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Volume 4 The Unfolding Wings Ship stopped at Caraska Island for a night.

The next morning, the materials worth over thirty thousand and the various military magic machines were carried off. The Unfolding Wings set off again, heading around eighty kilometers north of Carasaka Island, passing an island that was even bigger than Caraska Island and heading east.

This was already two hundred kilometers away from the shore and with the speed of the Unfolding Wings, they saw the black line that represented the coast by the afternoon.

Narvil put down the telescope in his hand and said to Xu Yi beside him with a smile, “Sir chairman, we should arrive at our destination smoothly. This long range sea voyage can be considered half a success.”

Xu Yi nodded with a faint smile, he couldnt help looking up at the sky that was a bit dark since it was approaching dusk.

This long range sea voyages goal other than testing the sailing ability of the Unfolding Wings, was to let Narvil and the crew get some experience with longer sailing voyages.

On the Sines Continent that wasnt technologically advanced, navigating on the boundless seas depended on experience to judge direction. They couldnt rely on using a GPS like on earth.

Narvil was this happy when he saw the coastline because even for a captain that was familiar with the seas in this area like him, he wasnt completely confident that the Unfolding Wings could accurately reach their destination.

The technology of this world was far from the precise pinpointing of satellites, so Xu Yi couldnt nitpick any part of Narvils work.

Even if he felt helpless over the situation, he still had to give honest praise to Narvils work.

It had to be known, Xu Yi had spent quite a bit of time finding a captain like Narvil.

To have a crew that was skilled in sailing on the sea, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had to slowly train them themselves.

“What is the consumption so far” Xu Yi thought about it before asking Narvil this.

“Its still good.” Narvil replied with a relaxed look, “Its the same as the test voyages that we took, it currently consumed around seventy three tons of Magic Crystals. With the calculation for the course, it should be around one hundred and fifty kilograms of Magic Crystal for each kilometer.”

“Around one hundred and fifty kilograms” Xu Yi thought about it before nodding, “Un, this isnt bad. This consumption is acceptable.”

According to the new standard of Magic Crystals the magic research facility put out, a kilogram of Magic Crystal refined by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce contained one Ev of magic.

One Ev of magic, it was enough to power the newest model of Frestech Brand Magic Fan for three days.

This Unfolding Wings took countless times more magic than the Magic Fan, so just sailing one kilometer on the sea took one hundred and fifty Ev of magic.

With the Frestech Chamber of Commerces cost of twenty gold coins per ton of refined magic crystal, it meant that they were spending three gold coins at a rate of one kilometer per one hundred and fifty kilograms of Magic Crystal.

To Xu Yi, such a large transport ship only took three gold coins of resources for each kilometer, this was simply equal to having no cost.

If this was placed on earth, this would become a fantasy.

Of course, this was because Magic Crystals could be found all over the Sines Continent. So these things werent valuable and normal Magic Crystals were the same as rocks to people.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce currently had seventeen different Magic Crystals mines under them, which they only paid less than a million gold coins for.

And the cost of refining magic crystals was mainly focused on mining the Magic Crystals, there were no other investments, so it was quite cheap.

Based on this, the Unfolding Wings Ship which had a carry capacity of three thousand tons had a terrifyingly low transport cost.

But in the past two years, as the magic machines of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the other companies became popular, people began to care about the consumption of Magic Crystals.

The price of the normal Magic Crystals on the market didnt change, but for medium and high quality Magic Crystals, there were some clear changes.

Based on these signs, the people of the Sines Continent began gradually to notice the importance of Magic Crystals.

Xu Yi naturally could see this trend, so he wildly purchased Magic Crystal mines in these two years. He encouraged Evita to continue the Magic Crystal refinement research just to prepare for the fight over energy in the future.

Coming back to the Unfolding Wings, other than using power to move, there were naturally other places that cost them on this large ship.

As for these other costs, other than the daily needs of the crew, they were mainly featured on the various details of the cabins.

For example, there was a gate to a warehouse that wouldnt open yesterday and the reason for that was a loose screw.

When he heard this report, Xu Yis face sank, “Who was the one responsible for the screws to the warehouse Write down their name and give them a second grade warning, as well as taking away their bonus for this month. As for the person who was in charge of that person, they will also lose their bonus this month and receive a third grade warning.”

Narvil secretly stuck out his tongue and thought that sir chairman really was strict.

It was just a loose screw, but he was giving such serious punishment, even punishing the person in charge.

But thinking about it, although the Unfolding Wings was big and had room for these errors, when navigating the dangerous seas, it was best to be as strict as possible.

Sir chairmans actions were to follow this concept.

As the person who spent the most time on the Unfolding Wings, Narvil supported Xu Yis actions very much.

Narvil also reported the other small problems on the Unfolding Wings and Xu Yi gave other punishments without any hesitation.

With how Xu Yi did things, once the Unfolding Wings returned to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces harbour, these punishments would definitely be issued.

Although they were strict, Narvil was certain that the people being punished wouldnt complain at all.

Xu Yi had absolute power in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce because he always handled matters fairly. Those that made mistakes would be punished and he didnt spare on giving rewards to those who deserved it.

So when the Frestech Chamber of Commerces staff discussed in secret, they felt that as long as they were willing to work hard, they would definitely be rewarded well.

As Narvil reported to Xu Yi, the Unfolding Wings sped across the sea at a steady pace.

Xu Yi listened to Narvil while looking at the approaching coast and he found that there was black smoke rising from the distance.

Xu Yi was surprised and took the telescope from Narvil, as he looked at the coast.

Through the lens, he saw countless figures on the coast, but he couldnt see clearly since they were too far away.

Narvil also noticed the strange things happening on the coast. When he was about to ask Xu Yi, there was an explosion that came from the coast.

From this far, the explosion rang out this clearly, which showed how loud it had been.

Not only did Xu Yi and Narvil notice this, the other crew members all turned over to look at the coast and they were all surprised.

Xu Yi put down the telescope and said to Narvil in a deep voice, “Send down the order to move quicker, we have to rush to the Black Rice Harbour!”

Narvil quickly replied before taking out his Magic Communicator to give the order to the crew to speed up.

After a while, the Unfolding Wings trembled and the giant ship began moving faster gradually. It went from a speed of thirty kilometers an hour to over forty kilometers an hour.

This was the current max speed of the Unfolding Wings and normally they wouldnt move at this speed because it greatly increased their consumption, even pushing it to twice the normal consumption.

Moreover, this state put several times more pressure on the entire hull, so it was easy for parts of it to escape their control.

But in this situation, they couldnt care that much.

Quickly approaching the coast, Xu Yi could see the situation on the coast through the telescope and his expression kept sinking.

This Black Rice Harbour was established near the endless sea and the goal was to let every factory on the Black Rice Wasteland be connected to the sea by the harbour, then being transported to other places on the continent through marine transport.

This harbour was the Black Rice Wastelands window to the sea, it was very important to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and many factories under the other companies.

It was built last year and until now, the harbour was only half complete. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had already invested over three million gold coins into this.

Moreover, to use this harbour, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Amrit Chamber of Commerce had built a road through the entire Black Rice Wasteland, it was over five hundred kilometers long.

Just this road had cost the Frestech Chamber of Commerce close to a million gold coins.

Thus it could be seen how much importance Xu Yi placed on this harbour.

But now, there were countless people with weapons in their hands running around the harbour.

There were fireballs that flew in from outside that landed inside the harbour, creating a sea of flames in the harbour.

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