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Magic Industry Empire Volume 4 Chapter 76 - Flames of rage

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There was an annoying sound coming from the Magic Fan. The blades suddenly began slowing down and after a while, it stopped with an ear grating sound.

Aunt Ailiman glared at the Quedec Brand Magic Fan on the table and loudly shouted, “Old man, this damn Magic Fan is broken again!”

Old man Kutch came from the back room covered in sweat and looked at the Magic Fan on the table before he couldnt help cursing.

“This damn Quedec Brand Magic Fan, how many times has it broken this month”

Aunt Ailiman gave a cold snort, “I already told you that you had to buy a Frestech Brand if you were to buy a Magic Fan, but you wouldnt listen. You brought back this broken Quedec Brand Magic Fan that breaks every time we use it, isnt it annoying”

Old man Kutch angrily glared back at her, “I already told you that I cant buy the Frestech Brand, alright Dont you know that its very difficult for our Lampuri Kingdom to buy the Frestech Brand magic machines Where do you want me to get one from”

“Even if you cant buy the Frestech Brand, you should at least buy a Rigg Brand Magic Fan. If you still cant, even buying a Silband Brand Magic Fan is better than this damn Quedec Brand! Why did you have to buy this broken thing”

Its easy for people to get angry when it was hot and after being agitated by aunt Ailiman like this, old man Kutch was filled with anger. He angrily waved his arms and shouted, “How many times do you want me to say it Not to mention the Frestech Brand, I cant even get a single Rigg Brand or Silband Brand Magic Fan! Let me tell you, starting last month, other than the Quedec Brand Magic Fan, you cant buy any other brands!”

Aunt Ailiman was stunned, “Then why was it that when I helped out at Viscount Enriques place, I saw two Silband Brand Magic Fans in the rooms of the servants”

“Nonsense, can I compare to Lord Viscount Enrique They bought it from the Seveni Chamber of Commerce, I dont have that connection. Then again, the Silband Brand Magic Fan is three silver coins more expensive than the Quedec Brand, of course I would choose the cheaper one.”

“So what if its cheaper Now that its broken, those golden coins have gone to waste!” Aunt Ailiman angrily said.

“How could I know that this damn Quedec Brand Magic Fan is this useless” Old man Kutch angrily waved his hand, “Alright, alright, stop talking, Ill bring it for repairs now. Damn thing, it costs up to ten silver coins to repair it each time, Ive already spent several dozen silver coins fixing this thing. If I knew earlier, I would have bought a Rigg Brand Magic Fan.”

Aunt Ailiman gave a snort, but she didnt keep berating him. She just said in a cold voice, “That damn Quedec Chamber of Commerce, they had to force out the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the other companies, causing us to be unable to find a Magic Fan to buy. Humph, Ill remember this. Even if I cant buy one in the future, I wouldnt buy from the Quedec Chamber of Commerce!”

OId man Kutch shook his head. Now that the magic machine industry was controlled by the ten companies and the department, the other companies producing magic machines were just the same as the Quedec Chamber of Commerce, they were all trash.

If one decided not to buy things from the Quedec Chamber of Commerce, they might as well decide not to buy magic machines.

But once they got used to using household magic machines, it would feel very strange not using them, they might feel that it was very inconvenient.

This wasnt the case for the other cities of the Lampuri Kingdom, but the people of Banta City were already used to the more convenient lives brought to them by the household magic machines. If they were to return to their lives from before, most people would feel very uncomfortable.

However, thinking about it, since the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the other magic machine companies left Banta City and even the entire Lampuri Kingdom, the prosperity of Banta City was long gone.

Although the people of Banta City could still find jobs, it was wishful thinking if they wanted the satisfying high income from the years of before.

The young people of Banta City chose to leave it, heading to the Black Rice Wasteland, the Stantine Duchy, the Mirando Duchy, the Rudson Kingdom, and other places. They followed the companies that followed in the footsteps of the Frestech Chamber of commerce, chasing after the high wages. No one was willing to stay in Banta City to be exploited by the ten companies.

The people who stayed in Banta City had their income drop. How could they have enough money to buy the household magic machines and live the same comfortable lives as before

But these issues were something that aunt Ailiman who never read the newspaper and didnt care about the issues of the Lampuri Kingdom cared about. It didnt matter if old man Kutch told her about it, so he could only pick up the Quedec Brand Magic Fan with a shake of his head before walking out.

He walked to the Quedec Chamber of Commerces repair shop outside the city and passed a store opened by the Seveni Chamber of Commerce.

OId man Kutch only gave casual looks before and didnt pay it much attention, but because aunt Ailiman had just mentioned the Seveni Chamber of Commerce, he couldnt help taking a few more looks.

This time he noticed that the products in the Seveni Chamber of Commerce were much less compared to before.

Looking at it, the shop was empty with just a few household magic machines inside, there were even fewer store clerks.

Old man Kutch stopped to take a look and finally he couldnt take his curiosity as he walked in.

Seeing old man Kutch come in, although the clerk came over, it was clear to see that their smile was forced. They didnt seem friendly at all, like they werent willing to welcome him.

Old man Kutch was even more curious. He had heard people say that the Seveni Chamber of Commerces service was good, they would always have friendly smiles no matter who the customer was. Why did it change today

Could it be they were looking down on him

Old man Kutch was confused as he looked around the empty store. He couldnt help asking the clerk, “Did you sell everything in the store Why dont you put a few more things up It looks very bad like this.”

The two store clerks looked at each other before one said with a sigh, “Were about to close the store, so we wont put up new stock anymore. This customer, do you want to buy a Magic Fan We only have two Silband Brand Magic Fans left. If youre interested, well definitely give you a discount.”

Seeing the clerks eyes fall onto the Quedec Brand Magic Fan he was holding, old man Kutch couldnt help feeling ashamed. He took the Quedec Brand Magic Fan and hid it behind his back. When he thought about the clerks answer, he was surprised.

“Close down Why Isnt the business here good”

“We dont know the details, but weve been informed that this shop will close in one week.” The clerk replied.

Old man Kutch suddenly felt angry, “Could it be that this place is being forced to close by those bastards at the magic machine industry management department”

He felt it was wrong after thinking about it.

This was the store opened by her highness, how could the department be bold enough to force her highness Seveni to close

“Were not clear on this and were sorry we cant reply.” The clerk was clearly well trained and still had a smile, “This customer, do you still want to buy the Silband Brand Magic Fan”

Old man Kutch looked in the direction the clerk was pointing and saw a Silband Brand Magic Fan on the shelf.

Seeing the pure white plastic shell of the Magic Fan that glowed, it was clear that it was protected with carefully made alloys. Then he looked down at his rough looking Quedec Brand Magic Fan where the outer cover had many different thicknesses, old man Kutch couldnt contain the anger in his heart at all.

After a pause, old man Kutch suddenly threw the Quedec Brand Magic Fan on the ground.


Old man Kutch was quite forceful and the Quedec Brand Magic Fan wasnt that strong, so it shattered to pieces on the ground. Even the fan blades were shattered to pieces.

Looking at the pieces on the ground, old man Kutch found it didnt get rid of his anger. He raised his foot to stomp several times and finally when he saw that the Quedec Brand Magic Fan didnt look anything like it used to, only then did he stop.

The two clerks were surprised by old man Kutchs sudden actions. After watching him stomp the Quedec Brand Magic Fan like it was an enemy, the two clerks were confused.

This simple looking middle aged man, just why was he this angry

Moreover, his anger seemed unreasonable, just who was he venting on

It was a good thing that old man Kutch didnt continue. After stopping, he said to the clerk, “I want to buy a Silband Brand Magic Fan, wrap it up for me!”

“Ah Ah…..Oh, please wait a minute.” A clerk began moving towards the warehouse in the back.

As he ran off, old man Kutch suddenly shouted, “Wait.”

The clerk turned around and looked at old man Kutch with a confused look.

“You just said that you only had two Silband Brand Magic Fans left”

“Un……Thats right.”

“What about other than these two Do you have any other brands”

The clerk looked at the shattered Quedec Brand on the ground and shook their head.

“No, our shop doesnt carry the Quedec Brand Magic Fan. If you want that, please buy it from the Quedec Chamber of Commerce.”

“Bull**!” Old man Kutch angrily said, “I wont buy another broken thing from the Quedec Chamber of Commerce again even if I die! Get both of these Silband Brand Magic Fans for me, Ill buy them both!”

The two store clerks were stunned.

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