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“So its president Erens son, no wonder you look a bit familiar.” Great Magician Ferguson nodded at Anke Eren with a smile, “I was planning on seeing president Eren after meeting chairman Xu, but I never thought that I would see his son first. How has president Eren been recently”

Anke Eren quickly gave a bow, “Many thanks for your excellencys care, lord father has been in a very good mood recently, his magic powers have increased, and the various guild matters have been going smoothly. It makes me, as his son, feel very assured.”

“Oh President Erens magic power increased I dont know if hes made a breakthrough in rank” Great Magician Ferguson asked in an interested voice.

“I dont know about this. Lord father has said that because he has been studying magic machines recently, hes had some attainment in his magic research which has increased his strength. As for the specifics, he hasnt told me anything.”

“Its related to magic machines again” Great Magician Ferguson looked over at Xu Yi sitting opposite to him and said in an emotional voice, “Chairman Xu, I thought that your Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic machines only made lives easier, but I never thought that it could help us magicians increase our magic power. This really is surprising.”

Xu Yi gave a laugh, “Your praise is too much. President Eren increased his strength naturally because of his focus on research. What magic machines, it just gave him a bit of inspiration.”

“No, for magicians in our realm, things that can give us a bit of inspiration are indeed rare. I was very surprised before that Arch Magus Camilla hadnt made a breakthrough in several dozen years, but then he broke through again and again in the past few years, even becoming a respected Arch Magus. Thinking of it now, it should be related to helping your company research magic machines.”

“I feel that its just that Arch Magus Camilla was well prepared and achieved this after several years of effort.”

Xu Yi acting this way wasnt just to be modest, the main reason was that he still didnt know what reason Great Magician Ferguson came for this time.

When he received the news that Marquis Southgate would be inspecting the Frestech Chamber of Commerce again, Xu Yi was happy because this meant that Marquis Southgate had made his decision, wanting to discuss business with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

This meant that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had a good opening in the Marlow Empire. It would lay the foundation for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce developing in the Marlow Empire.

Not to mention that Marquis Southgate always had a good attitude towards the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the magic machines, unlike the attitude of the Candra Empire.

Working with Marquis Southgate, the magic machines would be able to smoothly spread in the Marlow Empire.

As long as they could spread magic machines through one of the two empires, this meant that Xu Yi could take a step towards his dream of spreading magic machines across the continent.

Moreover, if the magic machines became popular in the Marlow Empire, the Candra Empire would be affected by this. It would be very likely that they would change their attitude that made it hard for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to develop in the Candra Empire.

But after Marquis Southgate sent someone, the Lampuri Kingdoms Magicians Guild also sent someone. The Magicians Guild headquarters in the City in the Sky would be sending one of their thirteen council members, Great Magician Christopher Ferguson to meet Xu Yi.

They didnt explain what Great Magician Ferguson wanted, but they did state that he would be here to negotiate with Xu Yi on behalf of the Magicians Guild and they didnt reveal anything else.

This was clearly a bit strange.

Normally with an important magician like Arch Magus Camilla in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the Magicians Guild shouldnt be sending a Great Magician to see Xu Yi instead of Arch Magus Camilla. This really was a bit confusing.

What surprised people more was that this Great Magician Ferguson was coming with Marquis Southgate.

Xu Yi didnt know the relationship between the two, so before understanding their goal, it was natural that he would be a bit more discrete.

“Speaking of this, chairman Xu, how many magicians are currently working for your Frestech Chamber of Commerce” Great Magician Ferguson suddenly changed the topic.

Xu Yi hesitated a bit before honestly replying, “Up to now, including me, there are a total of two thousand seven hundred and thirty six magicians.”

“Two thousand seven hundred and thirty six” Great Magician Ferguson revealed a surprised look, clearly being taken aback by this number, “Chairman Xu, I think…..other than the armies of the various countries, there isnt another organization like your company that has this many magicians, right”

Xu Yi slightly knitted his brows as a bit of vigilance filled his heart.

Great Magician Fergusons words……could they be a warning

The organization with the most magicians on the continent other than an army

This title wasnt a good thing for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce because it was easy to make people wary of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

“Your praise is too much.” Xu Yi gave a laugh, “Although our company has many magicians right now, most of them are only Third or Fourth Grade Magicians, how could they compare to the armies of the continent Then again, they are only working for our company and arent selling their lives in an army.”

“Is that so” Great Magician Ferguson revealed a smile. After pausing, he continued, “Chairman Xu, actually the appraisal of our Magicians Guild headquarters of your Frestech Chamber of Commerce has always been high.”

“Oh That realy makes one happy, but can you tell me why that is” Xu Yi and the other people at the table revealed looks of interest.

The Magicians Guild was the organization that united all magicians on the continent, it had enormous influence on the continent and there were times where its words were even heavier than the two empires.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce was a top grade company in the surrounding countries, but they werent considered first class on the continent. Why would the Magicians Guild care about them

Only Marquis Southgate had a smile, as if he already knew what Great Magician Ferguson would say next.

“The reason is very simple, its that out of the two thousand seven hundred and thirty six magicians you mentioned, most of them are Third or Fourth Grade Magicians.” Great Magician Ferguson said with a smile.

“Please explain.”

Great Magician Ferguson revealed a faint smile, “I think that president Eren should have mentioned something on this to you, but since Im here, Ill take this chance to tell you the stance of our headquarters.”

Xu Yi quickly sat up a bit and nodded, revealing an attentive stance.

Great Magician Ferguson paused for a second as if he was thinking about how to say it before saying, “Chairman Xu, do you know what the objective of founding the Magicians Guild on the continent was”

Xu Yi quickly thought over the general knowledge he had of the Magicians Guild and found that he had forgotten this specific detail.

But that couldnt baffle him as he thought of the guiding principles of the organizations on earth before answering, “I think…..it should be gathering all the magicians on the continent to give them a single organization, to provide more benefits and support to everyone”

“Thats the general gist.” Great Magician Ferguson nodded with a faint smile, “But to be more specific, or to be a bit realistic, it is to help all magicians live a better life. Do you understand what I mean”

Xu Yi nodded, “I understand your general meaning. For Great Magicians or Arch Magi, you naturally dont have to worry about surviving, but for most lower grade magicians, they arent that much better than normal people and it isnt easy to live a better life.”

“Yes. Moreover, normal people can have no worries in studying their skills and improving their lives, but since magicians know that they have this talent for magic, there is no one willing to give up this talent.”

The people in the room, not only the magicians like Xu Yi, Akali, and Anke Eren, couldnt help giving a nod to show their agreement with Great Magician Fergusons words. Even Marquis Southgate and Princess Caroline on the side who werent magicians couldnt help nodding in agreement.

Magicians were special for the people of the Sines Continent. Knowing that they have talent for magic and there was a chance to become a magician, no one would be willing to give it up and would do everything they could to achieve this dream.

Only Seymour curled his lips and disdained this conversation.

He had been from a large noble family and there were several magicians in his familys guards. These magicians had always been respectful towards him, not having the so-called arrogance of magicians.

This made him never feel that magicians were that incredible. If he had to say something, only Great Magicians and Arch Magi could enter his eyes.

But thinking of it, Seymour suddenly realized that fellow Xu Yi wasnt only the chairman of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he was also a powerful Great Magician.

This fact made him feel a bit discouraged.

Even if he wasnt convinced by Xu Yi, no matter how he looked at it, he couldnt compare to Xu Yi.

“Any magician would care about their time, not giving up on studying magic. But for most of these magicians it would be hard for them to make any breakthroughs with their studies. They would waste a lot of time, effort, and……money.”

When Great Magician Ferguson said this, he stopped to give a deep sigh.

Xu Yi and Akali both had heavy looks.

There was no need to mention a fellow like Xu Yi who transmigrated, Akali was born on the Sines Continent and was a poor Low Grade Magician.

She knew better than anyone that the path of a magician like her was actually very hard.

If it wasnt for her meeting Xu Yi, she might have been like most Low Grade Magicians, being stuck at that level because of the limitations. She wouldnt be adored like the higher grade magicians or Great Magicians, being limited to being a normal person and learning a trade to make a living.

Thinking of this, Akali took a deep look at Xu Yi with a bit of gratitude before a trace of bitterness appeared in her eyes.

If she met this fellow earlier, how good that would have been……-

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