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Newman left.

His discussion with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wasnt smooth, so he looked a bit worried when he left. It was clear that he wasnt satisfied with this result.

Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce agreed to increase their investment in the Rudson Kingdom, helping them build a magic machine industrial system and they would provide more magic machine technology to the Rudson Kingdom, Xu Yi didnt give a response to the military magic machines that King Teruc cared about the most.

Even if Xu Yi agreed that after the Rudson Kingdoms magic machine industry was more perfected, he would consider transferring a portion of the military magic machine to the Rudson Kingdom, as for when it would be “perfected”, this was left very vague.

Not to mention that to have a foundation that was like the Lampuri Kingdom like Xu Yi described, it would take at least another three years.

To get Xu Yis approval, it would take at least five years.

The Rudson Kingdom couldnt wait five years. Newman knew that even if his majesty Teruc wasnt willing, they could only accept the solution that Xu Yi gave, which was to directly purchase military magic machines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, ensuring that the Rudson Kingdom would be as strong as the Lampuri Kingdom.

The era was different, they couldnt rely on swords and armour to fight anymore. They had already been pushed aside by the powerful military magic machines the Frestech Chamber of Commerce produced.

If the Rudson Kingdom didnt increase their strength, it wouldnt take long before they would be thrown far behind by the Lampuri Kingdom.

If there was a large difference in strength between the two sides, the so-called “alliance” wouldnt have any meaning.

Ambassador Hakanin also left, but he was different from Newman when he left.

Compared to Newman, ambassador Hakanin was very satisfied when he left.

Although he received the same reply from Xu Yi as Newman when it came to the military magic machines, the Candra Empire didnt care about this and ambassador Hakanin cared even less.

Rather what he cared more about was that Xu Yi agreed to give him a large amount of household magic machines.

In his private deal with Xu Yi, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would sell household magic machines at 90% of the regular price for a total of thirty thousand units, reaching an amount of seven hundred and forty thousand gold coins.

In the calculation that ambassador Hakanin made, if he could sell all thirty thousand units when he returned to the Candra Empire, with how much the nobles and merchants wanted these novel household magic machines, he would be able to earn two hundred thousand gold coins.

If he was a bit more ruthless, he would be able to earn even more profit.

So when he left the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, ambassador Hakanin had a bright smile on his face.

Although his position as the ambassador of the Candra Empire in the Rudson Kingdom was high, because he had no real power, he couldnt make that much from it.

In a single year, at most he could get forty to fifty thousand gold coins.

But with just a single trip to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he earned a large profit of twenty thousand gold coins.

Moreover, he didnt need to do anything in this matter. Xu Yi had promised that he would send out a motorcade to transport the goods to Caraca City, even sending it to the Candra Empire.

The only condition was to have ambassador Hakanin pay for the expenses, as well as help them enter the Candra Empire.

It was natural for him to take the shipping expenses and to let the motorcade enter the Candra Empire was naturally an easy matter for ambassador Hakanin, so he agreed to this condition very easily.

After everything was settled, ambassador Hakanin only needed to return to Caraca City and wait.

When the Frestech Chamber of Commerces transport motorcade arrived, they would follow ambassador Hakanin to the Candra Empire and he could sit at home counting his money.

Ambassador Hakanin was filled with joy, but Xu Yis joy wasnt less than his.

After discussing with Newman who represented the Rudson Kingdom, although they didnt obtain the military magic machines, they did settle a cooperation to deepen their cooperation on the magic machine aspect.

With the favourable conditions King Teruc had given, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would be earning large profits whether it was investing in magic machine factories or stores.

For example, the Rudson Kingdom had decided that magic machines would be another kind of goods that would receive a new kind of tax system. It would no longer be taxed with the normal system.

With this system, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would pay 5% less tariffs and also save 3% on taxes when selling magic machines in the Rudson Kingdom.

Dont look down on 5% and 3%.

It had to be known, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had a profit of over three million gold coins from selling magic machines in the Rudson Kingdom in the first half of the year.

Adding in the 5% and 3%, it would save the Frestech Chamber of Commerce close to three hundred thousand gold coins. This definitely couldnt be ignored.

As for ambassador Hakanin, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt receive any direct interests from him. Rather, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had to send a motorcade to the Candra Empire, so even if ambassador Hakanin paid for the transport costs, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had to invest a large amount of manpower into this. In the end, they wouldnt make money off this and would even lose a bit of money.

But the main reason for cooperating with ambassador Hakanin was to help the Frestech Chamber of Commerce open up the large market of the Candra Empire.

Compared to the Lampuri Kingdom, the Candra Empire had more than ten times the territory and over ten times the population, so the market would be countless times bigger.

If the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic machines could smoothly enter the Candra Empire and stand firm there, it would represent the future prospects of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

A little loss naturally couldnt be considered anything.


With the sun above and the dazzling light shining down, it made everyones shadow gather at their feet.

There would be drops of sweat that fell to the ground, creating a bit of moisture on the burning road, but it would instantly evaporate.

Xu Yi wiped the sweat off his forehead before asking Akali who was squatting on the ground, “How is it Is there a reaction”

Akali looked up with a face covered in sweat, as well as a bit of doubt.

“Strange……This should be good, but why is there no reaction”

Xu Yi looked at one and a half meter wooden platform placed in front of her and found that there was no response from the Magic Array on it. He couldnt help knitting his brow, “Could it be…..that it failed”

“Impossible!” Akali raised her voice and firmly shook her head, “Our team already tested this several hundred times and it succeeded every time in the past several dozen times, its impossible that it would fail!”

Xu Yi nodded, “Un, I believe in your abilities, but theres no need to worry. It isnt anything to fail once. Ive said it, you are allowed to fail at the testing stage, but there cant be any failures in the utilization stage.”

“I already said that it didnt fail!” Akali gave a stomp and suddenly stood up. She looked at a tall stage beside the road and suddenly used her magic, flying over to the platform.

Xu Yi couldnt help rolling his eyes.

This Akali, when can she change her impatience

Turning to look at the young magicians wearing the magic research facilitys uniform standing by the platform, Xu Yi asked with a smile, “Did you guys already do this experiment several hundred times”

They looked at each other before an older research respectfully said, “Yes, sir chairman. Leader Akali started studying this Magic Transmission Network last year, from when she started studying transmitting magic, she already experimented several hundred times. Then after the breakthrough in the range of transmission, there were several hundred experiments in laying down the Magic Transmission Network. If we add them all up, weve done over a thousand experiments related to this topic.”

“Oh Isnt this less than what Akali just said.” Xu Yi turned to look at the platform in the distance and saw that Akali had already flown over, bending over to inspect something, “Un, since there are this many experiments, I believe that you should be very familiar with this topic and there wont be any problems.”

“Yes!” Hearing Xu Yis evaluation, the young researchers all threw out their chests and had proud looks, “Weve spent a lot of effort on this, it definitely cant fail!”

“Yes! With leader Akalis leadership, we will definitely succeed!”

Xu Yi laughed. After all these years, Akali had not only become a high level researcher of the magic research facility, she had built up enough authority in the minds of the other researchers.

At least in the minds of the team that she led, she had a very high image.

“If they knew what Akali looked like before, would it change the glorious view of her they have now” Xu Yi couldnt help having this mischievous thought.

He turned back to the wooden platform and Xu Yi couldnt help feeling emotional.

This Magic Transmission Network was a plan that copied the power grid on earth. Xu Yi had only mentioned this to Akali, he never thought that she would fully invest herself into this.

This wooden platform was one of the Magic Transmission Networks terminals. Although it was very early and it was far from being considered mature, it still meant that this thought might become real.-

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