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Magic Industry Empire Volume 5 Chapter 149 - Air supremacy

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Volume 5 Chapter 149 Air supremacy

Facts proved that compared to how the locals would react as per Leslies expectations, it was completely because of their wrong methods.

Xu Yi used his status as a merchant and used the goods like flour that the islanders needed to show his sincerity, quickly gaining the approval of the islanders. He had easily opened up a true conversation with the islanders.

The first stage of this matter went very smoothly. After contacting the villagers of this village near the coast and the villagers of villages further inland, Xu Yi had a basic understanding of this island.

It was like Leslie had expected, the residents of this island were people of the Sines Continent that had wandered over a long time ago.

According to the records of this island, they came over to this island way back when the elves still ruled the continent. Then as more people wandered over and gradually settled on this island, becoming the main group on this island.

Speaking of the main group, there were real locals on this island other than the people who came from the Sines Continent.

These locals had always lived on this island and didnt know about the Sines Continent, never leaving this island before.

Although Xu Yi was a bit doubtful of this, for the people of the island, they had all lived on this island for many years, so they werent that different.

Of course, these problems werent important for Xu Yi either.

He cared about the value of the island itself, mainly the various resources that this island had.

No matter what kind of people lived here, it didnt matter to him.

After telling Leslie that his mission was to control the island as much as possible and guaranteeing that he would give Leslie the necessary support, Xu Yi left a Magic Airship to protect the island and the surrounding seas. He also left behind the guard fleet that Leslie controlled. Xu Yi and Akalis group rode the other Magic Airship back to the Sines Continent.

The Magic Airship was naturally much faster than the guard ship and when flying at full speed, it could even reach a speed of one hundred kilometers an hour.

This island was around seven hundred kilometers away from the south coast of the Candra Empire. Xu Yis group set off from the island in the morning and could see the Sines Continent by the afternoon.

This place was very close to Yara Harbour that the Candra Empire navy opened up to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but Xu Yi didnt head there again. Rather he commanded the Magic Airship to head in the direction of the Rudson Kingdom.

The Azshara Tribes elder Undine had sent someone to send a message half a month ago. The message was that their elven town was finished and it was to invite Xu Yi to visit them.

Still was a guest in the Azshara Tribe during this time to make her film, so Xu Yi was planning on passing by on his way home to take a look.

Yara Harbour was over one thousand and five hundred kilometers away from Nissi Harbour, so even with the speed of the Magic Airship, it took them close to a day to get there.

At noon of the next day, the Magic Airship carried Xu Yis group to the harbour that was built in cooperation by the Rudson Kingdom and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. It was now the most prosperous harbour in the Rudson Kingdom and even the southern part of the Sines Continent, Nissi Harbour.

Looking down at the seventeen wharves that were filled with ships, which included three large transport Magic Ships from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, which was delivering the latest batch of goods, Xu Yi couldnt help feeling a bit of pride.

This Nissi Harbour hadnt been different from a small fishing town in the beginning. Now because of their cooperation with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and with the drive of the transport fleet, it had become one of the trade hubs between the Stantine Duchy and the Rudson Kingdom, becoming very prosperous. Nissi City that had no fame in the Rudson Kingdom had now become the most famous port city in the surrounding countries and the one who contributed the most to this was Xu Yi.

Looking down from the air, Xu Yi could see that this city was more than ten times bigger than when he saw it for the first time. It was currently filled with people and looked very prosperous, not being that inferior to Banta City.

When the Magic Airship flew over the sea, it attracted the attention of countless people.

But looking up at the Magic Airship, other than a few people, there werent that many people who were surprised.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Airship was a very famous product in the surrounding countries, it had attracted the interest of many people.

There were many people who asked the Frestech Chamber of Commerce when they would sell these Magic Airships, but they were all rejected by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce with the reason that it wasnt developed yet.

But that didnt stop people from being interested in the Magic Airships. There were many newspapers that had run reports on the Magic Airships, saying that if they could become popular like the Magic Cars, it would change everyones lives and the situation in the surrounding countries.

Xu Yi was very clear on the meaning of those words because even the Rudson Kingdoms King Teruc had asked Xu Yi about the Magic Airships many times, hoping that he could order a few ahead of time.

He was worried about a simple thing, air superiority.

In the history of the Sines Continent, the only ones that could fly in the sky were the powerful magicians and the elves with their powerful Magic Battleships.

Every country had magicians and the battleships had disappeared after the elves had been defeated.

In the war between countries on the Sines Continent, air superiority didnt have a meaning because this completely depended on the number of magicians invested by either side.

But with countries of the same scale having magicians at the same level of power and that there werent many magicians, it was hard to affect the situations of war. When speaking of air superiority, it was something that had no meaning.

But with the appearance of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Airships, the surrounding countries took this matter seriously.

It was different from magicians, according to what the Frestech Chamber of Commerce said, they would be able to mass produce Magic Airships once they finished developing them!

What concept was mass production

This meant that as long as you had money, you could buy the Magic Airships that could take you into the skies!

According to information from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, this Magic Airship could be installed with Magic Cannons, Magic Rockets, and other long distance military magic machines.

To put it simply, the Magic Airships could be used as an air fortress.

Perhaps it wasnt as flexible as magicians and it wouldnt be as strong as Great Magicians or Arch Magi, but when it was compared to normal magicians, it was definitely much stronger. Then when compared to Great Magicians and Arch Magi, they clearly had the advantage in numbers.

Not to mention that even if you lost a Magic Airship, you could buy another one. If you lost a Great Magician or an Arch Magus, you wouldnt be able to make up for that loss.

Just for the Rudson Kingdom, they only currently had seven Great Magicians, they didnt even have an Arch Magus. How could they compare to the endless supply of Magic Airships

Once they controlled air superiority, these armies of these countries wouldnt be able to hit these high altitude targets. The Magic Airships would be considered invincible!

So the newspapers saying that the Magic Airships could change the situation in the surrounding countries wasnt exaggerated at all.

Xu Yi could imagine that once the Frestech Chamber of Commerce announced that they could mass produce the Magic Airships, how much of a shock that would cause.

“If King Teruc knew that I was planning on giving the Lampuri Kingdom a hundred Magic Airships ahead of time, what would he think”

Xu Yi looked at the people looking up. If he knew that there was something that was flying over his head that he couldnt fight and had a terrifying might, he would definitely be unsettled as well.

So it could be seen that King Teruc had to do something.

When he thought about the possible response from King Teruc, the Magic Airship shook. It landed on the deck of one of the transport Magic Ships that was currently docked.

When the cabin door opened, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces transport fleet commander Narvil walked in.

Seeing that Xu Yi was coming out, Narvil was surprised.

“Sir chairman, why are you here I thought that this was a fixed voyage and it was here to resupply.”

“It is resupplying since the Magic Crystals on the airship are almost gone, go and arrange this.” Xu Yi gave the order.

“Un.” Narvil turned to give an order to his subordinate who quickly ran off to arrange this.

Xu Yi looked at the surrounding people and waved his hand to have them return to work. Then he asked Narvil, “How are the profits this time”

Narvil replied with a smile, “Reporting to sir chairman, this trip went very smoothly. We had goods valued at seven hundred thousand gold coins when we left the company and it was all bought the first day we arrived. And then as per your instructions, these three ships were filled with zinc ores, which cost us three hundred thousand gold coins. With this trip, we earned four hundred thousand gold coins.”

“Un, not bad.” Xu Yi gave a nod of praise, “But Narvil, these good days wont last long. According to the information we received, the Rudson Kingdoms demand for household magic machines is becoming saturated, it will be hard to sell out everything in the future. When the profits drop, you will have to prepare yourself.”

Narvils expression changed slightly, “What do we do Sir chairman, this trade route has just become mature and it wont work soon, this is just too quick.”

“I was just telling you the trend, it doesnt mean itll be saturated right away. But this matter will definitely happen, so we need to think of a solution ahead of time.”

Narvil knitted his brows to think for a while. He looked at Xu Yi before his eyes suddenly lit up, “Sir chairman, you must have a solution, right”

Xu Yi laughed, “Of course, otherwise why would I say all these things for”

“Then…..What is the solution”

“Its very simple, head east.”-

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