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Volume 4 The two silently looked at each other for a bit before Xu Yi swallowed a mouthful of saliva and hesitantly asked, “Could it be…..His majesty Lampuri Thirteenth was……”

“Theres no need to guess, yes.” Seveni gave a nod.

Even if he had already guessed it, hearing Seveni confirm it now, Xu Yi was shocked and speechless for a while.

Looking at Sevenis bitter expression, he finally understood why Seveni suddenly became like this, why she suddenly became so lonely and helpless.

Based on this, Seveni was actually very strong.

Because if someone else encountered something like this, they would have collapsed already.

“This……When did you find out” Xu Yi thought about it before asking.

“I didnt learn about it that long ago.” Seveni gave a sigh, “Even if I already knew, what could I have done”

Xu Yi had nothing to say.

After a while, Xu Yi tentatively asked, “You…..dont want to take revenge for Lampuri Thirteenth”

“Of course I did.” Seveni said with a bitter smile, “But Eric is the king of the Lampuri Kingdom now, even if I want to take revenge for royal father, it would create civil strife in the kingdom. Royal father treasured the kingdom the most and I know him, he definitely wouldnt want me to make the kingdom fall into turmoil just to take revenge for him. Xu Yi, what do you think I should do”

Xu Yi was once again speechless.

Even if Seveni was from a normal family, it would be hard to make a choice in this situation. Not to mention that she came from the royal family, every action that she took would affect the Lampuri Kingdom.

This choice was even more difficult for Seveni.

Xu Yi thought about it and finally he could only give a bitter laugh.

“Seveni, I finally understand why you suddenly wanted to escape. Encountering something like this, if it was me, I would also want to escape……”

Seveni turned to look in the direction of the Lampuri Kingdom and said with a sigh, “If Eric took the right path for the Lampuri Kingdom and could make it stronger, I wouldnt feel unwilling about choosing to escape, but the current Lampuri Kingdom…..”

Seeing Sevenis tightly knit brows, Xu Yi gave a bitter laugh in his heart.

Seveni chose to give the throne to Eric back then, but now she chose to flee in this situation. She turned her back on her conscience by not taking revenge for Lampuri Thirteenth, it was nothing more than for the stability and honour of the Lampuri Kingdom.

But Seveni never would have thought that after Eric became king for only a year, the Lampuri Kingdom would become this bad and there were even rebels that had appeared.

In Sevenis mind, was there a bit of regret

Of course, Xu Yi wouldnt ask this question.

Thinking about it, Xu Yi comforted her, “You dont need to worry too much. Although the kingdom isnt stable, everything is heading in a good direction. According to the various information, King Eric is trying to break away from Duke Stagg and gain the authority of a king. Moreover, it can be seen that he is seriously considering the Lampuri Kingdom. Look, he even reduced some of the restrictions on our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, letting our products freely move through the Lampuri Kingdom. I think…..as long as he keeps acting this way, the Lampuri Kingdom will become stronger.”

Seveni was silent for a bit before slowly nodding, “I hope that it will be like this. If he can make the kingdom prosperous and strong, although I will never forgive him, I will be happy for the kingdom.”

Although Xu Yi didnt support Sevenis thoughts, he could understand them.

Coming from the royal family, she had to be responsible for the kingdom, so naturally the choices she made were different from normal peoples.

In terms of her emotions, of course it was impossible for Seveni to forgive Eric, but for the benefit of the Lampuri Kingdom, she could only concede.

Seveni turned to look at the horizon and after staring for a while, she suddenly asked, “Xu Yi, tell me……On the other side of the sea, is there really another continent”

“Perhaps.” Xu Yi replied with a faint smile, “From logical deduction, this world shouldnt only have our Sines Continent. When our company develops the open sea Magic Boats, I will organize a fleet and explore this worlds unknown continent. Seveni, are you interested in going together”

Sevenis eyes finally revealed a bit of emotion as she said with a nod, “Un, Im very interested. I dont have any good feelings about the Sines Continent, exploiting a new continent is a very suitable matter for me.”

Xu Yi gave a sigh his heart, but he still maintained his smile, “Exploring the new continent might my thrilling, but it isnt as fun as you would imagine, so you should prepare yourself when the time comes.”

“Theres still several years before you can create the fleet, right With such a long time, I can properly prepare my heart.” Seveni revealed a smile and turned back to the direction of the Lampuri Kingdom, “This is also good, I can see if Eric will become a proper king in these few years.”

“What if he cant.”

But Xu Yi couldnt ask this question.

Seveni stared in the Lampuri Kingdoms direction for a while before closing her eyes and taking several deep breaths. When she opened her eyes again, her expression had returned to normal.

“Xu Yi, thank you for listening to me vent. Ive suppressed this matter in my heart for several months and if I couldnt find someone to vent to, I would have definitely gone insane. Now that Ive poured my heart out to you, I feel much better.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Theres no need to be polite, we are friends, this is what I should do. But…..Seveni, you told me such an important secret, youre not afraid I would tell anyone else”

“I believe you, you wont do that.” Seveni shook her head with a smile, “Not to mention that even if you did, no one would believe, right”

Xu Yi thought about it before revealing a smile.

Indeed, he was only the chairman of a company. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had been chased out of the Lampuri Kingdom, so he had no right to speak there.

Even if he did, with such a serious matter, how could people believe it just because of his words

Of course, it was impossible for Xu Yi to reveal this matter.

This was an important secret between him and Seveni.

Seveni chose no one else and chose to give him this important secret, it proved that he was very trusted in Sevenis heart.

The two silently looked at each other for a bit before Seveni stood up with a smile.

“Alright, I finally said that secret that Ive kept for many months now, I feel much better now. Xu Yi, according to your plan, I might stay here to bother you for another three to five years, wont you get sick of me”

Xu Yi stood up with a laugh and stretched his arms out in a welcoming manner, “I welcome you to stay very much. You can stay however long you want, you can even stay here forever.”

Sevenis face turned red as she looked at Xu Yi, “You really want to keep me here my entire life”

“Of……” When Xu Yi said this, he suddenly saw Sevenis strange expression and understood.

His words were a bit ambiguous.

Xu Yi awkwardly rubbed his nose and after thinking about it, he said with a serious look, “Seveni, you should know that Ive never treated you as the princess and have always treated you as my friend. Since you are a friend, helping you is what I should do. You dont need to worry and just treat my territory as your home.”

“Home” A bitter look appeared on Sevenis face, “After royal father died, my home has already disappeared.

Xu Yi gave a sigh in his heart, but he said with a smile, “Then treat this place as your new home.”

“Is that so” Seveni looked at Xu Yi with a ghost of a smile before waving her hand at him, “Alright, well leave it here today. Xu Yi, Ive already revealed the biggest secret in my heart to you, so I might keep coming here to reveal small secrets from now on, you should prepare yourself.”

Seeing the expression on Sevenis face, Xu Yi couldnt help smiling.

Being able to joke with him, it meant that Seveni finally unlocked the knot in her heart.

Although she might never be able to untie this knot, with her strength and with the passing of time, she could walk out bit by bit.

Xu Yi spread his hands, “Come anytime.”

Seveni waved her hand at Xu Yi with a smile before turning to leave.

Xu Yi thought about it, but he didnt stop her.

Seveni had revealed her heart to him today, it had taken courage.

She looked very peaceful now, but her heart must be filled with waves.

At this time, it was better for her to be alone for a bit.

Xu Yi watched Seveni. When she was about to walk out the back, he suddenly heard noise come from the front like several people charging in.

Hearing the shocked cry of Liz in the front yard, Xu Yi knit his brows and came out together with Seveni who was equally shocked.

Before they reached the gate, there was a figure that charged in from outside. The two looked at this person and found that it was the cavalry commander under Seveni, Merlock.

Seeing the terrified expression on Merlocks face, the two were more stunned.

What had happened for him to react like this

Merlock saw Seveni and fell down. Before the two could speak, he said while panting, “His…..His majesty…..His majesty, he…..He……Collapsed!”


Seveni and Xu Yi were instantly stunned.

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