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Magic Industry Empire Volume 4 Chapter 74 - Pay with what?

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Volume 4 After being rejected by Xu Yi, elder Illusia and elder Lisanya didnt mention this matter for the following time, but they focused on helping Xu Yi grasp the unique meditation method of the elves.

After a month of focused training, Xu Yi had finally grasped a special meditation method from other human magicians.

The elves were the ones who taught humans magic. Although the elves had weakened over the thousands of years, their study in magic was much more advanced compared to humans. Adding in the accumulation of over ten thousand years, it allowed the elves to have outstanding aspects when it came to their magic.

This meditation method was one of those.

After grasping the method of the elves, Xu Yi tested it and found that there was a clear difference when it came to recovering and increasing the magic compared to his meditation method from before.

Although this required the two elders to “purify” his body several times to adapt to the magic circulation, there was no doubt of the meditation methods advantages.

Based on his speed before, if Xu Yi continued to increase his magic at a stable rate, he would have been able to control Space Magic by the age of forty and truly become a Great Magician.

But with this meditation method, Xu Yis magic increased greatly, saving him at least half the time.

To be optimistic, Xu Yi could become a great Great Magician before he turned thirty five.

As for the magic research, that depended on Xu Yis comprehension.

But this problem was what gave Xu Yi the biggest headache, which was an issue that Great Magician Camilla and the two elders were helpless over.

Xu Yi always attached importance to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the development of the magic machine industry, so his interest in magic was always secondary.

So he wouldnt invest all his effort into studying magic like other magicians, which meant that he didnt improve as fast as possible.

The only comfort was that Xu Yi was an outstanding talent, he understood magic far better than a normal magician.

Normally speaking, as long as his magic power could keep up, there was no magic that he couldnt comprehend.

So in the end, his magic power had to reach the level of a Great Magician before he could really charge into the Great Magician realm.

There was no shortcut in accumulating magic power. Even if Xu Yi had the special meditation method of the elves and his magic was greatly increasing each day, he had to meditate each day and accumulate bit by bit, waiting for that day to come.

Whether it was Great Magician Camilla or the two elders, they couldnt do a thing when it came to this. So when Xu Yi grasped the meditation method of the elves, the two elders returned to their respective tribes.

Before they left, they didnt mention the matter of marriage with Xu Yi again, which made Xu Yi think that they really gave up on this idea.

In order to increase his magic, Xu Yi had been delayed for more than two months. When the two elders left, he went back to normal from wildly studying magic and he found that there were a bunch of things for him to take care of.

In the middle of August, when the weather was at its hottest, Xu Yi appeared on the production base on the Black Rice Wasteland.

Actually it wasnt accurate to call this place a production base now since after the Frestech Chamber of Commerce left the Lampuri Kingdom, then all the other Banta City companies followed them, this production base that had been less than twenty square kilometers had increased in size by more than ten times.

There was now an industrial sector that had various large and small factories, as well as a living area that was constructed by the Amrit Chamber of Commerce, and there was a shopping area with all kinds of stores all over.

Then with all the various training camps of the various companies guards and the other management centers, this area took over ten square kilometers and was equal to a medium sized city in the Lampuri Kingdom.

Because there were various companies gathered here, with many factories and a large population, the prosperity of this place could compare to Banta City from before.

The Amrit Chamber of Commerces chairman Cruise had proposed that they develop a new city here and build a city wall around them. They would create defenses around the city, which could help block the harassment of the blind beastmen.

But Xu Yi had rejected this proposal.

The main reason for this was because this was a business area built by the various companies, it wasnt supposed to be a foundation for a city.

Without leadership in place, even if most of the companies listened to Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it was hard to unite everyone here.

Next, Xu Yi didnt want this place to become a traditional city. He wanted to create a free trade center here, which would become the magic machine industry center for the Sines Continent.

The Black Rice Wasteland was rare to control because of the beastmen who had taken this place, but it was very suitable to establish a new order here.

Xu Yi had the ambition and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had this strength. So from the beginning, Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had been sharing this idea with everyone.

This place would be a city of business, a city of freedom.

Of course, even if it couldnt become a traditional city, it could take the name of a city.

So since they were lazy, this place was called Black Rice City.

There were no City Lord Manor or city guards in Black Rice City. All the large and small matters were decided by the Business Union which was composed of the companies in Black Rice City.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce was one of the permanent members and Xu Yi as the chairman had a high position in the Business Union. He had great influence in Black Rice City.

Even the commander of the Lampuri Kingdoms western army who controlled over thirty thousand soldiers, Varian Lantis was respectful when he saw Xu Yi. He wasnt as aloof as he normally was when he met the other merchants.

“Chairman Xu, Ive been waiting for over a month now, but I never thought that you would appear today.” Varian Lantis said with a look of complaint.

Xu Yi laughed, “Im sorry, commander Lantis, Ive been busy with an important matter during this time and couldnt pull myself away. But Kennard said that you were happy when you were talking to him, so I didnt worry that much.”

“Of course, of course.” Commander Lantis nodded, “I was the one who invited chairman Xu, so the one that has to worry is of course me.”

Xu Yi shook his head with a smile, “Sir commanders words are too heavy. As for your request, Kennard has explained to me in detail and he has told me many details. In principle I dont oppose this because this is just a normal transaction. If you want to buy our companys military magic machines, we agree and want to sell, this is very normal, but……”

Commander Lantis didnt say a thing as he looked at Xu Yi, waiting for him to continue.

Seeing that commander Lantis didnt take the initiative to speak, Xu Yi gave a cough before continuing, “But sir commander, are you certain that the Lampuri Kingdoms royal army wont interfere Sir commander, you should know that Ive had some deals with the royal army, so Im very clear on the taboos of the royal army.”

Commander Lantis revealed a smile, “Kennard has raised this problem many times and Ive always told him not to worry. Now that chairman Xu is asking me again, I have the same answer. Chairman Xu, you dont need to worry about this matter. I can guarantee in my name that the military headquarters definitely wont interfere with this transaction.”

“Alright, since the sir commander is using his name as a guarantee, Ill naturally believe.” Xu Yi gave a nod, “Then lets get to the next question. Sir commander, if I may be a bit frank, I am certain that your western army cant take out that much money. Then how are you planning on paying the gold coins needed to buy the military magic machines from our company”

Commander Lantis was clearly expecting Xu Yi to ask this. He just revealed a smile after hearing this question and waved his hand at Xu Yi, leading him to a side room.

This room was very simple, but there was a large map hanging on the wall which took up the entire wall.

Commander Lantis walked over to the map and picked up a wooden stick, pointing at the map.

“Chairman Xu, do you see what is marked here This is an iron mine.” Commander Lantis said.

Xu Yi looked at the red dot the wooden stick was pointing at on the map and gave a nod.

Commander Lantis moved the stick to another red dot.

“Do you see this mark here This is also another iron mine.”

Xu Yi nodded again, but he felt a bit confused in his heart.

Commander Lantis pointed several times on the map, pointing out several iron mines, several Magic Crystal mines, and two non-ferrous metal mines.

“Chairman Xu, do you think these mines would be enough to pay for the military magic machines” Commander Lantis asked.

Xu Yi was surprised. He looked at the points commander Lantis had pointed out before asking in a surprised voice, “Sir commander, if Im not mistaken, the mines that youve just pointed out, arent they in the Sack Kingdom”

Commander Lantis revealed a dangerous smile.

“Its good that its in the Sack Kingdom. If it was in our Lampuri Kingdom, I couldnt use them to bargain.”

Xu Yi caught the real intentions behind commander Lantis words and he couldnt help narrowing his eyes.

This sir commander…..he really was wild.

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