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The Magic Airship had just launched off when Akali came over with a smile on her face.

“Hey, chairman, is the Magic Positioning System I made good”

Xu Yi took out the thing that was like a pocket watch from his chest and looked at the faint blue glow on it before nodding with a faint smile.

“Un, its indeed not bad, but youre five minutes later than the scheduled time.”

Akali pursed her lips, “Its only five minutes! Chairman, dont forget, you requested us to fly from several thousand kilometers away to find you in a place that weve never been before. This is a very difficult matter, what does five minutes count for”

“Ive said it before, all experiments should aim for absolute perfection.” Xu Yi shook his head. Then he looked at Akali who didnt look convinced and said with a smile, “Of course, the results of this experiment were good. Not only did the long distance Magic Positioning System you invented have its merit, the Magic Airship has succeeded in flying over two thousand kilometers for the first time. So…..”

Hearing that Xu Yi deliberately drew out his voice, Akalis team and the Magic Airships crew all perked their ears.

Because according to the customs of sir chairman, he would definitely give a reward at this time.

As expected, after Xu Yi gave a pause, he continued with a smile, “Ill give you a second grade reward. It can be issued as soon as we return to the company.”



“Sir chairman, you really are great!”

“Ha, ha……”


Everyone excitedly jumped up.

Receiving a second grade reward from Xu Yi did not just mean a big bonus and benefits, the most important thing was that they had obtained Xu Yis approval on their research.

For the researchers of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, this was their highest honour.

Xu Yi looked at Akali who was celebrating with the researchers and asked, “Right, how far out did you find the signal I was sending”

Akali stopped to think before replying, “It should be around five thousand meters, let me take a look.”

Akali went to the front of the Magic Airship and not long after, she took out a pocket watch that was similar to Xu Yis, but there were quite a few large circles on it. She pointed at the data on it and said, “Look, the accurate number is five thousand six hundred and seventy three meters. As for the precise decimal points…..Ke, we cant measure that precisely right now.”

“Un, being able to reach meters is already quite good, you can do better in the future.” Xu Yi nodded as he encouraged her.

This time, Xu Yi felt heartfelt appreciation for Akali.

When he proposed to the magic research facility researchers to have a device that could measure distance based on magic transmission, he never thought that Akali would get so deep into this topic.

This long distance Magic Positioning System, the principle behind it came from Akalis magic resonance technology.

With resonance of two Magic Arrays, it could let both sides resonate together within a certain range. ,Then through inferencing the frequency and velocity of the elemental magic energy waves, one could find the direction and distance of the other Magic Array.

This was something that Xu Yi never thought of before, but Akali had thought of it. It really made one have to appreciate her intelligence.

Although this long distance Magic Positioning System was still in the beginning stages and because of the limits of the magic resonance technology, the tracking distance was quite short, it couldnt even surpass two kilometers. But the appearance of this system was simply a sign of advancement for the Sines Continent.

If Akalis team kept studying the magic resonance technology and made a breakthrough, then the distance of this Magic Positioning System would increase. It would reach the levels of his previous world and it would have a deep influence on many things like this.

For example, Xu Yi took this chance of entering the Candra Empire to meet prince Frank to have Evita fly this Magic Airship all the way from the Stantine Duchy. It was to test the long distance flying ability while also picking Xu Yi up with the long distance Magic Positioning System.

If there wasnt this system, it would have been impossible for the Magic Airship several hundred meters in the air to find Xu Yi in this unfamiliar place.

Of course, if it wasnt for their understanding of the Norton Duchy, the Magic Airship wouldnt have been able to approach Xu Yi at all.

This was due to the map of the Norton Duchy that Xu Yi had collected ahead of time.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi looked around. He couldnt find Evita, so he turned to move to the front cabin of the Magic Airship.

Compared to the middle cabin, the front cabin was much smaller, only having the control bridge and two simple seats.

Evita was sitting in the middle seat, currently focused on reading a book.

“Hey, Evita, what are you busy with You dont even have time to come and see me” Xu Yi teased.

Evita trembled before quickly turning. When she saw Xu Yi, she revealed a bright smile and stood up.

“Sorry, sir chairman, I was just collecting data from the airship landing and taking off in different environments and didnt come to see you. It really was my fault.”

“Its fine, Im only joking.” Xu Yi waved his hand. His eyes fell onto the thick book in front of Evita and asked, “This is the data that you collected on the way here”

“Yes.” Evita nodded with a bit of excitement in her eyes, “Sir chairman, actually we should have conducted this long distance flight test a long time before. Through this voyage, Ive found many flaws that the Magic Airship had. If we can improve these flaws after getting back, I believe that the Magic Airship will be much better compared to before!”

Xu Yi couldnt help smiling, “I say, Evita, the Magic Airship is your most precious work, how can you be so happy finding all these flaws with it”

Evitas gentle look revealed a confident smile.

“Sir chairman, youve told us many times, experimenting is the process of finding problems and the more problems found means that the experiment was done perfectly. If we didnt do this long distance test flight, we wouldnt have found all these flaws. Then when we manufactured these, there would be problems when they were used and even…..accidents…..”

Speaking of this, Evitas expression became a bit serious.

“Sir chairman, you hope to use the Magic Airship to let normal people also fly in the skies. Then if there are any problems with the Magic Airships, those normal people cant fly in the air like magicians, so there would be serious accidents and not everyone can withstand that.”

“So youve always gone against putting the Magic Airships into mass production and dont even mind me going against the agreement with her highness Seveni” Xu Yi asked with a smile.

“Yes.” Evita gave a nod with a serious look, “If a problem occurs with the Magic Airships, the consequences would be too serious. So I must be very, very, very careful.”

Hearing Evita use “very” three times, Xu Yi looked at Evita for a bit before suddenly breaking out in laughter.

“Good, very good! Evita, I really wasnt wrong about you. Studying a precise and fine magic machine like the Magic Airship really suits you.”

“Humph! Chairman, youre saying that my research isnt fine and precise”

There was Akalis unconvinced voice that came from behind.

Xu Yi turned and found it a bit funny as he looked at Akali who had suddenly appeared. He shook his head and said, “That is a different concept. Your research requires bold and even crazy thinking, but Evitas research requires consideration for fine tuned aspects. Youre not suited for Evitas research and shes not suited for your research.”

Akali gave a satisfied nod, “That is more like it.”

Xu Yi couldnt help smiling. He turned back to Evita and reached out a hand.

“You should have recorded the topography on the way, right Let me see the map.”

Evita agreed and took out a small booklet from under the control panel for Xu Yi.

Opening this small booklet, Xu Yi found several finely drawn maps.

The final map included the east of the Mirando Duchy and the midwest of the Norton Duchy.

But these maps werent complete because the Magic Airship had flown straight from the Stantine Duchy, they didnt have enough time to completely go around the Mirando Duchy and the Norton Duchy.

Xu Yi took these maps and took out a simple map of the Sines Continent made before, finding that there were quite large differences on the map.

Thinking about it carefully, Xu Yi felt that there were two reasons for these large differences.

One was that the person who had drawn this simple map of the Sines Continent didnt meet all the requirements. So he didnt have precise information when he drew the map, so naturally the map drawn wasnt as accurate.

The other reason was that Evita didnt have the same specialized map drawing skills as this person.

But this knowledge wasnt important on the Sines Continent and Xu Yi didnt study this, so naturally he couldnt guide Evita.

But Evitas maps had some small mistakes, so he could see it with one glance and pointed them out.

They all gathered around it for a bit before Akali suddenly asked, “Chairman, why do you care this much about drawing maps Anyway, I think that the general location is already good enough.”

“No, its far from enough.” Xu Yi shook his head with a serious look, “An accurate map can make many things more convenient for us. Not mentioning anything else, at least when we come again, we wouldnt make any deviations. Of course, there are many other functions……”

Akali gave a shrug, thinking that sir chairman must have some plot in his heart, but she wasnt interested in them. She looked at the map again and asked, “Then where should we go next Chairman, you said before that you need us to bring you somewhere even further.”

“Un, that place is several hundred kilometers or even a thousand kilometers away from here.” Xu Yi took out two maps and pointed at two spots on them.

“Here, its this place.”

Akali and Evita looked at it before revealing surprised looks.

“Sir chairman, isnt this the sea”-

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