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Xu Yi curled his lips, looking at him like he was causing a big fuss.

“What is there to be surprised about One of grandfathers hobbies has always been racing, didnt you know”

Chairman Cruise shook his head in surprise. Looking at the tiger girl who was interviewing Arch Magus Camilla on the light screen, he still found it a bit inconceivable.

This was an Arch Magus!

Not to mention the Lampuri Kingdom and the surrounding small kingdom, even in the Candra Empire or the Marlow Empire, an Arch Magus was one of the few at the very top.

This important person that everyone imagined to be aloof, should have been someone who was like a god.

But what was he seeing now

The silver haired and energetic Arch Magus Camilla was sitting in the drivers seat of the pure white Magic Sedan. He was casually doing the interview while proficiently fiddling with the wheel, looking like a veteran.


Although chairman Cruise had heard Xu Yi mention before that Arch Magus Camilla liked driving cars, he never linked racing with Arch Magic Camilla.

Even if he was seeing him sitting in that clearly modified Magic Car, he still was unable to accept this.

“Alright, if youre surprised now, youll be shocked to death later.” Xu Yi patted chairman Cruises shoulder with a smile, telling him to calm down.

Chairman Cruise looked at Xu Yi. He thought, was there something that would be even more shocking that Arch Magus Camilla appearing

Xu Yi smiled without saying a thing. He pointed at the light screen in the middle and had him wait patiently.

Chairman Cruise could only look at the light screen in confusion while looking around the field, seeing if there was anything special around.

However, other than a few Magic Sedans racing at high speeds, there wasnt anything else special.

After a while, the Magic Sedans that had been racing along the track all stopped and lined up in front of the starting line.

There was a flash on the light screen and the tiger girl appeared once again.

“Hello everyone, as you can see from the screen, all the cars are lined up for the race. The race is about to begin…..”

Chairman Cruise suddenly turned to ask Xu Yi, “Who is she saying this for There are only a few audience members here, so everyone can see it.”

“Oh, she is doing this for practice because according to my plan, this competition will be broadcast to audiences outside the venue and even audiences in other cities. So she needs to develop this habit, so theres no need to correct it in the future.”

“Un How will you sync the broad cast” Chairman Cruise was even more confused.

Xu Yi smiled without explaining anything.

If you wanted to solve this problem, they had to advance the magic resonance technology. With the magic wave signal transmission network, there would be many other things developed by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so it was too troublesome to explain.

Moreover, even if chairman Cruise was an ally, there was no need to disclose these secrets to the Amrit Chamber of Commerce who was unrelated to them.

Seeing that Xu Yi wasnt answering, chairman Cruise gave a nod and stopped asking.

The host on the screen continued her opening speech and once that was over, she began introducing the competitors.

“Now lets introduce the races to everyone. First is the racer closest to the inner circle, this driver is one that everyone is very familiar with, it is the most respected, his excellency Arch Magus Camilla.”

The image on the light screen changed and Arch Magus Camilla appeared who waved at the light screen with a smile on his face.

When Xu Yi saw this, he couldnt help smiling.

When the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had first taken out the Magic Illusion Camera in front of Arch Magus Camilla, wanting him to film an advertisement, Arch Magus Camilla had been very against it.

Now that two months had passed, he could already easily pose in front of the camera.

“Next, well look at the driver to the right of Arch Magus Camilla……”

The image in the light screen changed again and what appeared was a beautiful young girl with sharp ears.

“Yi Its actually an elf” Chairman Cruise was stunned as he couldnt help shouting out, “Is there a mistake, even the elves like racing cars This is too strange……”

Xu Yi laughed. This elf not only liked racing cars, she was simply wild about it.

He always thought that Arch Magus Camilla liked racing cars very much, but seeing how wildly in love with racing elder Lisanya was, he felt that Arch Magus Camilla could only back down.

“This racer is elder Lisanya from the Stantine Duchys Moon Shadow Tribe. Although this is elder Lisanyas first time participating in the race, it is said that she frequently races against Arch Magus Camilla and they have a tied record. So one can tell that elder Lisany must also be skilled at racing.”

Elder Lisanya on the light screen revealed a faint smile, showing the unique elegance of the elves. Along with her beautiful face, people couldnt connect her to the intense sport of racing at all.

The light screen moved to the third position who was the representative Prince Frank sent. It was the skinny boy that Xu Yi met before who was called Harvey Candy.

He had a serious expression as he appeared, looking straight forward. He looked a bit nervous, but he was also spirited.

Xu Yi shook his head with a faint smile. Its good that this fellow was confident, but when the race began, it would be good if he wasnt scared by Arch Magus Camilla and elder Lisanya.

The fourth to ninth drivers were all juniors of nobles from Banta City, which included Baron Belil.

These fellows were the main forces for this race, the reason Xu Yi was holding this was mainly because of these fellows.

If it wasnt for the special circumstances of the race, Xu Yi would want them to make up all the races.

The tenth racer was even more unexpected, it was actually a beastman.

This was a wolf man, who came from the Voller Tribe.

The Voller Tribe had their living conditions greatly increased since working with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. This wolf man was a close relative of chief Voller, he had received more benefits, and was very interested in the Magic Sedans, so he was chosen for this race.

The eleventh driver after this wolf man was even more shocking, it was actually a dwarf!

Everyone knew that dwarves were much shorter than humans, so this Magic Sedan had to be configured to his stature to allow him to drive it freely.

Xu Yi had watched Camby and the other dwarf engineers do their best to modify this Magic Sedan. According to what they said, this Magic Sedan not only carried their dignity as Magic Mechanical Engineers, it also carried the hope of all dwarves.

If this Magic Sedan couldnt get a good position in the race, it would bring shame to them.

Seeing the dwarf sitting in the car with a serious expression, Xu Yi couldnt help smiling.

Cambys group of fellows, didnt they know that doing this would put great pressure on him

Chairman Cruise on the side was already stunned watching this.

What was going on with this race

Just Arch Magus Camilla coming here was already shocking enough, but then there were beastmen and dwarves that came too! The most exaggerated thing was that there was even an elf elder!

Other than the halflings that had just come back from being legends, in this small competition, all the races on the continent had been brought out!

After introducing the dwarf driver, all the races had been introduced.

There were a total of eleven cars, a total of eleven racers.

This was the lineup of this current race.

After all, Magic Sedans hadnt been popularized in this world, so there werent many people qualified to participate.

After a while, the tiger girl announced that everything was prepared and the competition was starting.

After a while, there was a countdown from ten that appeared on the light screen.

“10, 9, 8…..3, 2, 1!”

There was a large “start” that appeared on the light screen and the eleven Magic Sedans on the track roared out at the same time.

Xu Yis eyes suddenly focused.

These Magic Sedans all used the Fire Magic Engine because the Wind Magic Engine had inherent limitations.

But when he heard the giant roar of the Fire Magic Engines, he suddenly thought of a question.

In order to pursue speed, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces research was focused on the Fire Magic Engines, causing the research of the Wind Magic Engines to come to a stop.

But when thinking about it, while the Fire Magic Engine had an advantage when it came to speed, it consumed several times more energy compared to the Wind Magic Engine.

Moreover, the specialty of the Fire Magic Engine was power, so the Magic Sedans using the Fire Magic Engines were much louder compared to those that used the Wind Magic Engine.

So the Wind Magic Engine also had its advantages. Not to mention that if the Wind Magic Engine was developed more, there was the chance to continue increasing its speed.

For most normal people, they didnt need to drive that fast. Being able to reach a hundred to a hundred fifty kilometers an hour was more than enough.

According to Xu Yis calculations of the Wind Magic Engine, this was a number that could be reached.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi found that there was a problem with his development plan for the magic engines.

There was no problem researching the Fire Magic Engine in depth because this was not only used in the Magic Sedan, it was also used in the Magic Ship, the Magic Airships, and all various kinds of Magic Cars, but he also couldnt ignore the development of the Wind Magic Engine.

Perhaps the Wind Magic Engine would be limited in other fields, but for common use, there were plenty of possibilities…..-

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