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Magic Industry Empire Volume 5 Chapter 31 - Workers union

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Archie turned the corner and saw Leia who had been waiting there for him.

“Did Luther come to ask you to go to the Domino Chamber of Commerce with him again” Leia slightly knit her brows. She looked in the direction Luther walked off in and couldnt help shaking her head, “You didnt agree with him”

“Of course not.” Archie replied with a smile, “If I really did agree, my father would break my legs.”

Leia also smiled.

A while ago, Afaylia had heard that Luther wanted to take Archie away from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and he flew into a rage. He warned Archie that he definitely couldnt agree, otherwise he would break his legs and kick him out of the house.

Afaylia believed that with the appearance of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it changed their lives, so he deeply loved the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. He didnt even allow anyone to say a single bad word about the Frestech Chamber of Commerce or chairman Xu in front of him. He also said many times that he would stay in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce his entire life and wouldnt go anywhere else.

Afaylia had been very angry about the workers strike before, saying that those people are all ungrateful trash.

If Archie really agreed to Luthers invitation and ran to the Domino Chamber of Commerce, Afaylia might have really expelled him from his family.

Of course, even if they ignored Afaylias deep love for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and based just on their views, Leia also didnt think it was a good choice to leave the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Even if the other companies were offering much higher wages to lure the Frestech Chamber of Commerce workers away, Leia didnt think that this was a good thing.

Even if they could get a better wage at another company, so what

Compared to the wage, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces various other benefits were what Leia considered important.

For example, when Leia gave birth last year and couldnt work for the last half of the year, if it was another company, they would have directly chased Leia away and fired her.

But the Frestech Chamber of Commerce let Leia go rest and even gave her leave pay.

This meant that while preparing to give birth at home, she could still be paid.

Although she only received a basic salary of ten gold coins a month, this made Leia feel that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had more humanity than the other companies.

Not to mention that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce kept sending people to check on Leia. They brought daily goods for her from time to time, saying that it was special care while she was giving birth.

Just this was something that Leia had never heard of from the other companies.

Moreover, when she was giving birth, Leia had been able to use her identity as a Frestech Chamber of Commerce worker to enter the hospital the Frestech Chamber of Commerce built. She even received free medical care during and after her childbirth.

Just this had saved Leia at least twenty gold coins in medical fees.

If they counted in the various other Frestech Chamber of Commerce benefits, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces wages might not be the highest among the companies, but the benefits they gave were something that other companies couldnt compare to.

As for caring about workers, other than the Amrit Chamber of Commerces chairman being close to chairman Xu, so he paid attention to this aspect as well, the other companies couldnt compare to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce at all.

Thinking of this, Leia had a bit of regret in her eyes as she said with a sigh, “I really dont know what Luther and the others were thinking. They were treated so well at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and they had to cause trouble. In the end, they made sir chairman angry and they were all fired by sir chairman. Dont think that theyre doing well now, they will definitely regret it in the future.”

Archie gave a shrug, “Theres no other way, some people are greedy and cant feel satisfied. Right, speaking of this, Leia, your factory also received the same news, right”

“Ah” Leia thought about it before reacting, “You mean the matter of the workers union Our factory also received it.”

“Un, I really dont know what sir chairman is thinking. If he was angry because of those people causing trouble, it would be over after he chased those people away, so why is he making this workers union Also he said that he would give the union the right to give their opinion, isnt that causing trouble for himself” Archie knit his brows in confusion.

Leia reached out to tap Archies forehead, “How can you guess what sir chairman is thinking But I think…..those people causing trouble have reminded sir chairman that he needs to pay attention to the thoughts of us normal workers. This is a good thing for us, at least we can give our opinions through the union.”

“Un, a good thing is a good thing, but I dont think there is a need. The various benefits of the company are very good, I dont have any opinions at all.”

“That doesnt mean other people dont have opinions.” Leia said with a smile, “For example, I hope that we can have some more restrooms near the factory. When we take breaks now, its very troublesome to line up at the restrooms.”

Archie looked at Leia and suddenly revealed a look of understanding.

It took women longer to go to the restroom compared to men, so it must be troublesome.

“Sir chairman is very generous about this, I think that this idea will definitely pass.” Archie looked at the sky with a smile, “Alright, its getting late, we should get to work. As for our opinion…..well talk when we meet up for work.”

“Un.” Leia nodded and walked to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces industrial area with Archie.

This was the peak hour in the morning for going to work, so the road to the industrial area was filled with Frestech Chamber of Commerces workers in uniform.

The workers gathered in groups and chatted with each other before heading to work.

If one listened carefully, they would find that most of their talks were centered on the layoffs.

These workers strangely all had the same views about the layoffs this time. They all felt that the workers who were laid off deserved it and they could only blame themselves for being fired, so they werent worth feeling sympathy for.

Moreover, those fellows had all found work at other companies with much higher wages, so quite a few workers who were left were feeling jealous.

Of course, most people were also clear minded like Archie and Leia. They knew the benefits of staying at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the great benefits in the future, so they all supported the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and criticized the workers that had left.

This flow of people entered the industrial area and separated on the various paths.

Leia worked in the Magic Fan assembly factory and Archie worked in the steel plate welding factory. Since they worked in different places, when they entered the industrial area, they waved goodbye and separated.

Around ten minutes later, Archie entered the steel plate welding factory. Looking around, he found that the factory was much more empty.

The workers in the steel plate welding factory had some grasp of techniques, so in the strike, there were more people from this factory who had participated.

Then the other companies had secretly headhunted people, so there were many workers who chose to leave this factory.

This steel plate welding factory had three hundred and seventy six people before, but now there were only two hundred and forty three people left. One hundred and twenty three people had left all of a sudden, so naturally the large factory seemed much more empty.

Moreover, the company had experienced this large shake up, so the workers were a bit unsettled. There was little talk between them, so the factory felt even more sombre.

Seeing this scene, Archie couldnt help shaking his head and giving a sigh in his heart.

Although this had been a serious blow to the company, Archie was still extremely confident in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, especially sir chairman.

Sir chairman had created the Frestech Chamber of Commerce from nothing and developed it into the current giant it was. This matter was without a doubt a large blow to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but it was probably just a small matter for sir chairman.

If it wasnt how could sir chairman have done this How could he use this shocking method and solve the matter by firing eighteen thousand workers at once

Archie picked up his tools and prepared to work. When he was about to head to his post to start working, he suddenly heard a commotion from the door.

Turning his head to look, he saw two dwarf Magic Mechanical Engineers wearing the uniforms of the magic machine development center coming in with a group of human workers.

These human workers were pulling several small Magic Transporters with strange looking machines on them.

The workers in the factory couldnt help stopping their work as they looked at the machines.

The manager Zonuk came over and talked with the two dwarf Magic Mechanical Engineers before turning to look at the workers curiously looking over with an excited look on his face.

“Brothers, this is the magic machine development centers newly developed automatic production magic machine! With this thing, our job will be much easier from now on!”

“Automatic production magic machines”

The workers all blankly looked at each other.

Before this, the magic machine development center had developed a series of semi automatic production magic machines and the steel plate welding factory had several of them.

These semi automatic production magic machines were much more effective than workers controlling the production magic machines and their quality was more stable, which greatly increased the efficiency of the factory.

But what was this automatic production magic machine

Was the automatic at a higher level than the semi automatic Did that mean it didnt need people at all to operate

That was a bit to unimaginable……-

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