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The endless seas in the first parts of summer were endlessly changing.

As soon as there was a storm, the clouds would scatter and the sun would come out. Then the damp and cold seas would be covered in clouds, just like a fairyland.

Seeing a figure appear in front of him before that dancing figure disappeared again, Leslie spat out. His spit was salty because of the salt water that had been splashing from the sea.

This was eight hundred kilometers away from Thunderbolt Island and it was more than three hundred kilometers away from the nearest coast.

Looking around, not to mention a ship, he couldnt even see a ghost.

Other than flocks of seabirds, as well as fish and sea beasts that they couldnt see the true forms of on the surface of the sea, they could only see a few small islands scattered around.

This place was bleak, but it wasnt desolate.

Seeing the large schools of fishes that were in the surrounding seas, Leslie knew that this trip wasnt empty.

The fish near the coasts were sparse because they had been caught by the fishermen over the years, but there were still countless delicious fishes and sea beasts that were deeper in the sea. One could imagine just how much better peoples lives would be if they had the resources of the sea.

It was no wonder Leslie had heard something before, if you want to become rich, head out to sea.

Just with the schools of fishes that he saw, he could sell them for at least several tens of thousands of gold coins on the short. It was enough for a normal person to never worry about their needs again.

Not to mention that the fish seemed endless, they had seen countless schools of fishes on their journey. If they found a way to sell these fish, it would be enough for countless people to become rich.

Of course, Leslie leading the guard fleet away from Thunderbolt Island and heading deeper into the sea wasnt to find fish.

His main mission this time was to chase the pirates near the coast, further expanding the area of influence of Thunderbolt Island. At the same time, he would develop his reputation by the coast, giving himself the name of the pirate king.

It should be said that he was very good at accomplishing this.

After sweeping out all the pirates by the coast of the Rudson Kingdom, Leslie led the guard fleet east. Along the way, he would attack any pirates that he heard about.

As for the results……

With twenty medium guard Magic Ships and close to a hundred Magic Speed Boats, with countless Magic Repeating Crossbows, Magic Bazookas, and guard teams with Magic Cannons, they cut down those trivial wooden boats like nothing. It was more than what the pirates armed with simple bows and javelins could match.

No matter which pirates they were, they couldnt even touch the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleet. They had been sunk under the attacks of the countless arrows and Magic Rockets, turning into ghosts on the sea.

In just a single month, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleet led by Leslie had created a big name for themselves in the southern seas of the Candra Empire.

In these seas, the strange boats made completely of iron were like devils for most people.

In the last half a month, as long as the pirates heard that Leslies guard fleet was approaching, their first choice was to run. They never dared to have a thought of resistance.

So Leslie hadnt experienced a single fight in the past half a month, it had always been peaceful.

This made Leslie feel a bit bored.

When he decided to become a pirate, he wanted to leave the Lampuri Kingdom.

Now that he had been on the seas for this long, he found that he had already fallen in love with this kind of life.

Although life on the seas wasnt stable and tough, being on these boundless seas all day gave him a sense of carelessness and freedom that he had never felt before.

And fighting with the pirates also made him feel pleased. Watching those pirates who did many evil things disappear, he didnt feel any guilt at all, he just felt happiness.

The only thing he wasnt happy about was that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guard fleet that Xu Yi gave him was too strong. It was so strong that the pirates couldnt fight back at all.

This made him feel like he had been bullying children and he couldnt derive any happiness from it.

He had mentioned this to Narvil of the transport fleet and he had received the indirect, but very clear despising of Narvil.

“On the seas, having peace is what one wants the most, who would want to seek death.”

Leslie wasnt a boorish fellow, so of course he understood this, but that didnt stop him from feeling bored.


Perhaps it was the warm sunlight or perhaps it was because it was too boring, but Leslie suddenly felt tired and couldnt help giving a large yawn.

Looking at the calm waves in front of him, Leslie was certain that no deaths would seek their own deaths, so he should take this time to take a nap.

According to the goal that Xu Yi gave Narvil, his next task was to completely control the southern seas of the Candra Empire, creating a connection to all the seas of the Sines Continent through the southern seas.

This mission was very hard and long, it couldnt be finished in one or two months.

Leslie knew that it might be possible that he would never return to the Lampuri Kingdom and staying on the seas might be his destiny, so he wasnt against Xu Yis task at all. Anyway, he would just treat it as his lifes task instead.

Of course, this didnt affect him finding time to take an afternoon nap.

However, when he was prepared to enter his private cabin, Leslie suddenly felt the hull shake and the speed decrease.

This sound didnt seem like they had hit some hidden reef, it should be the crew discovering something.

Leslie looked up at the lookout on the high mast and took out his Magic Communicator.

“What is the situation”

The voice of the person in the mast rang out, sounding a bit worried.

“Sir, theres a large number of boats in front of us that seems to be charging right at us!”

“Oh” Leslie was a bit surprised before suddenly focusing, “Ha, ha, great! Is it some blind pirates who are seeking their death This master was just getting bored and now that people are sending themselves to me, thats great!”

After being with the sailors on the seas for a long time, the gentle and noble Viscount Leslie in the hearts of all the noble young ladies of Anvilmar City and Banta City had already become a bit vulgar.

The lookout wasnt as excited as Leslie, rather his tone had a bit of panic in it.

“Sir, it seems…..It seems like they arent pirates because I can see……the flag of the Candra Empire hanging on those ships”

“Un” Leslie was surprised, “They actually have the flags of the Candra Empire Are you certain youre not mistaken”

The lookout was silent for a bit before his voice rang out again.

“Yes, this subordinate hasnt made a mistake, it is indeed the golden lion with a green background flag of the Candra Empire.”

Leslie knit his brows to think. He put his nearby railing and forcefully stepping off, he suddenly flew high up.

Then with several steps in the air, his hand reached the highest railing and he was already in the observation deck that was over ten meters tall in the air.

“Give it to me.” Leslie took the telescope from the lookout and looked in the direction he pointed.

Through the lens of the telescope, he saw that there were indeed thirty or forty boats that were quickly heading in their direction.

These boats were twice as large as the largest pirate boat that Leslie had seen, they werent even that much smaller compared to the medium guard Magic Ships that were under him.

Leslie had been on the sea for some time, but this was his first time seeing such a large wooden boat.

Moreover, these wooden boats were all the same and there were over a hundred smaller boats with them, quickly moving across the sea. They looked quite powerful as they sailed over.

Just based on their aura, Lesie was certain that they definitely werent pirates because pirates didnt have this kind of terrifying power.

In this area, other than the fleet of the Candra Empire, it was impossible for there to be such a powerful force on the sea.

Seeing the giant golden lion with a green background flag that was on those ships, Leslie was even more certain that these ships belonged to the fleet of the Candra Empire.

But this made him very confused. Why would the Candra Empires fleet suddenly come out and look for him

“Sir, theyre about to reach our range, what do we do Do we fight them” The lookout suddenly asked in a nervous voice.

“Fight your butt!” Leslie glared at him.

The other side was the official fleet of the Candra Empire, if they really fought, that would be equal to declaring war on the Candra Empire.

Even if Leslie was bored, he wouldnt do such a dumb thing.

Not to mention that Xu Yi was trying to cooperate with the Candra Empire. If Leslie really did this, it would be equal to cutting off all possibilities.

“Then what do we do Could it be that we should let them enter our danger range” The lookout was a bit scared.

Leslie looked at the hundred boats approaching in the telescope again and after thinking about it, he said in a deep voice, “Give down my order, have all the ships stop. However, they should be prepared to go on my order at any time.”

The lookout sent down the orders.

Leslie silently waited for a bit and seeing those boats gradually slow down as they approached, he let out a sigh of relief. He jumped off the mast and came to the front of the deck.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleet was completely stopped on the sea and the Candra Empires ships entered their effective range. They kept coming forward and they stopped only five hundred meters away from the first medium guard Magic Ship.

Leslie standing on the front slightly knit his brows.

This distance, they could already fire as many arrows as they wanted.

The Candra Empire fleet doing this meant that they could attack at any moment.

After a while, there was a voice that came from the foremost ship of the other side.-

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