.-

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