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As summer came, the weather gradually became warmer.

It was different from before, once this years May came, everyone was already rushing to buy the Frestech Brand Magic Fans and Magic Air Conditioners.

Because after the experience the previous years, they knew that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces production was limited. The Magic Fans and Magic Air Conditioners produced each year couldnt keep up to the demands of the market, so if they went late, it was likely they wouldnt be able to buy it at all.

Moreover, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was promoting the new generation of Magic Fans and Magic Air Conditioners. It naturally aroused the attention of everyone and they needed to strike first.

According to the advertisement the Frestech Chamber of Commerce sent in all the major newspapers, the new generation of Magic Fans would be using the Wind Magic Engine technology, which would make the breeze even stronger. It would be working with Water Magic Arrays to bring a chill to the wind blown out by the Magic Fan, making it cooler and feel more comfortable.

Other than this, the new generation Magic Fan would have a stronger breeze because the Magic Array inside would become stronger. It would increase the efficiency of the Magic Array and decrease the energy consumption.

The Magic Fan before could last on a high concentration Magic Crystal for three days and the new Magic Fans could last for four days.

Although this was only an increase of a single day, when it was accumulated, one could save quite a bit in their monthly expenses.

The new Magic Fan and the Magic Air Conditioner had increased in the same areas, they were all focused on strength and energy consumption.

Moreover, the Magic Air Conditioner was even higher than the Magic Fan, so the energy savings on the new Magic Air Conditioners were more visible.

According to a small calculation by the «Banta Times», it proved that if one was using the Magic Air Conditioner for around eight hours a day, in a single month, they would be able to save three standardized high concentration Magic Crystals.

With the current pricing of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces high concentration Magic Crystals, saving three high concentration Magic Crystals would mean saving on thirty silver coins.

“This isnt much, right” Still knitted her brows as she read the Magic Air Conditioner report in the «Banta Times» and she couldnt help shaking her head, “Its just thirty silver coins and thats for a whole month. For someone that can afford to pay thirty gold coins for a Magic Air Conditioner, they wouldnt care about this at all.”

Xu Yi laughed before shaking his head, “Still, you are someone who doesnt know hunger. Thirty silver coins per month isnt a lot Did you forget that most people in this world cant even eat their fill”

Still snappily looked at Xu Yi, “How could they afford a Magic Air Conditioner if they cant eat their fill The people who can afford Magic Air Conditioners, would they care about a trivial thirty silver coins a month”

“The first half is right, but the second half is completely wrong.” Xu Yi said with a laugh, “In this world, there are many people who are less willing to spend the more money they have. For example, take our dear Great Magician Telucci. If he could save thirty silver coins a month, he would definitely be very happy.”

Still gave a laugh, “Hei, Xu Yi, if Great Magician Telucci were to hear this, he would definitely be angry.”

“Relax, he would be happy hearing this because he is that kind of person.” Xu Yi gave a shrug, “Also, youve neglected another problem. Still, its just a Magic Air Conditioner that can save you thirty silver coins a month. If you add in Magic Fan, that would be forty silver coins a month. Then if you add in the Magic Stove, the Magic Rice Cooker, the Magic Bread Maker, the Magic Lamp…..and all the other household magic machines that a family uses, dont you think that the money they would save would be a decent amount each month”

“But who has that many household magic machines in their house…..” Still suddenly stopped.

She looked at Xu Yi and suddenly realized that Xu Yi was completely right.

After developing in the past few years, the concept of household magic machines had already deeply rooted itself in the hearts of the people of the surrounding countries.

As long as a family was doing decently well, they would buy household magic machines and gradually get more and more kinds of household magic machines until they had a complete set in their home.

Because once they used the household magic machines, they would realize the benefits they brought. Naturally they would want to buy more household magic machines and make their lives much more comfortable.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces household magic machine departments profit kept increasing over the years, swelling with each passing year. It was all because of the new concept magic room that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce showed everyone being accepted by them.

To enjoy the benefits of these household magic machines, one had to pay the corresponding price.

Now only did you have to spend quite a few gold coins to buy these household magic machines, when you were using them, you also had to pay for the Magic Crystals that were used to power these household magic machines.

The Lampuri Kingdoms newspapers had conducted a report on this before. It showed that if a family has all the household magic machines currently on the market, in a normal situation, they would be using sixty to eighty pieces of high concentration Magic Crystals each month.

With the Frestech Chamber of Commerces pricing for these Magic Crystals, that would be six to eight gold coins per month.

So these reports had drawn a conclusion.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces new concept magic room were without a doubt very solid, but one had to consume a certain amount of energy to enjoy this new method of convenient living.

Although this view was refuted by many newspapers that even without using household machine machines, there were also many household consumption that one regularly had.

For example, the traditional way required firewood or coal and it would take quite a long time, so the amount of material consumed wouldnt be small. Comparing it, it was better to use household magic machines since it was cheaper.

But because the consumption of the traditional method was hard to quantify and that it was very easy to quantify the consumption of household magic machines, even giving a precise digit, it was clear that household magic machines had a higher consumption.

Of course, this did not hinder the sale of the household magic machines.

No matter what the consumption was, the improvement to daily life the household magic machine brought could easily be seen. No one was willing to live the same way as before.

But if the consumption was lowered, naturally it would be very welcome.

Think about it, just a Magic Air Conditioner saved thirty silver coins a month. If all the household magic machines were added together, the overall consumption that could be saved in a month, wouldnt that be one or two gold coins

In a single year, that might be ten or even twenty gold coins!

It had to be known, just six or seven years ago, whether it was the Lampuri Kingdom or the Stantine Duchy, the yearly income of most families would only be just over ten gold coins.

Thinking of this, Still suddenly understood Xu Yis idea.

“Un…..That is right. For normal families, being able to save a bit each month is very necessary.” Still nodded. After thinking for a bit, she asked, “But Xu Yi, arent you working hard to standardized household magic machines Now that the other companies are finally using the Frestech Chamber of Commerces standardized Magic Crystals, if you raise the slogan of saving energy at this time, wouldnt it affect the high concentration Magic Crystal sales

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “This was my goal to begin with.”

“Oh Why” Still was confused as she looked at Xu Yi.

Xu Yi had placed great importance on the Magic Crystal refining technology and had always promoted standardizing the magic machines energy source.

To Still, this was clearly laying the foundation to let the Frestech Chamber of Commerce sell high concentration Magic Crystals.

But now it seemed like Xu Yi wanted to reduce the sales of the high concentration Magic Crystals, what reason did he have

Xu Yi was silent for a bit, not knowing how to reply to Still.

The idea of lowering energy consumption was deeply rooted in the mind of a person like Xu Yi who transmigrated from earth. Since he started researching magic machines, he already had this idea.

Just like how the most popular energy source on earth, fossil fuels were limited, even if the Magic Crystals were found everywhere on the Sines Continent and not worth anything, they were still limited in the end.

If they didnt know how to save on consumption, the Magic Crystals would run out one day.

Even if with the current stock of Magic Crystals on the Sines Continent, that day would take at least a thousand years to come, Xu Yi wanted to build this principle on the continent from the beginning.

Of course, this was based on considering for the long term.

The reason for this was the old problem of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, their lack of production capacities.

Only the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could refine high concentration Magic Crystals right now. Because of how important this was right now, Xu Yi didnt plan on transferring this technology in the short term.

It could be seen that for a long time, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had to take the task of supplying high concentration Magic Crystals for the magic machines.

Even if Xu Yi placed importance on this, before the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could increase their high concentration Magic Crystal production, they were far from being able to match the increasing demand for high concentration Magic Crystals.

According to the data from the magic research facility, if this trend continued, it would take three years before the Frestech Chamber of Commerces production wouldnt be able to match the market demand.

If this situation really happened, the consequences would be serious. Not only would it affect the sales of the household magic machines, it would nullify the energy standardization that Xu Yi had worked hard to promote.

Without high concentration Magic Crystals, many companies would definitely no longer support this standard.

Xu Yis solution for this issue was divided into two parts.

One was to strengthen the research into high concentration Magic Crystals, finding a way to increase their production capacity and the energy usage of the high concentration Magic Crystals.

The other was the brand new concept that he wanted to send to everyone with the new Magic Fan and Magic Air Conditioner.

Which was conserving energy.-

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