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The first class

The students of Baron Rickto Magic Academy were a bit surprised. The class schedule for each days classes were already set, but there had been an extra class added for a strange reason.

The name of the class was very strange, it was called theoretical basics of magic machines.

This class was a rare public class, open to all the students in the school. This meant that any student of the Baron Rickto Magic Academy could take it.

These students in their adolescents were naturally filled with curiosity. So even if the class didnt have forced participation, when the class started, over half the students filled the lecture room being used.

The leaders of the school didnt think that this many students would be participating when they organized this class. Even though they used the biggest lecture hall they had in the school, with over half the students taking the class, not only was every seat in the lecture hall filled, there wasnt even empty space to stand inside the classroom.

Orin Zetaman was among the first batch of students to charge into the classroom. He was currently in the first row of seats in the lecture hall and were chatting with the students around him in a loud voice.

“Evan, I dare bet that the teacher who comes out later will definitely be chairman Xu Yi. Do you dare bet with me” Orin was provoking a tall male student to his right.

The male student called Evan gave a cold snort, “Youre speaking nonsense. In this entire Banta City, other than chairman Xu, who else understands magic machines Could it be that you could find someone else If I were to bet with you, that would mean my brain is broken.”

“Thats right, Orin, your bet is too rigged. I think we should bet on what chairman Xu will be lecturing on later.” A male student who was further back agreed with him.

“Theoretical of magic machines…...Based on the name of this class, it should be a simple introduction since this is the first class chairman Xu is teaching. If he goes too deep, Im afraid a large group of people wont be able to understand him.” A golden haired girl sitting to the left of Orin spoke in a soft voice as she pointed at the students with doubtful and expectant looks inside the lecture hall.

“Thats right, other than us, would these other fellows understand what magic machines are” Orin confidently said.

If Xu Yi was here, he would have found that the students sitting with Orin were the students who had jobs drawing Magic Arrays in his factory for the past few months.

Compared to the other students of Baron Rickto Magic Academy, they did have the qualifications to say this.

But Orins words were a bit too loud and when the students not far behind him heard this, they were immediately dissatisfied.

“Hey, Orin, a kid like you is acting this arrogantly Isnt it just working at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce for a few days, do you really think you understand magic machines that much Ive heard that you only draw the most simple Magic Arrays, what are you talking about understanding magic machines. I think at most you only understand a few things about this.” A male student scoffed at him.

Orin turned his head without backing down and looked up as he said, “Even if it is a few things, it is more than you. What Not satisfied”

That male student flew into a rage and pointed at Orin as he roared, “Good brat, dont run after school is over!”

Orin gave a snort, “Isnt it just not leaving, who is afraid of who”

When their fighting was about to escalate, a teacher entered the large lecture hall. The students all recognized that it was the stern director Shearer, so they instantly calmed down.

Orin and that male student glared at each other before giving up for now and focusing on what was in front of them.

Shearer looked over the silent lecture hall before nodding in satisfaction. He gave a soft cough and said in a loud voice, “Students, let us warmly welcome the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu Yi!”

Orin and the students around him revealed a look of “as expected” before they gave vigorous applause.

Xu Yi stepped up to the lectern and saw Orin and the others sitting in front before giving them a nod with a smile. Then he raised his right hand and the students became silent as they looked at him with curious gazes.

During this time, each new magic machine released by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce attracted countless eyes in Banta City and they were all very popular.

Towards these magic machines, those traditional machines have called them messes and have even called them a shame to magic, but the rebellious students of Baron Rickto Magic School were very interested in it. It filled them with interest towards chairman Xu Yi of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce who had invented all of these magic machines.

Although they had already heard from Orin and the others that Xu Yi was a young man in his twenties, after personally seeing Xu Yi, they were shocked by how young Xu Yi was.

From what these students could see, studying magic was a very difficult thing. To be able to grasp Magic Arrays like this, even casually changing Magic Arrays and combining them with ice cold machines, it was something that seemed close to impossible.

This chairman Xu Yi didnt seem that much older than them, but not only did he have a powerful understanding of magic, he had many strange ideas that had shocked people.

Faced with the curious gazes of the students, Xu Yi began speaking.

“Students, I know that everyone doesnt like hearing idle talk, so Ill get to the main topic. The reason why I requested director Shearer to organize this class today was not to teach everyone as a teacher, rather it was to have a chat with everyone. As for what we are chatting about Of course it is magic machines. This class is called theoretical basics of magic machines, so Ill talk about the basics.”

“I think that everyone has some understanding of our Frestech Chamber of Commerces products and should understand what are magic machines. Towards something like magic machines, as students of Baron Rickto Magic Academy, everyone should understand magic, but should be unfamiliar with the word machine, so well focus on machines today.”

“The so called machine is a kind of tool. Using this tool, people can save energy in doing some work, while also reducing the difficulty of that work. To use a simple example, when digging the earth, I think that everyone will not use their hands to dig, but rather use a shovel. This is because after using a shovel, it is much easier to dig the earth and it is more convenient. This shovel can actually be considered a machine.

“Of course, a shovel is a very simple machine and the machine I want to talk about are a bit more complicated. Students, you should know that our Frestech Chamber of Commerce has made a Magic Rice Cooker. This is a magic machine normally used in ones household and as for its concretes use, it is to cook rice. Without the Magic Rice Cooker, when someone wanted to eat rice or gruel, they would need to use firewood to light a fire and then boil rice in a large pot. With this Magic Rice Cooker, one only needs to add rice and water into the Magic Rice Cooker. After pressing the switch and waiting for a bit, the rice will be naturally cooked. How about it Compared to lighting a fire to cook rice, isnt this more convenient”

“A magic machine can also be called a magic powered machine. This is because the base of the machine is using a Magic Array to power the machine. Students, you should have all studied Magic Arrays before, so you should be clear on the fact that magic is very powerful. Then have you ever thought that other than being used to kill people, can magic be used anywhere else I have thought about it and so I have designed these magic powered machines. I did not come to discuss with everyone where magic should be used, rather I just want to introduce to everyone what magic machines can be used for. For example, the Magic Rice Cooker can be used to cook rice, the small Magic Harvester makes it easier to harvest grains, the Magic Fan can be used to create a cool breeze…...Magic can be used in many different places and our Frestech Chamber of Commerce has just been established. In the future, Im certain that everyone will be able to see many different kinds of magic machines. I also believe that magic machines will change everyones lives bit by bit.”

“So how can magic machines achieve this This is the main topic of our class today. Magic can be used as power and can move these machines to do work that are hard for humans to do, so it actually involves some very specialized knowledge. This knowledge is the theoretical basics of magic machines. The basic idea there is to use magic as a power source and have machines present a use with it. As for the specifics……”


In the beginning, the students had a bit of doubt and didnt listen too seriously.

But as Xu Yis lecture became deeper and deeper, the students became more and more focused on the lecture.

The theories that Xu Yi discussed were things the students had never heard before.

The students were already absorbing knowledge of the world and for a novel and interesting thing like the theory of magic machines, of course they were very interested in it.

So as Xu Yis lecture became deeper and deeper, the students were more and more enthused listening to it.

After director Shearers third reminder, Xu Yi realized that the sky outside had already turned red and it had long passed time for school to be let out.

Xu Yi had to announce that todays class would end here.

The students hadnt had enough and they all requested Xu Yi to keep lecturing.

Xu Yi was helpless about this, he could only stop here today. He also hinted that he would lecture again in the future and if they were interested, the students could come to the lecture then.

Only then did the students let Xu Yi go, passionately discussing with each other as they left the large lecture hall.

Seeing the passionate appearances of the students, director Shearer on the side let out a sigh. He shook his head at Xu Yi and said, “Chairman Xu, you really shouldnt have agreed that you would come lecture again. Look, the students have been hooked by you, Im worried about if they will be distracted in their future lessons.”

Xu Yi laughed, “How could that be Director Shearer, My class today has always been related to magic. It is a good thing for the students to be interested in this, they will be even more interested in studying magic in the future. You should be happy about this.”

“Are you certain they are interested in magic and not magic powered machines” Director Shearer said with a cold snort.

Xu Yi laughed. He had donated five hundred gold coins to Baron Rickto Magic Academy to let Vivian attend the school while also exchanging for a chance to give a lecture. If he couldnt put seeds in the hearts of the students to become magic machine engineers, it would have been a waste of five hundred gold coins.

As a merchant, how could he do any business that suffered a loss-

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