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Magic Industry Empire Volume 5 Chapter 111 - Another world

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The Magic Sedan had just crossed the border between the Rudson Kingdom and the Stantine Duchy, heading down the road through the Slight Dream Forest. Russell found that there were countless thick and tall trees gathered around him, like steel pillars that reached the sky.

At the peak of these circular steel pillars, there was a faint blue glow that was releasing a giant illusion.

Although it was an illusion, because of the rich colours and realism, it looked no different from reality.

As for the contents of the illusion, even if he was far away, because of how big the illusion was, he could still clearly see it.

First it showed a bustling street filled with pedestrians and there were Magic Cars driving all along the road, stopping from time to time because of the four way traffic lights.

There were different kinds of Magic Lamps at the various shops on both sides, just like the people on the streets. There were humans, elves, beastmen, dwarves, and other races walking around, making the street very busy.

There were also various goods sold in the stores as well as various household magic machines. This street was like any other street in any other city of the Sines Continent.

If they had to compare it, this street simply looked like another world.

There was a change in the scene of the illusion. It focused on an elf girl walking along the street and she was talking to a human girl walking along with her.

As if they could feel the scene on them, the elven girl suddenly turned her head and revealed a beautiful smile. She also raised the Magic Stove in her hand and said in a delightful voice, “Frestech Brand Magic Stove, the helper you need to make food.”

The human girl beside her also turned with a Magic Rice Cooker in her hand and said with a smile, “Use it with the Frestech Brand Magic Rice Cooker.”

The two girls both revealed smiles after saying this. With these two beautiful girls from two different races coming together, it made the illusion filled with beauty and youth.

The scene changed, going to a shop that was currently being renovated.

A human and a beastmen were sweating from the hard work they were doing, looking like they were burning up.

When the scene focused on them, a young human man wearing the uniform of the shop came out with a small Magic Fan and placed it not far away from the two of them, turning on the switch.

There was a cool breeze that came from the Magic Fan which made the two of them reveal refreshed looks.

The beastman worker laughed, “Frestech Brand Magic Fan, its just this strong!”

The scene changed again……


The scene kept changing and no matter what scene it was, it was related to the Frestech Brand household magic machines.

After seeing these illusions, even people who didnt know anything about the Frestech Brand household magic machines would have a deep impression of it and some understanding.

Russell didnt care about the Frestech Chamber of Commerces household magic machines at first, but after seeing these scenes, he couldnt help being surprised.

But comparing it, what he cared more about was the illusion itself.

“Such a large illusion, how is it made” As the Magic Sedan kept going down, finally entering the Slight Dream Forest and the illusions disappeared, Russell couldnt help asking ambassador Hakanin beside him.

“Its an illusion made by the Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Illusion Projector. Sir Russell, what you saw was their newest advertisement for the household magic machines. It was made for people who dont know about household magic machines.”

Ambassador Hakanin came here frequently and adding in his cooperation with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce when it came to household magic machines, he had a clear understanding.

“Magic Illusion Projector Illusions” Russell muttered, “These things really are amazing, it can project such a clear illusion of what the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wants to show.” After pausing, he asked, “Can this thing be bought”

“It can, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce started selling this thing a long time ago, but because it is too expensive and there isnt much to watch, it doesnt seem to be selling well.” After saying this, ambassador Hakanin had a strange look on his face, “Speaking of this…..It should be the Frestech Chamber of Commerces only failed new product No matter what product the Frestech Chamber of Commerce released before, it would always sell out.”

“Is that so” Russell couldnt help raising a brow.

If it really was as ambassador Hakanin said, that all of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces new products all sold well, it really was amazing.

But thinking about his own reason for this trip, Russell had to admit that the magic machines of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had a charm that people indeed couldnt resist.

Otherwise, how could he come all the way from the Candra Empire to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to negotiate with them

The Magic Sedan Russell and ambassador Hakanin road flew across this smooth road and it didnt take long before they drove out of the Slight Dream Forest.

A city that couldnt be seen anywhere else on the continent appeared at the end of the road.

Even if it was his second time seeing this city, Russell was still shocked when he saw it.

It had only been a year since his last time here, but this small city had greatly changed.

Not only did it become bigger, to the point where it couldnt be called a “small city” anymore, there were many more tall buildings and many more roads running through it.

There were countless Magic Cars driving across those roads, entering and exiting the city, making it seem even more lively.

After driving into the city, the city seemed even more different than the other cities on the continent.

For example, each street in this city was incomparably wide. They were at least twenty meters wide at the narrowest. There were also pedestrian sidewalks on the sides parallel to the streets, looking very neat.

Also for example, at every fifty meters on each street of the city was a green plastic trash bin that was filled with the style of the elves. If pedestrians had any trash, they could just throw them into the bins.

This made the streets exceptionally clean, not as messy as the streets of the other cities.

Also for example, the various streets on the sides of the stores and the various different races of the people in the streets. It enabled all kinds of clothing and all kinds of different products to complement the liveliness of this city.

For example……


Russell looked around from the Magic Sedan. Although he felt that he couldnt adapt this style, he had to admit that this city was filled with a shocking attraction from inside to outside.

Compared to this city, all the other cities on the continent all seemed like they were backwards.

Even the Candra Empires capital Wimbledon City, which was known as the most prosperous city on the continent. Compared to this city, it even paled slightly in comparison.

“Its no wonder people say that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce is like a company from another world. Seeing this city, it really does feel like another world.” Russell couldnt help saying in an emotional voice.

“Is that so” Ambassador Hakanin looked at Russell in surprise before giving a shrug, “I dont think its that exaggerated. But Ive been with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce for a long time and Im already used to it. But that is right, when I go back to Wimbledon City each time, I feel like I cant adapt because everything in Wimbledon City…..Ke, seems backwards. Look, there isnt even running water in Wimbledon City, its just too inconvenient! Also theres no street lights at night, so theres no meaning when you go out. Also……”

Hearing ambassador Hakanin complaining about Wimbledon City, Russell was silent.

He had to admit that ambassador Hakanins various complaints about Wimbledon City did exist and that it was inconvenient.

But before this, all the cities on the continent were like this. Wimbledon was already considered the most prosperous city on the continent and there were many parts that were above the other cities.

But with the appearance of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, because of the city they made, Wimbledon City had appeared inferior.

“Perhaps……Wimbledon City…..No, the entire Candra Empire must face the reality that the times are changing.” Russell slowly looked up at the Frestech Chamber of Commerces sign that kept appearing on both sides of the street as he gave a sigh in his heart.

The Magic Sedan passed several more streets and it came to the building where Russell met Xu Yi last time.

But after getting out of the Magic Sedan, there wasnt the Magic Airship waiting for Russell. There was only a young girl in the uniform of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce waiting for him.

Compared to last time, the reception this time was much more lacking.

But Russell didnt mind at all.

Last time it was the Frestech Chamber of Commerce contacting the Candra Empire, but this time it was Russell representing the Candra Empire that wanted to negotiate with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

With the change in initiative, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce adopting this stance was natural.

“Is chairman Xu still meeting me on the roof” Looking up at the building that was over twenty meters tall, Russell had a bit of worry in his heart as he asked this.

If it was the roof and he had to take the stairs, it really would waste too much energy.

“Yes, please come with me.” The young lady revealed a sweet smile as her words crushed the hopes in Russells heart.

But when she brought him in, they didnt go to the stairs and went to the corner where there was a pair of doors that were closed, “Sir Russell, please take the Magic Elevator up.”

“Magic Elevator” Russell was stunned. The metal doors in front of him opened and there was a small space that was revealed.

The young miss invited him in and after Russell paused for a second, he braced himself as he went in.

The young miss and ambassador Hakanin confidently went in which made him feel assured.

After a while, the doors closed. Russell felt a slight jolt and then the metal floor under him began to rise.

After feeling a bit dizzy from the sudden start and stop, Russell revealed a faint smile and shook his head.

This Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it really did have all kinds of strange things.-

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