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According to the schedule, two days after the Banta City bicycle race, the Frestech Bicycle Circuit Banta Race would officially begin.

This first leg of the competition would represent the officially beginning of this years Frestech Bicycle Circuit.

Because the champion last year had won eight four thousand gold coins, many more people paid attention to the Frestech Bicycle Circuit this year.

The Frestech Bicycle Circuit Banta Race took a week to finish and all the various newspapers of the Lampuri Kingdom and the surrounding kingdom had all published many articles about this sports event.

Because of these articles, the bicycle companies that hosted this race received a lot of exposure and their bicycles had received even more recognition.

When the race was over, a racer from the Anjit Chamber of Commerce had taken the victory and received a prize of five thousand gold coins. It took half a month before the craze about bicycles had begun to weaken.

But during this half a month, with the wild craze, all the bicycles from the companies related to this competition had seen a large increase in sales.

Not mentioning the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, of the other seven companies that participated, the biggest increase was the Anjit Chamber of Commerce which had sold over seven thousand and six hundred units in just half a month. Compared to their sales from last month, this was an increase of over 300%!

The other bicycle companies had also experienced various degrees of increase. The lowest was over 50% and the highest was close to 200%.

Compared to this, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces bicycle sales increased the least. It had only increased by 17% compared to last month.

But this 17% was much more of an increase in terms of concrete numbers compared to the Anjit Chamber of Commerce.

Because the Frestech Chamber of Commerce sold thirty eight thousand and four hundred units last month. An increase of 17% was over six thousand and five hundred units.

In the end, in the bicycle business, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was a giant that the other companies couldnt match.

But with the current situation, the other companies had experienced good growth with Xu Yis support and the various forms of advertisement.

If they were given time, there might be a day they would catch up to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

This was something that many people, especially many merchants didnt understand about Xu Yi.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt need to do this and they could monopolize the market, making much more money for themselves. Why did they spend money and effort to help their competitors

Wasnt Xu Yi worried that another company would surpass the Frestech Chamber of Commerce one day They would take away their market and cause the Frestechg Chamber of Commerce to decline

Even if it was a joke now to say that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would fall, this worry was necessary.

Among the people, chairman Cruise was the one who felt this the most.

Since he met the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and met Xu Yi, Xu Yi had done countless thing that people couldnt understand.

Chairman Cruise had asked Xu Yi about this countless times, but Xu Yi had never given him a direct answer.

So when he saw Xu Yi doing things like this, chairman Cruise couldnt help even more doubtful.

Even if he had become numb to it the more he saw it, he would still complain to Xu Yi about this a bit in private.

For example, today.

“Hey, Xu Yi, seeing the sales of the Anjit Chamber of Commerce, arent you worried” Chairman Cruise sat down by Xu Yi and watched the scene in front of him, casually asking Xu Yi this.

He and Xu Yi were currently in the Magic Car race track that had been built outside Banta City half a year ago. There were currently ten Magic Sedans of different colours and models that were quickly driving across the track in the middle, getting a sense for the track and preparing for the race that was coming.

Compared to the attention the Frestech Bicycle Circuit received, the Magic Sedan race had received much less attention.

Other than the «Banta Times» and the «Lampuri Weekly» who reported on this race, the other newspapers didnt include a single word.

The reason for this was because the Magic Sedan was too far off from normal people. They couldnt buy it, they couldnt touch it, so naturally they didnt care.

Actually this was the reason why Xu Yi was doing this.

Xu Yi wanted to promote bicycle racing and wasnt that worried about promoting the Magic Sedan.

Because he was clear that whether it was the Lampuri Kingdom or the surrounding kingdoms, Magic Sedans were a high end thing that normal people couldnt play with.

Even at the current stage, he was aiming at merchants and nobles that were rather well off.

This was a small group, so Xu Yi didnt need to focus too much on advertising.

The merchant and noble circles had their own ways of contacting each other. After the Magic Sedan was released, it didnt take that much effort for this to spread in these two circles.

In the Lampuri Kingdom and the surrounding kingdoms, if there was a merchant or a noble that didnt have a Frestech Brand Magic Sedan, they would be considered behind and wouldnt have the face to go out.

Considering this situation, Xu Yi felt that it was much too early to start advertising.

This Magic Sedan Race was just an amateur race. Other than giving the young nobles and merchants a place to experience racing cars, it was also a place to test the performance of the Magic Sedan.

Todays race had Prince Franks representative racing in it, so it was even less suitable for advertising.

So Xu Yi didnt open this race to the public and had sealed up the entire location. Other than letting people close to him like chairman Cruise in, he didnt let anyone else in at all.

“Why would I worry” Xu Yi turned to look at chairman Cruise like he found him funny, “The sales of the Anjit Chamber of Commerce increasing is a good thing, I couldnt be happier.”

Chairman Cruise rolled his eyes, acting like he already knew that he would reply this way.

After pausing, chairman Cruise reached out to pat Xu Yis shoulder and said with a serious look, “Xu Yi, you have your own plan, I can understand this, but I have to tell you that theres no problem for you to do this in the Lampuri Kingdom and the surrounding small kingdoms. However, if you do this in the Candra Empire, it is very likely youll be swallowed by the Candra Empire people without leaving a single scrap. So…..you should be careful.”

Xu Yi took a deep look at him, “Did you hear something”

Chairman Cruise angrily pursed his lips, “The Candra Empire sending people to meet you, even if others didnt know, would I not know”

Xuj Yi nodded. This information had been blocked to the general public, but it wasnt blocked to everyone, so it wasnt strange that chairman Cruise had received some news.

“Then how much do you know” Xu Yi asked.

Chairman Cruise shook his head, “Not much, but Ive heard…..the Candra Empire side has made an excessive request to you”

Xu Yi nodded with a faint smile.

The request of the Candra Empire was more than just excessive, it was overly excessive!

In the contract manager Mancini gave Xu Yi, he requested the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to offer all the Magic Sedan technology to Prince Frank.

And then he requested the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to build a Magic Sedan factory in Prince Franks territory in the Candra Empire. Not only would the Frestech Chamber of Commerce have to provide the technology, they also needed to provide the magic production machines and train a group of qualified personnel to run them.

This meant that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had to build a factory that could produce Magic Cars independently in Prince Franks territory. They would also have to give up the complete technology and provide support.

Compared to this, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce having to build a race track on Prince Franks territory and provide maintenance crew wasnt even worth mentioning.

As for what Prince Frank would give back to him

It was impossible for him to give a single gold coin and there wasnt even any repayment at all.

When manager Mancini gave Xu Yi the contract, he acted like he should be grateful for this gift.

The only thing that could be called repayment was that manager Mancini had said that as long as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce signed this contract and followed it properly, Prince Frank would take care of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Xu Yi didnt give any comments when he read this contract, he just told manager Mancini that he needed some time to consider this.

However, when he saw manager Mancinis dissatisfied look when he said this, Xu Yi knew that the other side had sentenced him to death.

This wasnt a cooperation, this was licking his boots.

Xu Yi could admit that Prince Frank had a noble status and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could give him many benefits when cooperating with him, it was just to smoothly enter the Candra Empire and open the giant market there. However, they wouldnt submit to licking his highness boots.

If he really agreed to this, to Xu Yi, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would be no more than dogs raised by Prince Frank.

Perhaps many people wanted to become Prince Franks dog, but it was impossible for Xu Yi to accept this.

Although this would completely shut down any chance of entering the Candra Empire through Prince Frank, Xu Yi wasnt too disappointed.

Through this matter and through Russell visiting before, Xu Yi had a better understanding of the situation in the Candra Empire.

This was an incomparably large empire, but they were too proud, so they were a decaying empire that had lost their driving force.

Perhaps Xu Yi had the idea of promoting the magic machine industry across the continent through the Candra Empire, but now he had given up this idea.

The Candra Empire in his eyes were no different from the small countries that were around this area.

A larger market That was just a larger piece of meat.-

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