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Seven Magic Sedans of different colours came in a row, quickly driving across the road to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces Stantine Duchy main base.

Even in the Stantine Duchy where Magic Sedans came from, Magic Sedans werent that popular because of their high prices. So when a motorcade with seven different coloured Magic Sedans came through, it attracted everyones attention.

But when people noticed the plates at the back of the seven Magic Sedans, they felt it was very strange.

Because these seven Magic Sedans came from the Drake Duchy that was over a thousand kilometers from here.

If it was said that normal families in the surrounding countries now had enough funds to buy a Magic Sedan, those that could buy seven Magic Sedans would either be rich merchants or rich nobles.

These seven Magic Sedans from the Drake Duchy, didnt that mean that the people inside were important people from the Drake Duchy

It should be said that their guesses werent wrong, but they also werent right.

These seven Magic Sedans did have someone important from the Drake Duchy, but also important people not from the Drake Duchy.

Marquis Southgate looked over the scene outside the Magic Sedan before saying with a sigh to Princess Caroline, “Your highness, when you described the Stantine Duchy before, I thought you were exaggerating, but after seeing these astonishing things with my own eyes, I feel that you werent exaggerating and were being too conservative. I must admit that the Stantien Duchy is different from any other country on the Sines Continent that I have seen. Other than Banta City that we passed by three days ago, there might not be a single place on the continent that can compare to here.”

Princess Caroline revealed a beautiful smile as she said with a smile, “Of course, Banta City is where the Frestech Chamber of Commerce came from. Being able to become like that is all because of the influence of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, or rather Xu Yi. As for the place that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce took root in and developed for five years, naturally it would be influenced even more by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and Xu Yi.”

Marquis Southgate looked around again before giving another sigh, “To be honest, I dont even know what Im looking at. For example, those tall towers in the distance, I dont know what use they have, but Im certain that it must be some astonishing invention from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce that can bring great benefits to peoples lives.”

“The Frestech Chamber of Commerces surprises dont just end here.” Princess Caroline revealed a smile. She followed Marquis Southgates gaze and seeing the tall iron tower in the distance, she couldnt help being surprised, “Yi What is that tower for”

Marquis Southgate asked in a surprised voice, “What Even your highness doesnt know what its for”

Princess Caroline shook her head with a confused look.

“I dont know. I havent seen this thing before, it should be a new invention of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. That fellow Xu Yis brain is always filled with strange ideas and he had many subordinates who are wildly researching, so for there to be an invention that I dont know about isnt that strange.”

“Un……” Marquis Southgate gave a nod before looking back at that iron tower. He turned to the side and looked at the scenery around the path.

A month ago, Marquis Southgate and Princess Caroline accidentally met in Filios City. Marquis Southgate revealed his status to Princess Caroline and was warmly welcomed by her.

When Marquis Southgate stated that he wanted to learn more about the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and their magic machines, Princess Caroline made a suggestion. She asked him to come to the Stantine Duchy with her and see what the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was like for himself.

Marquis Southgate happily agreed to this suggestion. After some arrangements, he brought Seymour and his followers to head to the Stantine Duchy with Princess Caroline.

On the way, other than Princess Caroline telling Marquis Southgate all about the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he also saw all kinds of new and strange things which made Marquis Southgate even more interested in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Whether it was the various agricultural magic machines, the mining magic machines that were stronger than normal people, or seeing all the household magic machines in the Lampuri Kingdom, it all proved to Marquis Southgate that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had influence all over the Lampuri Kingdom, as well as the benefits of the magic machines.

Their group had stayed in Banta City for three days.

Because Banta City was where the Frestech Chamber of Commerce came from, even now, Banta City was the city that was influenced by them the deepest.

After staying in Banta City for three days, Marquis Southgate checked many places in secret and had a deeper understanding of the change the Frestech Chamber of Commerce brought to Banta City. At the same time, he couldnt help praising the Frestech Chamber of Commerce more.

After entering the Stantine Duchy, Marquis Southgate even felt that he had entered another world.

If it was said that there was still a trace of the traditional city style in Banta City, the Stantine Duchy that was empty like a blank piece of paper, after being influenced by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had turned into a new world different from any other place on the continent.

Although it was only his first day here, Marquis Southgate could deeply tell that this new world was better than any traditional city on the Sines Continent no matter how he looked at it.

Not mentioning anything else, just being able to enjoy clean water everywhere puts most of the cities on the continent to shame.

This was something even the capital city of the Marlow Empire, Angelo City couldnt compare to.

Although as a Lord Marquis, Marquis Southgate didnt need to worry about having clean water in his manor, as a marquis that cared about the lives of the citizens, he deeply understood how hard it was for them to get clean water.

The Stantine Duchy solved this problem for its citizens with the water system, to Marquis Southgate, this was an incomparably good matter.

Comparing it, the various benefits the household magic machines brought to people couldnt compare.

Other than this, what Marquis Southgate found the most important was the road they were currently traveling on.

When he first rode the rented Magic Sedan on the roads of the Drake Duchy, he was certain that these roads would have a large impact on the transportation situation of the entire country. This was something with a very important strategic significance.

Although the roads were built by the Amrit Chamber of Commerce, Marquis Southgate learned through various channels that the materials and magic machines required to pave roads came from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

This meant that the two things he cared about the most were closely related to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

This was the main reason why he decided to come to the Stantine Duchy and personally see the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

“Lord Marquis, if nothing unexpected happens, well be able to see Xu Yi in just two hours. Have you thought about what you want to ask him” Princess Caroline suddenly asked.

Marquis Southgate was silent for a bit before saying with a faint smile, “I want to ask him many things. If possible, I want to stay here for some time and discuss many things with chairman Xu. Your highness, I hope you can help me with this.”

Princess Caroline revealed a smile, “Be assured, once that fellow Xu Yi learns of your status, he will go crazy with happiness. Without you saying anything, he will want to discuss with you as much as possible. Anyway, I have to remind you that that fellow is very sly, you shouldnt be cheated by him.”

Marquis Southgate revealed a smile as he looked at Princess Caroline. He couldnt help asking, “Your highness, you and chairman Xu…..seem close”

A blush came over Princess Carolines face as she replied with a faint smile, “If it wasnt for that fact that I met him after his wife, I definitely would do everything to become his wife. Its a pity that I met him later and he insists on being a man of principle, not giving me a chance at all. But…..I do like that about him.”

“Oh” Marquis Southgate was a bit surprised, “Your highness, you are this beautiful, chairman Xu actually isnt moved by you”

Princess Caroline gave a helpless shrug, “Although I wont submit, I have to admit that his wife isnt worse than me at all.”

“Is that so” Marquis Southgate thought for a bit before saying with a smile, “That means that using beauties to entice chairman Xu might not be useful”

“That isnt certain.” Princess Caroline shook her head, “That fellow has three beautiful slaves and has already taken two to his bedroom. Moreover, according to what I know, he took in two more maids and married a beautiful elf girl, so if you say that he isnt enticed by beauty at all…..that isnt certain.”

“Elf girl” Marquis Southgate really was surprised, “Is that true He actually married an elf girl How is that possible!”

“That is the biggest thing that happened in the surrounding countries last year, you havent heard of this before” Princess Caroline asked.

“No…..I mainly asked about magic machines before, I didnt care about chairman Xus personal life.”

“Un……I actually feel that Xu Yi is more worth paying attention to compared to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce being able to become such a company is completely because of Xu Yi. Based on what I can see, he is more important than the entire Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

Seeing the complicated look on Princess Carolines face that didnt have any doubt though, Marquis Southgate fell into thought before revealing a serious look.

“Then…..your highness, before I meet chairman Xu, can you tell me a bit more about chairman Xu”

Princess Caroline revealed a faint smile, “Alright. Un……Ill start from his personality. According to my understanding of him, although he always calls himself a merchant, he is a fellow very much with his own ideals…..”-

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