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Xu Yi looked at Viscount Leslie sitting in front of him with a relaxed smile and he felt angry and found this funny in his heart.

“I say…..Leslie, didnt you say that you would do your best to strive for the right to inherit the family and control the entire Stagg Family What happened Why did you get chased out of the family”

“No, no, no, you have to understand something. It wasnt that I was chased out, rather I left on my own.” Viscount Leslie raised a finger and shook it, “Those two things are completely different, dont make a mistake.”

Xu Yi couldnt help smiling, “Is there a difference In short you were forced to leave the Stagg Family and even couldnt stay in the Lampuri Kingdom, you could only come to my place. I say, isnt Duke Stagg being too cruel to you You are still his son in the end.”

“For a great noble like my father, his son isnt as important as you think it is.”

Viscount Leslie…..Alright, when he was forced out of the Stagg Family, the Royal Parliament had already taken away his title, so he was no longer a viscount.

Leslie didnt look like he had lost much, rather he was strangely relaxed. It was like being chased out of his family by his father was something to be happy about.

“Of course its worth being happy.” Leslie said with a faint smile, “If I stayed in that house and breathed in that suffocating air, watching those people led by my father plotting against others, I would have become sick a long time ago. I wanted to take the chance to change the family, but my father could already see through my ideas, so I didnt have a chance at all.”

“Then you dont feel disappointed” Xu Yi was a bit confused, “Now that youve been chased out, you wont have a chance to change the Stagg Family in the future, right”

“Its fine if I dont have a chance.” Leslie gave a shrug, “My father and the people of the family have chosen their path. Since I dont have the ability to change this, I could only leave. Actually this is also good because in the end, I am from the bloodline of the Stagg Family. As long as I live, my family will exist. As for what will happen to my father and the others, that isnt related to me.”

Xu Yi knit his brows as he looked at Leslie. He remembered reading some history books on earth and in history, there were many large families that had avoided being destroyed because of a single decision that they had different juniors choose different princes to support.

Like this, even if one side is defeated, there would be one side that would remain. There was a chance to continue developing their family and at worst, their familys bloodline would still exist.

Duke Stagg had expelled Leslie. Although this was because Leslies political views were different from the rest of the Stagg Family, it might be because he was also considering survival.

But this question Xu Yi didnt have a way of asking. After thinking about it, he asked, “Alright, now that youve been chased out of the Lampuri Kingdom and came to my place, could it be that you want to find something to do here”

“Un, I was always interested in the magic machines you developed. Also I heard that your company had developed something good, so I came to take a look.” Leslie replied.

“What do you want to see” Xu Yi asked in a curious voice.

“If my timing isnt wrong, you told Hannas last time that this thing would enter the sea today. Come, lets go take a look.” Leslie stood up and walked out.

Xu Yi was stunned, “So you were here to see it”

Watching Leslie with a confused gaze, Xu Yi shook his head and stood up to follow.

When he walked out, there was a small figure that walked over towards Xu Yi, grabbing onto his leg.

“Da…..Da, da……Hug……”

Xu Yi leaned over and reached his hands out to pick up Freya as he placed a strong kiss on her cheek.

Freya was already a year and three months old. She had just learned how to walk herself and she liked wandering the manor all day.

Xu Yi liked to walk along the lawn with her when he was free. Even if Xu Yi didnt have much time to spend with her, she was quite close to Xu Yi.

Being tickled by Xu Yis beard, Freya broke out in a clear and childish laugh.

Watching Xu Yi tease Freya, Leslie reached into his chest and took out a red crystal jade which he threw over.

“Here, Freya, take this. Uncle Leslie left home too quickly this time and didnt get you a better present, you wouldnt blame me, right”

With the relationship between Xu Yi and Leslie, there was no need to be polite. Xu Yi didnt say anything and looked at the crystal jade that didnt seem cheap that Freya was holding before turning to ask him, “Speaking of this, Leslie, I suddenly feel that when Duke Stagg kicked you out, was an important reason because you still werent willing to marry”

Leslies expression changed as he looked at Xu Yi and gave a cold snort, “What Now that youre married and have a daughter, youre the same as those annoying fellows telling me to get married”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “Im too lazy for that, this is your matter. I just feel that Duke Stagg definitely wants you to expand the bloodline of the Stagg Family. If you were to bring a girl home, he would definitely be happy and he might even take you back into the family.”

“Im not a steed responsible for giving birth.” Leslie gave a snort, “Moreover, I just said it, I chose to leave and wasnt forced away by him, there is a difference.”

Xu Yi just treated it as him being tough and shook his head without saying anything. Seeing that Freya was unwilling to get down, he called to Liz who was responsible for following Freya to have her drive the Magic Sedan over. After getting in the Magic Sedan with Leslie, they drove down to the wharf under the cliff the manor was on.

This wharf had been expanded compared to when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had just arrived in the Stantine Duchy, the three piers from before had turned into seven piers.

Other than the piers, there was a dock that was over a hundred thousand square meters not far away.

Close to the cliff at the docks, there were over a hundred large and small boats.

Other than a few wooden boats, most of them were Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Boats.

Of course, there were large and small Magic Boats. The small ones could only fit five people at most, which was around the same size as the small wooden boats.

The big ones were ten meters long, four to five meters wide and could seat several dozen people, as well as holding a bunch of cargo without problem.

Xu Yi carried Freya as he came out and pointed at the Magic Boat that was stopped on the sea. He asked Leslie who came out of the other side, “Did you come for this”

“Of course not.” Leslie shook his head. He looked over and suddenly revealed a smile, “Alright, Xu Yi, Hannas has already told me, so you dont need to keep it a secret. Quickly tell me, when is your new Magic Boat going to go into the ocean Im waiting to see it.”

“That fellow Hannas really isnt reliable.” Xu Yi rolled his eyes. He gave Freya to Liz and walked towards the dock in the distance.

There was a group of people wearing the uniform of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce bustling around, like they were preparing something.

Seeing that Xu Yi was coming over, Kennard who was in charge of the ceremony came forward.

“Sir chairman, its all prepared. We are just waiting for you to announce it.”

After saying this, Kennard nodded at Leslie who was standing a bit back.

The two came from large noble families of Anvilmar City, so naturally they knew each other.

Through their relationships with Xu Yi, the two were now closer.

Xu Yi looked at the clock on the side and found that it was ten minutes from the set time, so he nodded, “Alright, since its all prepared, then lets begin.”

Kennard responded before giving the final orders.

Not long after, a canal connected to the endless sea slowly opened its large doors. A boat with a sharp head slowly came out of the dock and revealed itself not long after, bathing in the sunlight.

Looking up, Leslie couldnt help taking a cold breath.

Although he had already learned that from Hannas that the Magic Boats had been made of all sizes, he never would have thought that a Magic Boat would be this big!

Based on the surface of the water, the part of the Magic Boat above the water was over five meters tall. When the Magic Boat was revealed, it was over fifty meters long.

Although because of the angle, Leslie couldnt see just how wide this Magic Boat was, estimating it with its shape, it was probably over a shocking twenty meters wide!

After determining these dimensions, Leslie went through his knowledge of boats. He knew that in the history of the Sines Continent, there had never been a boat that was this big.

The most shocking thing that was even unbelievable was that this Magic Boat was actually completely made of steel!

This giant boat was completely made of steel, so one could imagine how much it weighed.

With this terrifying weight, it could actually float on the surface of the water, this completely subverted Leslies views.

Seeing the thick steel coat outside this Magic Boat, Leslie couldnt help feeling shocked.

This Magic Boat, this was simply an iron fortress that could freely move on the seas.

If this Magic Boat was sent out to sea, it would definitely wipe out all enemies!

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