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Volume 5 Chapter 163 Dont race cars on the road

The Magic Sedan carrying Xu Yi and Akali left the southern suburb of Anvilmar City. They went around the south of Anvilmar City and stopped at a fork that was five kilometers away from the east gate.

At this fork, the road going east was the second road that connected to the Mirando Duchy and the road going north was the road that connected to the Drake Duchy.

The road that led to the Mirando Duchy, because it was newly built, whether it was in terms of width or condition, it was better than the road leading to the Drake Duchy.

But Xu Yi was clearly focused on the road leading north to the Drake Duchy with an expectant look in his eyes.

Akali looked at Xu Yi and couldnt help teasing, “Hey, sir chairman, could it be that Princess Caroline is coming”

“Un” Xu Yi turned in a surprised manner and seeing Akali secretly laughing, he immediately understood her intentions. He said with a laugh, “Thats right, Princess Caroline is coming, what about it”

Akali was only joking at first, but she never thought that it would be true which stunned her.

“Hey, sir chairman, are you meeting Princess Caroline in secret without telling Still”

“Meeting in secret your head!” Xu Yi snappily said, “If it was in secret, why would I bring you along”

Akali gave a laugh, “Perhaps you did it on purpose so that Still wouldnt misunderstand after learning about this.”

Xu Yi looked at her, “Then tell me, if Still really knew that I met Princess Caroline in secret, would she misunderstand”

Akali thought about it before suddenly giving a sigh.

“Alright, she wouldnt. This fellow, no matter how many women you contact, shes always assorted. She even hopes that you would find a few more women, I really dont know what shes thinking.”

“She is just thinking for me, but shes always pushing down her own feelings.” Xu Yi gave a sigh. After pausing, he said to Akali with a serious look, “Akali, you and Still are good friends, there are a few things that are easier for you to tell me. Help me tell her that I hope that she…..will be a bit more selfish in the future and think about her own feelings. She doesnt need to feel wronged just for me, alright”

Akali looked at Xu Yi in a daze for a bit with a bit of a strange expression on her face.

“I say, sir chairman, this is something that you should say to her, but you want me to say it. People that dont know whats happening would think that I was instigating you as a couple.”

“This is something Im having you say, what are you worried about” Xu Yi was surprised.

“Anyway, I wont do it. Say it yourself if you want to say it.” Akali gave a soft snort. She turned away, clearly not wanting to talk to Xu Yi anymore.

Xu Yi was a bit confused by Akalis reaction. He knitted his brows and wanted to say something, but he saw Akali suddenly raise her hand to point at the road to the north.

“Theyre here!”

Xu Yi turned to look and found that one the road to the north, there was a large amount of Magic Cars and a few rare traditional horse carriages, as well as several Magic Sedans.

The two Magic Sedans that were in the front had very bright colours which made people focus on them.

The one in front was completely red and it was quickly racing across the road, like a flame that was rolling over the land.

The Magic Sedan that was following behind it was bright yellow, sparkling in the warm early spring sunlight. As it raced across the road, it was even more eye catching than the fire red Magic Sedan.

When they first saw the Magic Sedan, it was still at least two to three meters away from the fork, but soon they were just a single step away from the fork.

Seeing that they were about to reach the fork, the fire red Magic Sedan suddenly hit the brake and stopped less than five meters away from Xu Yis Magic Sedan. It looked quite thrilling.

As for the bright yellow Magic Sedan that was following it, it clearly didnt react in time and it only stepped on the brake once it reached the fork, rolling close to a hundred meters off the road.

“Lets get out.” Xu Yi said to Akali, opening the door to the car.

The door of the fire red Magic Sedan in front opened and a face that was as beautiful as a flower, looking even more beautiful as it bathed in the sunlight, making it even more eye catching than the fire red Magic Sedan beside her came out.

It was Princess Caroline that Akali had mentioned earlier.

“Hey, dear Xu Yi, did you wait here for long” Princess Caroline waved her hand at Xu Yi with a bright smile before her expression became a bit stiff when she suddenly saw Akali who came along. Then she suddenly revealed a look of understanding, “Isnt this dear miss Akali Hey, miss Akali, do you still remember me”

Akali didnt have a good expression when she looked over her before giving a nod and giving an “un” sound, which was considered a response.

Princess Caroline acted like she couldnt see her attitude at all as she came over with a smile and said with an excited look, “Miss Akali, I remember that you mainly worked on researching magic resonance, right Your Frestech Chamber of Commerce has been promoting your magic signal tower and been building the magic communication network, you are the person in charge, right I am very interested in this, so can you please introduce this to me”

Hearing Princess Caroline ask about her specialty and in the Frestech Chamber of Commerces plan, the Drake Duchy would be an important customer for this magic communication network, Akali no longer acted as cold and started to introduce this to Princess Caroline with a nod.

Xu Yi on the side saw this and he couldnt help secretly laughing.

He was very clear that Akali acting this way to Princess Caroline was venting anger for her friend Still, saying that she was someone who just hung onto him.

However, Princess Caroline was very good at dealing with people and Akali was someone who focused on research, so how could a researcher who worked alone be her match

Xu Yi didnt disrupt them and turned to the bright red Magic Sedan that drove off the road. There was a sudden loud sound before it suddenly backed up.

However, this moved too fast and the Magic Sedan jumped out like a wild horse, charging more than ten meters out and hitting a large tree by the road, giving off a loud sound.

This sound scared Akali and Princess Caroline who had been talking. The two looked over in surprise and saw a young man tumbling out of the door of the bright yellow Magic Sedan.

Princess Caroline slightly knitted her brows and after thinking about it, she asked with a worried look, “Seymour, are you alright”

This young man whose face was a bit pale from the sudden crash was the son of the good friend of Marquis Southgate that came last time, Seymour.

“Its……Its fine……” Hearing Princess Carolines voice, Seymour, who looked like his soul had jumped out, forced down the frightened look on his face and revealed a smile that looked worse than crying.

However, when he turned back to look at the bright yellow Magic Sedan, his expression collapsed again.

“My god! I only bought this one less than a week ago! Its actually already ruined!”

Since Seymour wasnt looking at her, Princess Caroline quickly rolled her eyes before saying with a smile, “Theres no need to worry, Seymour, chairman Xu is here. Its fine if your car is ruined, you can just have him invite someone to fix it.”

“Chairman Xu” Seymour was surprised before finally reacting. He turned to look over at Xu Yi and revealed an awkward smile, “Ah, chairman Xu, youre here. Im sorry, I was just racing with Princess Caroline and didnt notice you there.”

Xu Yi knitted his brows and pointed at the countless Magic Cars, the traditional horse carriages, and the pedestrians on the sides of the road before saying in a deep voice, “Princess Caroline, your excellency Seymour, I must strictly warn you that if you want to race cars, please go to a professional race track. Whether it is in the Lampuri Kingdom or our Stantine Duchy, there are locations that you can use at any time. But the public roads are not suited for racing, its very easy for an accident to happen.”

Princess Caroline was a bit surprised before sticking her tongue out in a naughty manner. She said with a smile, “Alright, I got it. Many thanks for chairman Xus reminder.”

Seymour curled his lips and had a look of disdain, clearly not listening to Xu Yis words.

Xu Yi looked at him and was too lazy to care. He looked over at the three Magic Sedans that were coming down the road to the north.

Seymour looked at his bright yellow Magic Sedan that had its butt ruined and he felt a bit of pain in his heart. He was about to ask Xu Yi for help, but after he had been rebuked by Xu Yi, he felt a bit dissatisfied. After thinking about it, he only gave a cold snort and didnt say anything.

After a while, the three Magic Sedans also slowly stopped by the fork.

The Magic Sedan in the middle opened the back door and Marquis Southgate headed towards Xu Yi with a friendly smile.

“Chairman Xu, Im very happy to see you again.” Marquis Southgate waved his hand to Xu Yi.

“Ha, ha, being able to see the Lord Marquis again, I feel even more happy.”

Xu Yi came forward with a smile. After he waved to Marquis Southgate, his eyes fell onto the grey haired old man with a flushed face that came out of the car beside him.

This old man was wearing a deep blue magicians robe, which looked like it was made with high end materials and was made with fine craftsmanship.

But compared to his clothes, what caught peoples attention more was the ripple symbol on his chest.

If one looked carefully, one would find that it wasnt inanimate. Under the light of the sun, it gave off a wave light pattern where one could see the spray of water come out, like there really was spray from the sea.

A magician that could have this symbol on his chest was a Great Magician that had passed the Magicians Guilds Great Magician certification.

Moreover, there was another normal looking symbol beside this that demonstrated his other status.

This excellency Great Magician was actually from the Sines Continents Magicians Guild headquarters on the City in the Sky.-

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