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Magic Industry Empire Volume 4 Chapter 70 - Strong stance

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Leslie leaving the Stagg Family for Xu Yi wasnt actually that serious of a matter.

When Xu Yi met Leslie back then, he knew that Leslies ideas were different from that of the Stagg Family. Leslie had always opposed the approach of his family.

When Leslie went back to fight for the right to inherit the family, he wanted to gradually change the ideas of the Stagg Family after becoming the family head, changing the ideas of the family to his ideas.

Although he had failed now, based on his personal point, this didnt mean he had escaped.

In the end, he was Duke Staggs son. Even if Duke Staggs feelings for his son were light, it was impossible for him to do anything to him since he had the family blood in him.

Leslie wanted at least ten medium military Magic Boats from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, which required a lot of money. Without the approval of Duke Stagg, it was impossible for Leslie to take out that much money when he left the family.

Perhaps it was like Xu Yi had guessed, Duke Stagg expelling Leslie was to give an escape route for the Stagg Family.

So xu yi didnt care about Leslie being expelled. Whether Leslie went to become a pirate or he went to become a trader, Xu Yi would support him as a friend.

Other than this, this wouldnt impact Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce that much.

However, this matter had a deep influence for the Stagg Family and even the entire Lampuri Kingdom.

When the nobles of the Lampuri Kingdom heard about Duke Stagg even expelling his son from the family because Leslie went against his views, going against him targeting the other nobles of the kingdom.

They knew that Duke Stagg didnt even care about his son, so naturally he would be more ruthless towards other people.

And facts proved this.

After the news of Leslie being expelled was spread, Duke Stagg began moving even faster.

In just a single month, a large number of nobles in the Lampuri Kingdom were charged and the levels involved were getting broader and deeper.

Not only were four Counts that were City Lords losing their positions and titles, even one of the ministers in the royal army who was famed as the “Lampuri Falcon”, Duke Festalin was also jailed after being charged with treason.

Even a duke that was considered high up in terms of nobility couldnt escape. This proved just how determined and ambitious the conservative faction led by Duke Stagg was this time.

However, this created a strong resistance in the Lampuri Kingdom.

Other than the newspapers in the Lampuri Kingdom criticizing that these recent actions were shaking the stability of the kingdom, there were many nobles that were charged that fought back.

When the forces of the kingdoms parliament entered the manor of one of the City Lords and were going to capture him, they met the resistance of the City Lords private guards.

Both sides fought and the kingdoms parliament forces had over a hundred casualties before capturing that City Lord.

The guards of a noble and the forces of the kingdoms parliament clashing was without a doubt a serious matter. In terms of the kingdoms laws, this could even be considered treason.

However, in this situation, this was considered nothing.

This matter was like a fuse, lighting up the tense situation in the Lampuri Kingdom.

For the next nobles that were deemed to be captured, the forces of the kingdoms parliament met even fiercer resistance and more deaths occurred.

When they found that their forces couldnt complete this mission, the kingdoms parliament even moved the royal army.

However, this created an even stronger reaction.

According to the founding laws of the Lampuri Kingdom, the kingdoms guarding army could only be used to protect the kingdom and they definitely couldnt be used against the nobles of the kingdom. Now that Duke Stagg used this power he controlled to break this taboo, naturally it provoked the anger of all the nobles in the kingdom.

Forget those small nobles with those powers, but the big nobles who were on the same level as Duke Stagg with real power knew that they would be targeted by him sooner or later, so they began taking action.

Suddenly the Lampuri Kingdom became very tense. There were even several newspapers that expressed caution. With the current situation, if they werent careful, there might be a civil war that would be started.



Eric slapped down on the table and jumped up. He angrily looked at Duke Stagg in front of him and it took great effort to swallow the curses in his throat. He had a dark look as he said in a low roar, “Duke Stagg, I trusted you to take care of this matter, so I gave it all to you and didnt question anything. But look at this now! Do you see what the kingdom has turned into What do you want to do Do you really want to start a civil war”

This was Erics first time screaming at Duke Stagg, so Duke Stagg looked at him with a bit of surprise. Then he said with a faint smile, “Your majesty, please be assured, everything is in the palm of my hands. These people are just giving out a weak cry, they cant do anything.”

“This still cant influence anything” Eric slapped the document on the table in front of him and angrily said, “Kolebo City is even announcing their independence! Do you think this isnt related”

Duke Stagg looked at the document and slightly knit his brows before revealing a smile, “Your majesty, since Count Arnold has done this, we cant let him off. Please be assured, I have already sent the second army to Kolebo City. With the strength of the second army, I believe that in half a month, you will see that Kolebo City will return to the grasp of the kingdom.”

“Youve already sent the second army” Eric looked at Duke Stagg and coldly asked this.

“Yes, your majesty.”

Eric paused and deliberately waited, but seeing that Duke Stagg wasnt planning on explaining at all, he couldnt help feeling angry.

The defending army of the Lampuri Kingdom was the private army of the royal family since the founding of the kingdom, they could be considered the trump card of the royal family.

However, after Eric took the throne, the kingdoms defending army had gradually fallen under the control of Duke Stagg.

Although the most elite first army was still loyal, only listening to the orders of the king, the second army was already being controlled by Duke Stagg. Even Erics basic orders couldnt reach the second army anymore.

When Lampuri Thirteenth was still alive, he had sent the third army to Sowell City. It was to strengthen the northern border guards in name, preventing the Sack Kingdom from invading.

But to the past Eric, it was because Sowell Citys City Lord was Count Sean who supported Seveni. Lampuri Thirteenth had ordered the third army to take the commands of Sowell Citys City Lord, it was without a doubt that Lampuri Thirteenth supported Seveni taking the throne.

It was because of this that Eric made a decision. Under the misleading of Duke Stagg, he took risks and poisoned Lampuri Thirteenth before taking the throne with the help of Duke Stagg.

At that time, Eric had thought that his actions were correct, but looking back on it now, he found that Lampuri Thirteenth sending the third army out was actually an excellent move.

If the third army remained in Anvilmar City, it would have also fallen into Duke Staggs hands.

If this really was the case, Eric wouldnt have any confidence in front of Duke Stagg.

Thinking of this, Erics expression sunk a bit before he said with a serious look, “Immediately give the order for them to stop. Without my orders, no one is allowed to take any action against Kolebo City.”

Duke Stagg was surprised, “Your majesty, are you planning on letting of Count Arnold and watch Kolebo City state their independence”

“Of course thats impossible.” Eric shook his head, “But we dont need to be this crude in solving this problem. Count Arnold chose to do this, so naturally he has his reasons…..”

Speaking of this, Eric gave Duke Stagg a profound look.

“As long as we solve Count Arnolds worry, I believe that we can peacefully solve this matter. We dont need to use force and let the kingdom fall into a state of civil war.”

Seeing Erics serious expression, Duke Stagg knit his brows, “Your majesty, are you planning on forgiving a fellow who has committed treason against the kingdom”

Eric calmly looked at him, “I havent determined that Count Arnold is guilty yet.”


“Theres no buts.” Eric cut of Duke Stagg without any courtesy.

Duke Stagg looked at Eric before lowering his head.

“Yes, your majesty, I will send your orders to the second army.”

After waiting for a bit to see if Eric had any other orders, Duke Stagg left.

Watching the door close, Eric felt his body turn soft and he fell back in his chair.

He unconsciously clenched his hand and found that he had no strength at all. He was completely out of strength and he was covered in cold sweat.

This was his first time showing a strong stance in front of Duke Stagg.

Although he was very nervous and his body lost all strength after this battle, he felt very refreshed.

Laying in his chair and looking at the ceiling for a while, Eric finally let out a long sigh.

He had already been a king for a year, but he only felt like he acted like a king today.

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