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Magic Industry Empire Volume 6 Chapter 30 - How bold!

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Xu Yi walked into the hall with soft footsteps.

This was his second time here today.

However, compared to when Xu Yi came into the hall on the first half of the day, he was much more relaxed and he had a casual smile on his face.

Duke Windsor was sitting in the middle while Count Dole was sitting on the side, not saying a word as they waited for him. Xu Yi revealed a faint smile as he thought the results of the negotiations this time would be different from before.

“Greetings to the duchess.” Xu Yi gave Duchess Windsor a bow as per usual standard.

This time Duchess Windsor didnt ignore him and after looking at him for a while, she gave a nod and stretched out a hand, “Chairman Xu, please sit.”

Although her tone was clam, there was a bit of courtesy in her voice.

Xu Yi didnt hold back and sat down right in front of Count Dole.

However, when he took a seat, Duchess Windsors expression changed and she said in a deep voice, “Chairman Xu, you really are bold!”

Xu Yis expression didnt change as he asked, “Madame, what do you mean”

“You dare to lead your subordinates to invade this place and attack my subordinates, your courage has reached the heavens!”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Madame, I dont understand what you mean. I did lead my subordinates to invade this place and injure your subordinates, but how is that related to how bold I am”

Count Dole lowered his head to avoid looking at Xu Yi, but when he heard these words, he couldnt help looking up at Xu Yi in surprise.

Duchess Windsor was also surprised, “Chairman Xu, you clearly know who I am and you still dare do this to me. Could it be that you dont consider this rash”

Xu Yi stroked his chin for a bit before shaking his head.

“Madame, I still dont understand. I know your identity, but how is this related to my courage”

Duchess Windsor angrily said, “Chairman Xu, you immediately retreated yesterday when you learned my status, so I thought you were a smart person. Knowing to back down when you know you cant offend me, but I never thought that you were such a stupid fellow!”

“No, madame, youve misunderstood. I didnt say that I didnt want to offend you yesterday. The reason I chose to leave was because you would have arranged defenses in this manor with your status, so I wasnt confident in safely rescuing my subordinates. Its not related to your status or my guts.”

Duchess Windsor revealed a smile of rage, “That means that youre confessing that you want to offend me”

Xu Yi smiled without saying a word.

Although he didnt say anything, this appearance made it clear what he was thinking.

Duchess Windsors expression sank as she looked at Xu Yi and her voice became even colder.

“Chairman Xu, are you really not afraid Since you know my identity, you should know who stands behind me. If you treat me like this, you arent afraid of my retaliation Or perhaps, youre bold enough to kill me here”

Xu Yi shook his head with a faint smile, “I really dont dare. Madame, I didnt kill a single person this time, so I think that proves my stance. To be honest, Im not willing to offend you or the Lord Duke behind you, there are no benefits for me or our Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

“Its good that you know.” Hearing Xu Yi admit this, Duchess Windsor felt a bit better. She gave a soft snort before continuing, “But chairman Xu, since you already did this, I think you should know what the consequences are. Let me tell you, this matter hasnt ended here, you should prepare yourself.”

Xu Yi couldnt help shaking his head, thinking that this Duchess Windsor really couldnt understand the situation.

“Thats right, this matter hasnt ended yet. Although my subordinates have been safely rescued, the chief culprit of this incident hasnt been caught or received his punishment yet.”

Xu Yi turned to Count Dole and Count Dole immediately backed down. But then he stood up straight and looked right at Xu Yi as he said with a cold smile, “What Chairman Xu, do you still dare move against me”

Duchess Windsor also gave a cold laugh, “Chairman Xu, I thought that you were smart enough since you didnt kill any of my subordinates, which means that I would only punish you a bit. I never thought that you would continue causing trouble for Suruk, are you seeking your own death”

With the support of Duchess Windsor, Count Dole was even more fearless. He raised out his chest and raised his head as he pointed his chin down at Xu Yi, looking likecome and get me if you can.

Xu Yis eyes moved from Duchess Windsor to Count Dole and with a smile, he raised his hand as his magic was activated.

“Ka, ka, ka.”

With a few crisp sounds, Count Dole who was looking confident was suddenly covered in a layer of ice.

In the blink of an eye, he was completely encased in ice!

It was summer right now and it was very hot, but there was a large block of ice in this hall. Inside it, there was a person who was completely sealed in with a strange posture. With the cold that came from the ice, it was a very strange sight.

Duchess Windsor was stunned to see this change and after being in a daze, she suddenly let out a sharp scream.

After a while, more than ten guards came in with a middle aged man in a pure white magicians robe.

Seeing them appear, Xu Yi couldnt help smiling.

It seems like Duchess Windsor really cares about her own safety, she still kept this many guards by her side.

The middle aged man in the pure white magicians robe saw Count Dole frozen in ice and then he revealed a look of shock.

“This……This is the Ice Coffin Spell!”

“It seems like youre not bad.” Xu Yi looked at the symbol on his chest and nodded, “So youre an Eighth Grade Magician, its no wonder you can recognize this spell.”

The white robed middle aged magician turned from Count Dole to Xu Yi with difficulty. After a while, he said in a difficult voice, “To…..To use the Ice Coffin Spell, only…..only those that are a Great Magician can do that. You…..No, you……Could it be that you are a Great Magician”

[TL Note: He switches from the impolite 你(you) to the polite 您(you) here. Same word in English, different word in Chinese.]

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “Thats right, Im a Great Magician. Since you can recognize this spell, you should know that you dont have the ability to release this Ice Coffin Spell or deal with me, so…..move aside.”

“Great Magician” The white robed middle aged magician swallowed his saliva with difficulty as he stared at Xu Yi in disbelief.

The young man in front of him was only in his thirties and he was actually a Great Magician That was impossible!

The youngest Great Magician in the record of the Magicians Guild was only forty three, how could this fellow have this kind of talent!

Xu Yi was too lazy to care about him as he stood up.

When he stood up, the soldiers all lined up and quickly surrounded him.

“Dont let him escape!” Duchess Windsor shouted.

The soldiers wanted to make a move, but they noticed that there was also a layer of thick ice at their feet that froze them to the ground, so they couldnt move at all.

Xu Yi didnt even spare them a glance as he went over to tap on the frozen Count Dole. There was a black hole that appeared that suddenly swallowed the ice with Count Dole inside of it.

The stunned white robed middle aged magician swallowed his saliva when he saw this.

Duchess Windsor acted like she had just remembered him and shouted, “Nonos, what are you doing Why arent you making a move!”

The white robed middle aged magician called Nonos turned around and looked at Duchess Windsor with a tearful look.

“Madame…..He…..He is a Great Magician……”

“So what if hes a Great Magician Are you afraid that he would really make a move! Go! With me here, he definitely wont dare!” Duchess Windsor angrily said.

Nonos could only turn around and look at Xu Yi with the same tearful look, “This…..Your excellency……please forgive me, I can only offend you…..”

Xu Yi nodded, “This is what you should do, you dont need to ask me to forgive you.”

“Many thanks for your excellencys understanding.” Nonos gave a grateful nod before taking a deep breath and raising his hands with a serious look.

Feeling the powerful magic gathered in his hands, Xu Yi felt praise for him.

From the scale of an Eighth Grade Magic, this Nonos magic power and purity was considered quite good. It could be seen that he was an outstanding Eighth Grade Magician, he could be considered a good High Grade Magician.

Nonos shook his hand and there was a giant azure ring that appeared in front of him.

Seeing this ring, Xu Yi had a trace of surprise on his face.

“Hurricane Ring Not bad, as an Eighth Grade Magician, you can actually use a Ninth Grade Spell, it seems like you arent far from becoming a Ninth Grade Magician.”

There was a blush that appeared on Nonos face. It wasnt because of Xu Yis praise, but rather from gathering all his magic to use this spell.

After two deep breaths, Nonos pushed his hand forward and the azure ring increased by several times. The highest part of it reached the roof and it almost covered the entire hall. There was a flash of azure light from the ring before countless wind blades that could be seen with the naked eye flew out.

Xu Yi stood there without moving, just creating a Water Magic Barrier in front of himself.

The wind blades fell onto the magic barrier, but it was like a clay ox falling into the sea. It could only create a few ripples on the surface of the barrier and there were no other reactions.

The wind blades continued for three minute before no more wind blades came from the azure ring. The azure ring flashed two times before it disappeared.

Xu Yi looked at Nonos who had a pale face without any blood in it and looked like he was about to collapse, so he said with a smile, “Youve reached your limit”

Nonos fell onto his butt and let out two deep breaths, “Its……Its my limit……”

“Good.” Xu Yi released his barrier with a smile, “You can use the Ninth Grade Hurricane Ring which shows that you have a deep understanding of Wind Magic, theres a great chance that youll become a Ninth Grade Magician soon. Moreover, using this spell shows that you have some understanding of space, so it will be very helpful for when you become a Great Magician. Keep working hard.”

Although Xu Yi was more than ten years younger than Nonos, when Xu Yi talked to Nonos like a senior, he didnt reject it at all and gave a grateful nod.

“Many thanks for your excellencys guidance, I will firmly keep them in mind!”

Xu Yi revealed a smile and no longer cared about him, turning to look at Duchess Windsor who had a very ugly look on her face.

“Madame, Count Dole has gone against the laws of the duchy and will be placed on trial. As for you and your subordinates, I hope that you will leave as soon as possible. Because of the kingdoms laws, this place no longer belongs to Count Dole. You and your subordinates are not citizens of the Stantine Duchy, so you no longer have any rights to stay here.”

Duchess Windsors expression turned cold, “What Youre bold enough to chase me away”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile and didnt reply. He turned to pat the shoulder of Nonos who was on the ground and said in a low voice, “If youre interested, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce welcomes you at any time.”

Nonos looked up in surprise but he found that Xu Yi had already disappeared.-

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