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Xu Yi was scared

“Li…..Elder Lisanya, you…..what did you say”

Although elder Illusia wasnt as shocked as Xu Yi, she also looked at elder Lisanya in surprise, but she didnt ask anything.

“I asked if you want to copulate with me.” Elder Lisanya casually repeated again before pointing at Xu Yis lower body, “I specially sent several beautiful girls from our tribe for you, but youve never been interested. But when you were in front of me and Illusia, you did show some signs. So I think that perhaps you are more interested in copulating with us”

“No, no, no, no, no……” Xu Yi quickly waved his hand, “Elder Lisanya, youve misunderstood, youve really misunderstood! Really! I…..”

Looking down at his little brother standing up and seeing the two looks of the elders, even if Xu Yi had already seen these two elders naked, his face turned red with embarrassment.

“This……This is just the instinct as a man. I have already explained to you and elder Illusia many times, I really dont have this meaning. Its just that this instinct…..cant be controlled at all.”

“I also said it, I dont blame you.” Elder Lisanya shook her head, “I know that this is a normal reaction for you human males, but because this is a normal reaction, it means that you do want to copulate with us, right I thought that you would be the same as normal human males and be interested in young elven girls, but based on this, it seems like youre more interested in older elven women like me and Illusia”

Xu Yi wished he could dig himself into a hole. He quickly grabbed his clothes and desperately put them on.

After he finished dressing, Xu YI forced himself to calm down.

Looking at the questioning gaze of the two elders, Xu Yi gave a cough before saying with a serious look, “Elder Lisanya, if I really had to choose, I would prefer a young elven girl. Of course, this doesnt mean that you and elder Illusia are old, rather I think that both of you are filled with charm. You are even more outstanding than most of the other elven girls.”

“Then why do you reject” Elder Lisanya had a confused look, “Since you think that Illusia and I are charming and your body even shows this, why arent you willing to copulate with me”

“These are two completely different matters!” Xu Yi had to raise his voice, “Elder Lisanya, elder Illusia, in my heart, you two are honourable elders, close to the same position as Great Magician Camilla in my eyes. Even if I have an instinctive reaction, if I were to really…..copulate with you, I definitely cant accept this.”

Elder Lisanya knit her brows and shook her head, “You humans really are a strange and contradictory race. Youre clearly willing, but you reject because of these unnecessary worries. Illusia and I arent your elders and because we have no familial relationship, I dont understand where your worries come from.”

“This……is just what is in my heart. To have me….ke, copulate with you, I cant cross this line.” Xu Yi said.

Elder Lisanya and elder Illusia looked at each other before giving sighs, “Alright, I thought that since you were interested in me and Illusia, you can choose to copulate with me and become familiar with copulating with elven women. Then you can choose a girl that you truly love and give birth to a descendant with her. Now it seems like you humans think too much and I cant understand it.”

Xu Yi gave a bitter laughed. Elder Lisanya went around in a circle just for this matter.

Those elven girls had been here for half a year and he had always rejected them. Elder Lisanya was clearly getting impatient, not even hesitating to use herself to reach her goal.

This approach showed the clear difference in characters between elder Lisanya and elder Illusia.

If it was elder Illusia, she wouldnt use this method to make him accept an elven girl if he rejected.

But when he turned to look at elder Illusia, he found that her eyes were looking at his lower half and she seemed to be in thought.

“Could it be that elder Illusia also had this idea” Xu Yi suddenly felt a chill come over him.

He was clear that elder Lisanya and elder Illusia were elven Great Magicians who were as strong as Great Magician Camilla. If the two of them decided to use force with him, he couldnt resist at all.

Xu Yis worries didnt come true. The two elders pondered for a bit before elder Lisanya gave a sigh and said with a look of regret, “I was interested in copulating with human males, but since chairman Xu isnt willing, then just forget about it. But chairman Xu, the proposal that Illusia and I gave you, we agreed to give you a year to consider. A year is about to come and if you arent willing to make a decision, Illusia and I take away your right to choose and help you make a choice. I hope that you wont regret it when the time comes.”

Xu Yi couldnt help revealing a bitter smile.

Because of this, he had argued countless times with the two elders.

But no matter what he said, the two elders insisted on Xu Yi choosing an elven girl to be with because they needed to have Xu Yi give birth to a descendant with an elven girl. This matter had an important meaning and it was very important to them, so they didnt allow Xu Yi to reject them.

Xu Yi had always resisted this matter, but now that he saw that elder Lisanya was willing to offer herself for this matter, Xu Yis heart couldnt help loosening a bit.

Perhaps……It was something acceptable to find an elven girl to be with

What made Xu Yi really worry was that he rejected being used as a stud horse.

But even if he had little contact with the elven girls that elder Lisanya had sent to avoid this matter, he would be used as a stud horse no matter who he chose…..


“That isnt certain.” Still shook her head with a smile, “Xu Yi, youve forgotten a person. If you choose her, you wont feel like youre being used as astud horse.

After the two elders left, Still came to ask Xu Yi about the situation like usual.

Xu Yi didnt hide anything as the two spoke. He completely told Still what elder Lisanya had said and the worries that were in his heart.

Actually, as the person that Xu Yi thought that would reject the most to the two elders having Xu Yi choose an elven girl to be with, Still didnt actually have any objections. Rather she was very active in this matter and urged Xu Yi to choose one as soon as possible.

According to Stills thoughts it wasnt strange for Xu Yi to have several women with his status. Anyways, she had already accepted Liz and Linda as Xu Yis women, so she felt that it was more interesting if Xu Yi chose an elven girl.

Xu Yi didnt know whether to laugh or cry at this, but this did reduce his mental burden. There was only the worry of being used as astud horse.

However, Still now said that Xu Yi had forgotten a person.


“Of course its Agnes.” Still said with a smile.

Xu Yi was stunned before suddenly understanding.

Right, if it was an elven girl, the one he was closest to was Agnes.

This was the first elven girl that Xu Yi had met. She had been acquainted with Xu Yi for over four years now and they were very close, so they didnt feel unfamiliar with each other at all.

But it was because both sides were close that Xu Yi had always unconsciously rejected the matter that Agnes was an elven girl.

If he came together with Agnes, Xu Yi wouldnt feel that he was being used as a stud horse.


“How can that be, Ive always treated Agnes as a little sister, just like Vivian. If I be together with her, wouldnt that be too strange” Xu Yi shook his head as he said this.

Still revealed a faint smile and poked Xu Yis face with a finger, “Dont think that I dont know, havent you been moved by Agnes before Such a beautiful and cute elven girl, which normal mans heart wouldnt be moved”

Xu Yi revealed an awkward smile.

He indeed had been moved by Agnes before, but after knowing her for a long time, he had already treated Agnes as a family member. He was treating her as a little sister just like Vivian.

“Actually you just said Vivian……” Still had a strange smile on her face, “Xu Yi, do you know, Vivian has said many times that she will definitely marry you in the future, but you are saying that you treat her like a little sister. If Vivian were to know about this, she would definitely be very hurt.”

Xu Yi could only reveal a bitter smile, “Still, I have you now and Liz and Linda, I feel that is already enough. If I have anymore, whether it is energy, time, or the most important thing, emotions, I wouldnt have enough. I hope that I wont become an irresponsible person and let you be hurt.”

“You…..” Still reached out to touch Xu Yis face. She gently stroked it as she had a loving look in her eyes, “Xu Yi, you are too gentle sometimes and think about others too much. Actually, many people, like Liz, Linda, and Vivian just need to stay by your side and they would feel very happy. Rather if you keep having this kind of thought and cant decide your relationship with them, you will always hurt them, do you understand”

Xu Yi was stunned, “Really”

“Of course.” Still said with a sigh, “Do you know, Ive already seen Vivian cry secretly several times. Ive asked her and she said that youve rarely talked to her during this time and youve even seen her less. She feels that you dont like her, so she is afraid.”

Xu Yi paused for a bit before saying with a sigh, “If it was like this, and she really married me, I still wont have that much time to spend with her, so wouldnt she feel even more lonely and afraid”

“No, its not the same. Vivian needs a sense of security from you and in name right now, she is just your slave. She is afraid that you will abandon her, but if you marry her, at least she will feel much more relieved.”

Xu Yi fell silent.

He was quite good with machines and had decent talent when it came to magic, but he didnt have any talent when it came to men and women relationships.

If it wasnt for Stills reminder, he wouldnt even know what Vivian was thinking.

After thinking for a bit, Xu Yi said with a sigh, “Then what about Agness She is different from Vivian, right”

“Agnes is better than Vivian and she is a bright and progressive elven girl. Shes told me that she likes you and is willing to be with you, I believe that is her true intentions and there arent any other ideas. I think that if you must choose an elven girl to be with, Agnes is your best choice.”

Xu Yi nodded. After thinking for a bit, he asked, “Then you, Still, what are your true thoughts”

Still revealed a faint smile, “As your wife, isnt the most important thing to support my husband You can do what you want to do, no matter what choice you make, I will support you.”

Xu Yi pinched Stills face with a smile. He thought that although Still had made her decision, he couldnt completely let go.

When it came to this, he felt that it would be better if he was a male lead in a web novel creating at a harem. At least that way he wouldnt have any mental burdens and would make his choice much easier.-

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