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Magic Industry Empire Volume 4 Chapter 128 - Fortifications

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Volume 4 Sevenis trip to the Stantine Duchy this time was in name to discuss business between the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Lampuri Kingdom with Xu Yi, but according to her ideas, this was an excuse to relax for a few days.

She indeed did implement this goal. Other than “hiring” the western army to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce which she discussed with Xu Yi, the rest of the cooperation would be handled by the subordinates that she brought.

Accordingly, Xu Yi didnt care about this at all. As for the negotiations, he would hand it to Kennard and the other staff, he would just play with Seveni for a few days.

According to Seveni, other than Xu Yi, there is no one else in the Lampuri Kingdom that is like Xu Yi. No one else acted casually in front of her, treating her like a normal friend, which made her feel very happy.

During these two days, other than taking Seveni swimming and enjoying the sunny beach, he had also brought Seveni to the stimulating car races in his territory. They had even boarded a small Magic Speed Boat and felt the wind on the sea.

On the final day, Xu Yi brought Seveni onto a Magic Airship and let her experience the feeling of soaring in the sky.

After they finished riding it, the excited Seveni directly requested Xu Yi to specially custom the first Magic Airship for her.

This Magic Airship wouldnt be paid by the Lampuri Kingdom, rather it would be paid from Sevenis own pockets.

It had to be known, although Seveni was the queen of the Lampuri Kingdom, her personal finances werent good. Now that she was willing to pay three hundred thousand gold coins for a Magic Airship, it could be seen how much she liked it.

Two days later, Seveni returned to the Lampuri Kingdom after her short vacation in the Stantine Duchy. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce that had been on high alert because of her visit let out a sigh of relief and returned to their normal lives.

Entering summer, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces household magic machines reached a peak in their sales.

In just the month of June, with the final count, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce sold three hundred and sixty thousand Magic Fans, eighty thousand Magic Air Conditioners, and the Magic Refrigerators were a bit less with only thirty thousand units.

With these three types of most popular household magic machines, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had a shocking sales number of one million five hundred and seventy thousand gold coins.

As for the magic machine workshop side, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Cars were greatly welcomed in the Rudson Kingdom.

First they sold over four thousand medium and small transport Magic Cars and over seven hundred large transport Magic Cars. Just with the transport Magic Cars, they earned profits of over six hundred thousand gold coins.

Then there were the Magic Sedans, because all the nobles and merchants wanted them, there were a large amount of sales once it was released.

In just the month of June, the Magic Sedans sold over three hundred units in the Rudson Kingdom, bringing a profit of fifty thousand gold coins for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Although this profit was lower than the other departments, Xu Yi believed that there was a broad market for the Magic Sedans.

When the living conditions of the common citizens in the Rudson Kingdom gradually became better, the Magic Sedans would sell as well as the cars on earth and their sales would explode.

As for the Lampuri Kingdom, there were already signs of this.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces cooperation with the Lampuri Kingdom didnt include Magic Cars, so when Magic Sedans were being sold in the Lampuri Kingdom, they were considered imported goods and there had to be a tariff paid on them. So the price was a bit higher.

But even like this, the Magic Sedans were still popular in the Lampuri Kingdom.

As the place of origin for the Magic Sedans, almost all the nobles and merchants of the Lampuri Kingdom had to have one.

If you were still riding a horse carriage, it was simply considered shameful and they couldnt go out.

What Xu Yi really cared about was that there was some demand for Magic Sedans among the citizens.

These citizens werent nobles or rich merchants, but they still wanted the Magic Sedans.

But these citizens didnt have enough financial power to pay a thousand gold coins at once for a Magic Sedan, so Xu Yi began considering following the method on earth to allow for installment payments.

Although there was a risk doing this on the Sines Continent, after considering the market factors, Xu Yi thought that this idea was worth it.

However, ignoring those citizens, there were over six hundred Magic Sedans sold in the Lampuri Kingdom last month, creating profits of over a hundred thousand gold coins.

However, when it came to the transport and passenger Magic Cars, there was an explosive number of sales. In June, these two classes of Magic Cars had sold a shocking thirteen thousand units in the Lampuri Kingdom!

Just with this, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce earned terrifying profits of close to two million gold coins!

Then adding in the various bicycles, tires, production magic machines, and such, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had sales of over five million gold coins in the month of June!

Even if they put aside all the costs, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces net profit in this month was still over three million gold coins.

This was also not counting the profits from the military magic machines.

Of course, in terms of the military magic machines, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt earn that much money.

Xu Yi obtained a large piece of territory in the ceasefire agreement with Count Wein, but he also needed to provide Count Wein with a large amount of military magic machines.

And now that Xu Yi had reached an agreement with Seveni, Xu Yi was hiring the western army from Seveni. In order to increase the battle strength of the western army, Xu Yi naturally had to prepare some military magic machines for them.

Even if Xu Yi was clear that it was impossible to take back the military magic machines he equipped the western army with, which meant he was giving it for free, he lacked people right now. With the support of the western army, there were many things that could be solved.

With the current finances of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they could support this consumption.

After June passed, even in the scorching heat, the Lampuri Kingdoms western army equipped with a large amount of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces military magic machines headed off into the Black Rice Wasteland.

If the western army dared to do this before, it would naturally be met with the fierce resistance of the beastmen on the Black Rice Wasteland. They would think that the human kingdom was invading the Black Rice Wasteland, taking the territory that belonged to the beastmen.

But this time, the beastmen of the Black Rice Wasteland didnt respond at all. When the western army passed the beastmen tribes, they received warm welcomes from them and received large amounts of supplies.

It was clear that this was the role the Frestech Chamber of Commerce played.

When the Frestech Chamber of Commerce first came to invest in factories, all the beastmen were hostile. But after several years of development, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the other companies were all accepted by the beastmen.

The reason was very simple, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the other human companies brought them better lives.

After moving through the Black Rice Wasteland unimpeded, the western army came to the border between the Sack Kingdom and the Black Rice Wasteland. Working with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Amrit Chamber of Commerce, they began building fortifications.

These fortifications were different from building walls on both sides, rather they were made from the newest reinforced concrete technology of the Amrit Chamber of Commerce.

When building the dam on the Sandy River, the Amrit Chamber of Commerce had built this dam with the technology of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

But after several years of accumulation, the Amrit Chamber of Commerce was now very skilled with this method of construction.

Adding in the funds and resources that came from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, these fortifications were built incredibly quickly.

In just a single month, there was a fortification that stretched over three hundred kilometers built.

If one looked at it from the outside, these fortifications looked like the Great Wall, but it was just just a bit smaller. It was only five meters tall and three meters deep.

But compared to the Great Wall, these fortifications were without a doubt much harder.

Using reinforced concrete to make these fortifications, not mentioning easily resisting the attacks of normal armies, even if a powerful Ninth Grade Magician like Xu Yi bombed it for half a day, there wouldnt be a single dent.

When this fortification was built in the north of the Black Rice Wasteland, it could be said that all of the Sack Kingdoms attempts of going south was blocked. The Black Rice Wasteland wouldnt be harrassed and could safely develop.

For the Lampuri Kingdom, this was also very beneficial.

Without worry for the Black Rice Wasteland, the Lampuri Kingdom could concentrate more on the kingdoms north.

So although there were many voices of opposition for Seveni “hiring” the wester army to Xu Yi, when Xu Yi proposed this method of cooperation, it received full support.

Of course, Xu Yi wasnt actually willing to do this.

These defenses seemed impregnable to the people of the Sines Continent, but for Xu Yi, these defenses didnt have any meaning at all and couldnt defend against a truly powerful attack.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had invested a total of three million gold coins to build these fortifications.

If this amount was used for other things, there would definitely be more returns.

But in order to receive the approval of the Lampuri Kingdoms royal army and to create a stable environment in the Black Rice Wasteland, this three million gold coins had to be spent.

But for Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the Black Rice Wasteland was only one place that had to become stable. There was another place where stability was more important.

But that place wouldnt become stable……

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