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Volume 4 Actually if Lord Wein wanted it, even if those people wanted to leave his territory, he had a hundred ways to stop them. He could definitely forcefully stop his citizens from leaving his territory.

Because lords had absolute power in their territory, so unless those citizens escaped far away, they definitely couldnt go against his words, not to mention running to Xu Yis territory right beside his.

But when Xu Yi mentioned this matter to Lord Wein, Lord Weins attitude was different from the rejection from before. He told Xu Yi that since his people wanted to leave, as long as they could pay the compensation for themselves, he wouldnt stop them.

This was naturally disguised consent.

So after negotiating a bit, Xu Yi on the behalf of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce reached an agreement with Lord Wein.

According to this agreement, Lord Wein would let five thousand people “willingly” move to Xu Yi[‘s territory.

According to the silent rules of the Sines Continent and the rules set by the Stantine Duchy, Xu Yi as the lord of the territory they were moving to, he had to pay the moving expenses for these people to Lord Wein, which was a hundred and fifty gold coins per person.

Other than paying compensation for those citizens to Lord Wein, Xu Yi had to pay another seven hundred thousand gold coins to Lord Wein.

This agreement had a price of two million and two hundred thousand gold coins. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce proposed using goods to pay which Lord Wein agreed to.

In the final deal, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would pay Lord Wein five hundred thousand gold coins and the rest would be paid with some household magic machines, as well as four batches of military magic machines.

Other than this, Lord Wein had also requested the Frestech Chamber of Commerce help him fight three times.

The final request was related to the situation in the Stantine Duchy.

After defeating Count Fran, Lord Wein had not digested all the resources on Count Frans territory before he declared war on three lords near him, which he had won.

In just a single month, he routed two lords and the remaining lord could only retreat without the ability to fight back.

He believed that it wouldnt take long to defeat that final lord.

This situation had attracted everyones attention in the Stantine Duchy.

If Lord Wein defeated these three lords and swallowed all their territory, the territory under Lord Wein would reach a shocking ten thousand square kilometers, making him the lord with the largest territory in the north of the Stantine Duchy.

Even in the Stantine Duchy, other than Duke Stantine, he was one of the strongest lords.

Moreover because the population was more dense in the north than in the south, once Lord Wein took these three territories, he would have over five hundred thousand people under him. Next to Duke Stantine, he would be the one with the most people in his territory.

With his current military strength, the overall strength of Lord Wein could already match Duke Stantine.

This naturally caused the other lords of the Stantine Duchy to be wary.

Lord Weins strength suddenly increased and he had defeated four lords of the same strength as him, including Count Fran. He wouldnt stop after this, he would definitely aim his army at the other lords.

He might even…..challenge Duke Stantine!

In the Stantine Duchy which revered power, if Lord Wein could beat Duke Stantine, then Lord Wein might become the next Duke Stantine and control the most power in the Stantine Duchy.

Suddenly the situation in the north of the Stantine Duchy became tense.

Accordingly, all kinds of orders for military magic machines came to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

The lords had been doubtful towards the Frestech Chamber of Commerce before, but after seeing the power that Lord Wein gained from these military magic machines and proving this in battle, all the lords in the Stantine Duchy no longer felt doubt.

Because the production capacity of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wasnt enough, they couldnt satisfy all these needs at once, so many lords began raising the prices.

These lords naturally didnt have gold coins to pay, so before this, most lords used resources to trade with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and most lords still used this method.

In the past, a carriage of normal quality iron ores could be traded for ten Magic Repeating Crossbows or a Magic Bazooka, but now it costs three carriages or more of high grade iron ore for this.

If one looked over the Stantine Duchy from above, they would find a strange scene.

From all places of the Stantine Duchy, there were horse carriages that were like ants that carried all kinds of ores to the northwest, centralizing around Xu Yis territory.

After these various ores were delivered, those horse carriages would return to their original places with military magic machines.

If one watched for some time, they would find that on the way to and back, there would be many robberies.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce only traded based on the resources they received, they werent responsible for the transport.

You want to buy things Alright, come yourself.

You want to take things away Ok, you can do it yourselves still.

If there was a company that dared to adopt this irresponsible approach on earth, they would be scolded to death by all the consumers.

But in this place, everyone felt it was natural and there was no one who complained at all.

Every time Xu Yi saw the large amounts of ores being transported to his territory to exchange for a few military magic machines, he couldnt help feeling a bit guilty.

Oh dear, we dont do free shipping.

However when those motorcades that the lords sent received the military magic machines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they were all happy and didnt complain at all.

As for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce giving shipping They never thought of it.

Compared to the lords of the Stantine Duchy, Xu Yi treated Seveni completely differently.

He supported Seveni with various military magic machines. Not only did the Frestech Chamber of Commerce transport the military magic machines into the Lampuri Kingdom, they even allowed Seveni to owe them.

It could be said that in the five years the Frestech Chamber of Commerce operated, Seveni was the first customer that was allowed to owe them and was given priority.

It had to be known that every product of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was popular, there wasnt a shortage of demand.

Before this, there were others who paid the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in advance, hoping that they would give them a portion of their goods early. When has anyone ever owed the Frestech Chamber of Commerce money

But no one in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce dared to raise an objection to Xu Yis decision.

Everyone understood that this was Xu Yis investment in Seveni, which could be considered a bet.

If Seveni succeeded in taking over the Lampuri Kingdom, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would definitely receive a greater return from the Lampuri Kingdom compared to their current investment.

The only problem was, her highness Seveni…..would she succeed

In the fall and winter of year 3784, in just three short months, Seveni had used iron like fact to prove everyone that Xu Yi had wise judgement, as well as the great power that came with the support of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

In the beginning of October, her highness Seveni gave a speech on her territory, once again clearly condemning Duke Stagg as a traitor. She said that as the former kings blood related little sister and her status as the princess, she would subjugate him.

Three days later, Duke Stagg stated that her highness Sevenis words were clearly slander and just wanted to deny Prince Williams right to inherit the throne, taking the throne for herself. He sent out a decree on behalf of Prince William and labeled Seveni as a traitor.

A week later, both sides gathered their armies and the Lampuri Kingdoms civil war officially began.

In the beginning, everyone thought that her highness Seveni was fighting a hopeless battle.

Because in the year that King Eric took the throne, the entire Lampuri Kingdom had almost fallen into the control of Duke Stagg.

During this time, Duke Stagg had used various methods to suppress the voices of opposition to himself while greatly increasing the power of his family.

Her highness Seveni had gone into hiding during this year, so not only were many nobles forced to change sides, she had even disbanded a part of her personal guards.

The difference in power between both sides was like heaven and earth.

However, when the civil war erupted, the facts were something that no one expected.

First, after her highness Seveni gave her announcement, close to half the cities in the Lampuri Kingdom showed their support for her.

Less than half supported King William and Duke Stagg and the rest of the cities remained neutral, so her highness Seveni had the stronger momentum.

When Sevenis personal guards clashed with the second army that Duke Stagg sent out, the results were shocking.

The second army that was said to be only weaker than the first army couldnt actually fight back at all.

The second army had fifteen thousand people and Sevenis guards only had three thousand people.

Such an astonishing victory was unbelievable to everyone.

How had Sevenis guards revealed such a shocking battle strength

Could it be because they were equipped with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce military magic machines

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