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Magic Industry Empire Volume 4 Chapter 64 - Bloody conflict

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Volume 4 This Magic Sedan looked very familiar. When it came closer, Cantona recognized it, it was Baron Rovers car.

When he met Baron Rover last time, he even shown off this Magic Sedan to Cantona. He said that it wasnt easy to transport this car over from the Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Sedan factory on the Black Rice Wasteland.

Because the Lampuri Kingdoms business department was limiting the imports of magic machines, he had spent quite a bit of effort just to transport this Magic Sedan in.

This Magic Sedan quickly came to the field and the door opened, as Baron Rover walked out.

Cantona was about to go over when Baron Rovers eyes fell onto him. He quickly came over and asked, “Hey, Cantona, didnt we agree that you would come harvest the wheat in my territory today Why are you still here”

Cantona gave a bitter laugh and pointed at the field, “There were problems with the new machines we brought, so we were thinking about what to do.”

“New machines” Baron Rover looked over and understood, “Is it the agricultural magic machines you bought from the Hayada Chamber of Commerce”

“Un, we were testing it here and we were going to harvest other places if there were no problems, but you can see that most of these small Magic Harvesters have broken. We cant do anything even if we wanted to harvest your fields.” Cantona said in a helpless voice.

Baron Rover curled his lips in disdain and said, “I already told you that this Hayada Chamber of Commerce was made by the Kodak Family. They dont know anything about this, so how could their agricultural magic machines be good”

“I also have no choice. The City Lord Manor has made a rule that only the Hayada Chamber of Commerces agricultural magic machines can be used. The business department and the agricultural department have also released their rules. Our company cant do anything but follow them.” Cantona said with a sigh.

Baron Rover looked at him, “Then what will you do Is your company not helping with the harvest this year Who will harvest all the wheat in my field”

Cantona spread his hand and shook his head with a bitter smile, “I want to help you, but the situation isnt good. If you wait two more days and when the Hayada Chamber of Commerce sends people to fix these small Magic Harvesters, Ill immediately send people to harvest your fields.”

“Bull**! I can wait, but the wheat in my fields cant. If we dont harvest them, theyll all go rotten in a few days!” Baron Rover angrily said.

“Theres no other way. Without the agricultural magic machines, theres no use just sending people.”

“Who says you have no agricultural magic machines” Baron Rover shook his head, “I dont believe that you would throw away the Frestech Brand magic machines you bought before. Go and get them, then follow me. If we move fast enough, we might be able to finish harvesting the wheat today.”

“This might not work.” Cantona said in a surprised voice, “The City Lord Manor has made strict rules that no one is allowed to use any brand other than the Hayada Brand.”

“Who cares about those damn rules!” Baron Rover cursed, “Then again, it is my territory, it isnt considered part of Banta Citys land. I can use whatever brand I want on my land, the City Lord Manor cant care at all.”


Seeing that Cantona was still hesitating, Baron Rover gave him a push, “Alright, stop wasting words and hurry up. Go and send people to bring the Frestech Brand agricultural magic machines. Well try to harvest all the wheat in my field today.”

“Right, chairman, the Lord Baron already said it, lets just do this.”

“Thats right, the Lord Baron is right. That is his territory, the City Lord Manor cant manage it.”

“Un, chairman, quickly make a decision. We need to move quickly, we shouldnt delay things.”


The workers all agreed and with the urging from Baron Rover, Cantona thought for a bit before nodding.

“Alright, then well do this! But Lord Baron, if the City Lord Manor comes causing trouble…..”

“Ill take responsibility, it wont fall onto you, so you can be assured.” Baron Rover cut him off, “Dont think about it that just, just get ready and well go together. The people on my territory are prepared, they are just waiting for you.”

Seeing that Baron Rover made this promise, Cantona was assured. He waved his hand at his staff, “Alright, brothers, lets go prepare the stuff and get ready for work!”

The workers all cheered before scattering. They all headed to the Cantona Chamber of Commerces warehouse in Mexilan Village.

They took out the forbidden Frestech Brand agricultural magic machines and everyone felt much better.

They had used these magic machines for over two years and it was close to three years now, so they were very familiar with them.

Using it for such a long time, there were few problems that occurred with the Frestech Brand agricultural magic machines, so they were assured of using them. It wasnt like the Hayada Brand where they were afraid that it would break at any moment.

With everyone prepared, Baron Rover got on his Magic Sedan and led the way. This group headed off on the road and set out towards Baron Rovers territory.

It didnt take them long to arrive at Baron Rovers territory. They didnt need any instructions as they started their agricultural magic machines, driving them into the wheat fields filled with yellow grains and began harvesting them.

They did this every year during the spring and autumn harvest, so whether it was Baron Rover, Cantona, or the workers, they were all familiar with this.

Because they were using the familiar and easy to use Frestech Brand agricultural magic machines, their efficiency went back to normal. It only took more than an hour to harvest most of Baron Rovers less than ten hectares of farmland.

Seeing that they would be able to finish before the sun set, Baron Rover was in a good mood.

Although with the popularization of the agricultural magic machines and the use of fertilizers, the Lampuri Kingdoms grain yield had increased, decreasing the pressure in growing grains, the most important task for them as nobles was to hand over the grains during the spring and fall harvest of each year.

Once they couldnt finish this task, they would be warned by the Royal Parliament. A serious warning would mean losing their rank or losing part of their territory.

So even though Baron Rover had enough finances to buy grains to turn over, he still attached importance to his own farmland.

No matter what, it was more convenient to use his own farmland to solve this most important problem.

Cantona was also feeling pretty good.

Seeing his subordinates skillfully harvesting with the Frestech Brand agricultural magic machines, it meant that the Cantona Chamber of Commerce was still the same and there was no problem.

The only thing he had to worry about were the damn rules of the City Lord Manor.

But Cantona never thought that the thing he worried about would quickly come.

When the sun was about to set and the wheat in Baron Rovers land was almost finished harvesting, a medium sized passenger Magic Car and two medium sized transport Magic Cars came up the road connecting to Baron Rovers territory and stopped by the fields.

When the cars stopped, there were several men wearing the City Lord Manors symbol that jumped. From the transport Magic Cars back, there were several soldiers from the city guards that appeared.

These men who seemed to be staff from the City Lord Manor walked towards Baron Rover and Cantona. The city guard soldiers headed to the fields and ordered the Cantona Chamber of Commerces workers using their agricultural magic machines to stop.

Seeing this, Baron Rover was filled with anger. He shouted at the staff members from the City Lord Manor, “What are you doing This is my territory, how dare you cause trouble here”

The person in charge had a strict look as he said to Baron Rover, “Baron Rover, we received a notification that people were using brands other than the allowed brand of agricultural magic machine to harvest your fields. This goes against the rules of the City Lord Manor, so we are here to stop this behaviour.”

“Bull**!” Baron Cantona flew into a rage, “This is my private property! I can do what I want, does the City Lord Manors rules matter to me Based on what are you coming here”

The expression of that staff member didnt change. He reached into his chest and took out a sheet of paper for Baron Rover.

“This is the newest rule from the kingdoms Royal Parliament. In order for the spring harvest to go more smoothly, they want all the nobles to cooperate with the City Lord Manor and follow the rules of the City Lord Manors. Baron Rover, please coordinate with our work.”

Baron Rover took the document and found that this really was from the Royal Parliament, feeling a bit surprised.

Didnt the Royal Parliament always say that nobles should have certain rights Why did they suddenly change their attitude

Ignoring the confused Baron Rover, the staff member looked at Cantona and waved his hand.

“Do it.”

The city guard soldiers moving towards the field began making their move and pushed aside the Cantona Chamber of Commerce workers, reaching out to control their agricultural magic machines.

It seemed like they wanted to take their Frestech Brand agricultural magic machines!

Cantona was shocked and enraged. He loudly asked the staff member, “What are you doing Based on what can you take our stuff”

“Your stuff” The staff member gave a cold laugh, “Your Cantona Chamber of Commerce is clearly going against the rules of the City Lord Manor, using a brand other than the allowed brand. Other than confiscating the other brand of agricultural magic machines, the Cantona Chamber of Commerce will also be inspected by the City Lord Manor. Im warning you, if you dont work with us, we have the right to take you away now!”

Cantonas heart was filled with rage, but he was only a commoner. He didnt dare resist the people sent by the City Lord Manor, so he could only look at Baron Rover for help.

Seeing Cantonas expression and adding in the fact that he was enraged by the arrogant attitude of these staff members, Baron Rover didnt care that much as he roared out, “All of you stop for me! This is my private territory, you have to ask for my permission to do anything here! I dont agree with what you are doing now, so stop for me!”

The city guard soldiers stopped and they looked at the staff members.

The staff member looked at Baron Rover and gave a laugh, “Lord Baron, please cooperate.”

Baron Rover steeled himself, “What are you, how dare you speak to me like this If you have the skills, have City Lord Kamado come talk to me!”

The staff member shook his head and ignored Baron Rover. He waved his hand at the city guard soldiers to continue.

Those city guards soldiers began again once they saw this and they Cantona Chamber of Commerce workers couldnt help charging forward this time.

They had used those Frestech Brand agricultural magic machines for many years, so they had formed sentiment with it. Now that it was being taken by someone, they couldnt take it.

Not to mention that Baron Rover was supporting them, so if they didnt take the chance to take them back and the city guard soldiers really took their Frestech Brand agricultural magic machines, how could they get them back

Both sides began struggling.

Although those city guard soldiers had received their orders, they didnt dare be too forceful, so both sides were at a stalemate.

“Im warning you, quickly have them stop! Otherwise, dont blame me for being impolite!” Baron Rover pointed at the city guard soldiers and the Cantona Chamber of Commerce staff members struggling in the field and spoke to the staff member in a sharper voice.

The staff member gave a cold laugh, “Baron Rover, do you want to go against the City Lord Manor and the Royal Parliament”

“I dont care that much! I just know that this is my territory and what I say counts here! If you dont leave…..”

There was a pitiful cry that cut through Baron Rovers words.

Everyone turned in that direction in a daze to see one of the workers from the Cantona Chamber of Commerce on his back face the front of the small Magic Harvester.

There was a sharp blade that entered the back of the workers neck and came out the front.

Blood stained the farmland red.

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