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Akali moved very quickly and it didnt take long before she flew back like the wind.

When she fell down, she waved her hand in a spirited manner, “Alright, the problem is solved.”

Xu Yi stopped her hand moving towards the wood platform and asked, “What was the problem, did you investigate properly”

Akali was stunned, as if she was surprised that someone would ask her this. Afterwards she reacted and replied, “Oh, it was a small mistake with the frequency of the Magic Array. I didnt think that it would be this hot that it would distort a portion of the Magic Array, causing there to be a mistake. I checked just now and fixed it, so there shouldnt be a problem.”

“Un, its good that you know the problem.” Xu Yi nodded, “But Akali, based on what your team just said, youve already done this experiment over a thousand times, shouldnt this problem have occurred before and you would have found a way to solve it”

Akali looked at Xu Yi and looked a bit hesitant.

Xu Yi knit his brows, “What Is there something that you cant say in front of me”

“Chairman, youre the one who wanted me to speak.” Akali gave a laugh.

Xu Yi didnt know whether to laugh or cry, “Just say it. Could it be that there is something that is stopping you I think that in the company, there is no one that can stop you, right”

“That isnt for sure, there is Evita……” Akali said with a look of hidden bitterness.

“Evita” Xu Yi was confused, “What is with Evita If there really is a problem, could it be that she wouldnt tell me directly”

“This cant be said to you.” Akali gave a shrug before looking at Xu Yi and saying with a sigh, “Alright, always, its already been said, Ill just tell you. Chairman, youre right, we did know about this problem, but we couldnt solve it because of Evitas orders.”

Xu Yi asked in a confused voice, “Why”

“Because Evita said that we have to save on research costs as much as possible.” Akali said in a helpless voice, “Evita said that our magic research facility had spent too much on research last year, so starting this year, she wanted each team to save on cost as much as possible and we couldnt spend randomly. Ive already discovered the problem with this material, but when we switch materials for each experiment, we need to study the compatibility as well, so we have to spend a lot of money. In the end, we gave up on this.”

“Nonsense!” Xu Yi suddenly roared out and scared Akali and the other researchers, “Saving on costs is correct, but if you lower the research standard because of this, that would be putting the cart before the horse! Akali, you are a senior researcher, dont you know that if research isnt done perfectly, there might be heavy losses because of small mistakes in the end”


Akali rarely saw Xu Yi this fired up, so she was a bit stunned.

“What you, what me, let me tell you, as long as you can raise the standard of research and make it more perfect, its worth spending however much money it costs! Could it be that youve forgotten that in the last batch of Magic Air Conditioners our company developed, because of a small mistake during development, we had to recall over twenty thousand units that were sold”

Akali stuck out her tongue, “Of course I remember. Still said that from that recall, our company lost over a hundred thousand gold coins, right”

“Not just a hundred thousand gold coins!” Xu Yi said in a deep voice, “The more important thing was that this incident had seriously damaged our companys previous perfect reputation. This is a hundred times more important than a trivial hundred thousand gold coins! So I will not allow a single mistake during the development, do you understand”

“I do, I do.” Akali kept nodding, “But sir chairman, Evita said that we had to save one research cost, so she strictly controlled the funds of each research team. Look……”

Xu Yi gave a snort, “Ive already noticed this problem. You tell her that to solve this problem, there is no problem in increasing the research funds.” After pausing, he asked, “Is a hundred thousand enough”

Akali gave a cheer, “More than enough!”

After cheering, Akali even gave Xu Yi an excited hug and said with a big smile, “Sir chairman, I knew that you were the most generous. You wouldnt be as stingy as Evita, not even giving us a single gold coin.”

Seeing the excited looks Akali and the surrounding researchers had, Xu Yi had a thought. It was like he realized something as he pointed at Akali, “Alright, Akali, you did this on purpose. You wanted to use this chance to get more research funds from me, right”

Akali giggled and swung from Xu Yis arm, “I really cant hide it from the wise sir chairman. But sir chairman, you wouldnt mind, right”

Xu Yi gave a cold snort, “You really are a person who thinks too much. Just tell me if you want more research funds, when have I ever been stingy But Im telling you, I can give you the hundred thousand, but you have to use it on solving the material problem. If I find that youve been spending it on other things, humph, humph……”

“Of course not, sir chairman, how could I spend it randomly It isnt the first day that youve known me.” Akali said with a smile.

Xu Yi gave a sigh, “Its because its not my first day knowing you that I would fall for this.”

Seeing that Akali still wanted to say something, Xu Yi raised his hand and cut her off.

“Alright, lets end this here. We should take the time to get to the main topic. If this test doesnt work, itll be a waste even if you get more funds.”

“I already said it, its impossible to fail.” Akali confidently came to the wooden platform and pressed a button on it.

The Magic Array on the platform lit up with a blue light. Xu Yi, Akali, and the other researchers turned to look at the other platform.

As magicians, they could feel the Wind Elemental Magic fluctuations coming from this platform that reached the other platform, entering the Magic Array there.

The Magic Array on the other platform lit up and everyone could feel Wind Elemental Magic fluctuations coming from there. It spread from the platform and through carefully drawn lines, they spread to the household magic machines that were to the sides of the platform.


There was a weak sound before the Magic Fan started turning, the Magic Air Conditioner let out a cold breeze, and the Magic Stove lit up……

The various household magic machines that had been silent all started at the same time.

Xu Yi looked over each household magic machine. He saw that the Magic Fans blades were turning quickly, the flames of the Magic Stove were much stronger than normal, and the cool breeze that came from the Magic Air Conditioner was weaker than normal……

In short, each household magic machine operated differently from normal.

This was expected.

In a normal situation, these household magic machines used Magic Crystals as a power source. But this time they were all linked to this wooden platform, so the magic for these machines came from the terminal, so there would be some differences.

Not to mention that this magic came from the Magic Power Station that was two kilometers away. With such a long distance, it was normal for there to be differences.

To solve this problem, other than conducting more research into the Magic Transmission Network, they would have to determine a set power supply standard like the electronics on earth. That way the household magic machines could access the Magic Transmission Network more easily.

The end goal was to be like earth, to have a wooden platform terminal in each house, that way they wouldnt need to purchase Magic Crystals to use their household magic machines.

This would not only save them time in buying the Magic Crystals, it would also save them money.

The more important thing was that they would be able to integrate each household that used these household magic machines into the Magic Transmission Network.

This Magic Transmission Network was naturally controlled by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so this power created by this control was very terrifying.

The people of the Sines Continent didnt have a strong concept of nations. Other than basic educational issues, for most of the normal citizens, a country was just a word and it was no different from how much tax was collected.

Once the Magic Transmission Network was formed and everyone was integrated into it, it would be hard for them to leave this network. Also, the people who are in this network will be very different from the people who arent on this network.

An example that could be used now was the Frestech Chamber of Commerces water system.

For the people on Xu Yis private territory, they had the water system already in place. Almost every household in the territory could have a water system built into it.

For Xu Yis territory, they could access clean water at any time with the water system just like on earth.

Just with this convenience, there were many people who were coming to settle down in Xu Yis territory from all over.

Since Xu Yi started promoting the water system less than a year ago, his territory had gone from two hundred thousand people to three hundred thousand people all at once.

With the current trend, once this year was over, Xu Yis territory might have half of the population of the Stantine Duchy, becoming the absolute core of the Stantine Duchy.-

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