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The empty space suddenly trembled and there were ripples that were formed.

The space around them was like a rock being thrown into water, creating ripples that spread. The space was also unclear because of the ripples that had formed.

As the frequency of the ripples increased, the entire space became more shattered. In the end, the ripples came together and shattered the entire space, creating a forbidden zone that was awe inspiring.

Xu Yi watched the slow change of this space and he couldnt help saying.

“This doesnt seem that different from normal Spatial Magic, right”

Great Magician Camilla who was focused on gathering magic ignored Xu Yi and Great Magician Telucci on the side looked at Xu Yi with knit brows.

“Be patient. There is a quality difference with normal Space Magic.”

“Is there”

Xu Yi closed his mouth and continued to watch Great Magician Camilla.

When Great Magician Telucci told him in a pleasantly surprised voice that Great Magician Camilla had broken the boundary of a Great Magician and grasped spatial laws, he couldnt believe his ears.

Grasping spatial laws was something that only Arch Magi could do. If Great Magician Camilla could really do this, didnt that mean that he would become a Great Magus

Although last year Great Magician Camilla showed some signs that he was already grasping spatial laws, he was only touching spatial laws from the views of a normal magician. There was a heaven and earth difference from truly grasping spatial laws.

This difference could let a magician focus on studying magic for many years and decades before finally understanding it.

There were even many Great Magicians who had remained Great Magicians their entire lives, unable to make this breakthrough.

Now that Great Magician Camilla had only used a single year to break through this boundary, it really was too unbelievable.

So even if he was seeing Great Magician Camilla using spatial laws in front of him, Xu Yi couldnt help having a bit of doubt in his heart.

Could it be that Great Magician Camilla and Great Magician Telucci were playing a joke on him

There was a sudden fluctuation in the broken space in front of him. The entire space expanded before reducing, just like it was breathing.

After repeating this several times, the small space completely caved in and created a hole that was so black that the bottom couldnt be seen.

This was something that Xu Yi had seen many times when Great Magician Camilla, Great Magician Telucci, elder Illusia, and elder Lisanya demonstrated Spatial Magic, so he wasnt that surprised.

Rather, it made the doubt in his heart deeper.

If it was still this pattern, when would the spatial laws that Great Magician Camilla grasped appear

This thought had just appeared in his mind when the space changed again.

The normal Space Spell compressed the space and affected everything in that space.

A magician skilled in Spatial Magic could use the compression of space to compress ones body into that space, appearing in another space. Which would become the Teleportation Spell.

Although the space was currently black without a trace of light and there wasnt anything different on the surface, Xu Yi suddenly couldnt sense any elemental magic energy from this space.

This was something impossible!

Elemental magic energy existed in any space, there would naturally be fluctuations of magic elements.

But no matter how Xu Yi concentrated, he couldnt find a single elemental magic fluctuation from this space at all.

It was like…..This space had disappeared!

Xu Yi looked at the congealed space in the air that seemed to have been dug out. After hesitating a bit, he asked Great Magician Camilla, “Grandfather, can I use my magic to check”

Great Magician Camilla gave a laugh, “Go ahead, you dont need to worry about being injured.”

“Im worried that your control isnt good enough.” Xu Yi muttered in his heart before releasing his magic.

When he started, he was very careful, using a thread of magic to investigate from the side.

The surrounding space was normal and his magic entered, feeling the natural elemental magic fluctuations. But as soon as his wisp of magic came to the edge of the space, he couldnt sense any elemental magic energy at all. This wisp of magic was instantly lost and it was like it was lost in an abyss, cutting off all connections to Xu Yi.

Xu Yi was shocked.

This was magic that came from him, he never thought that it would be swallowed as soon as it touched the edge of the space. This was just too incredible.

After pausing, Xu Yi didnt give up as he increased the power of his magic.

However, when the magic came to the edge of that space again, it lost all contact with him just like before.

When he was about to try again, Great Magician Telucci raised his hand to stop him.

“Alright, you can stop trying. Even if I send in my magic, it is the same as you, I cant touch that space at all.”

Even Great Magician Telucci couldnt do it

Xu Yi looked at Great Magician Camilla in surprise. He saw that although he only had a faint smile, that smile was filled with pride.

Xu Yi went around the space and found something that surprised him.

According to the explanation Great Magician Camilla gave him before, when magicians used Spatial Magic to affect space, the space would normally form a sphere.

But the space that Great Magician Camilla controlled now was actually a cube.

Just this showed how much control Great Magician Camilla had over this space.

“But what use does this have” Xu Yi looked at the cubic space with a confused look and he couldnt help asking, “Grandfather, these so-called spatial laws, shouldnt they be able to bend space at will”

“Nonsense, how could it be that simple” Great Magician Camilla glared at Xu Yi, “I have only grasped the initial spatial laws, that is how I can control space this easily. This Spatial Spell is what I called Imprisonment. As long as you are under my influence, all space will be completely imprisoned. In this space, not to mention matter, I can even control time. How about it Are you afraid”

“Powerful! Very powerful!” Xu Yi nodded.

As a Ninth Grade Magician that had some understanding of Spatial Magic, Xu Yi naturally understood how powerful what Great Magician Camilla had described was.

For Great Magician Camilla to use only less than two years to break this most important moment that was the most difficult thing for many high level magicians, Xu Yi was very happy.

With Great Magician Camilla there, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was enough to make many people wary and unable to move against them directly.

Now the Frestech Chamber of Commerce not only had Great Magician Telucci and the hidden Great Magician Juna, Great Magician Camilla had become an Arch Magus!

Excluding the entire Sines Continent, just in the Lampuri Kingdom, the Rudson Kingdom, and the Statine Duchy, they were definitely without peer!

“Dont be happy too early.” Great Magician Telucci threw a bucket of cold water on Xu Yis happiness, “Although Camilla has reached this level, he has to obtain the approval of the headquarters before he becomes an Arch Magus.”

Xu Yi was surprised, “Isnt just enough for him to be strong enough Why does he need approval from the headquarters”

“Because with the approval of the headquarters, everyone will recognize you as an Arch Magus.” Great Magician Camilla explained, “Kid, you want me to become an Arch Magus to gather more magicians at your company. However, if others dont recognize me as an Arch Magus, I wont be able to use the title of Arch Magus to scare people.” Great Magician Camilla said with a cold snort.

Xu Yi laughed, as he neither confirmed or denied this.

“Its no wonder that you and Great Magician Telucci suddenly came to Anvilmar City, you should be taking a trip to the headquarters after this, right”

“Right, not only is it for the approval of the headquarters, I also want to consolidate my strength to reach the level of the other Arch Magi.” Great Magician Camilla said.

Great Magician Telucci suddenly gave a sigh, “Camilla is already an Arch Magus and can control spatial laws. Im still a Great Four Great Magician and I havent broken through in a long time. Camilla, you are the first Arch Magus in the hundred years of history of our Lampuri Kingdom, the four of us can only look up to you in the future.”

Great Magician Camilla laughed. He patted Great Magician Teluccis shoulder before pointing at Xu Yi, “You do have to work hard or in just ten years, this kid will catch up to you. But you dont need to worry, the reason why I broke through this quickly in these years was because I worked on research for the magic research facility. Ive found that studying magic machines actually increased my understanding of magic. You might not understand it now, but if you stay a while, youll naturally find out.”

Great Magician Telucci nodded, “Un, actually Ive already had a feeling about this. For example, Xu Yi has always requested that we magic research facility researchers take precise data measurements, hoping that we would have a complete set of data to display. Ive used this mentality in researching magic and Ive found that my understanding of magic is much deeper than before.”

“Really” Xu Yi was overjoyed, “Your excellency Great Magician Telucci, perhaps in a few years, you might also become an Arch Magus That really is too great! If our company can have two Arch Magi, I want to see who would dare have any ideas about our company in the future!”

Great Magician Camilla and Great Magician Telucci looked at each other with smiles.

It was different from Great Magician Camilla who looked at Xu Yi with the love one had for a younger generation, Great Magician Teluccis eyes were filled with determination.

Since Camilla could breakthrough this fast in just a few years, why couldnt he!

Thinking of this, Great Magician Telucci looked at Xu Yi with a strange gaze.

If he could increase his strength as fast as Camilla in the future, that might become his real reason in working for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in the future.-

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