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Starting from the purge of the beastmen from last year, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces production base on the Black Rice Wasteland had seen their attacks drop.

Entering the new year, starting from last last month, it had already been close to three months since any beastmen had dared to cause trouble, not to mention attacking it.

Of course, even with the peace, one couldnt let down their guard.

Although the five hundred guards from Seveni had left after finishing their task and were now situated in the Falling Rain Valley where the Seveni Chamber of Commerces production base was, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the other companies who cooperated with them strictly guarded the base. They would go from time to time to sweep the Black Rice Wasteland of blind beastmen.

According to the agreements of the companies, each company had to provide a set amount of two hundred guards for protection on the Black Rice Wasteland.

For the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they would change their guards every month. Other than letting those guards on the Black Rice Wasteland getting some rest, according to Harts suggestion, it would let each guard of the company get some battle experience and increase their battle strength.

For Xu Yi, there was another goal in changing this rotation. It allowed him to upgrade the military magic machines the guards had and could use real combat to test these military magic machines.

The ones being transported back to the Frestech Farm on these Magic Armoured Vehicles were the guards that were being swapped out from the Black Rice Wasteland.

Xu Yi used a Wind Control Spell and flew to the guard base to the west of the farm. After being inspected by the guards, only then did he come in.

After patiently waiting for a bit, the first Magic Armoured Vehicle entered.

Xu Yi was surprised to see that behind the Magic Armoured Car, there was a gold Magic Sedan that followed them.

This Magic Sedan clearly wanted to enter the base, but was stopped at the door.

The driver rolled down the window and a young man with the characteristics of the Stantine Duchy poked his head out, shouting at the guard at the gate, “Are you blind! Dont you see this is the car of the lord Why arent you moving!”

The guard said with an indifferent look, “Sorry, this is a restricted military area. Without permission, those that are unrelated are not allowed to enter.”

“Unrelated your butt! This is the lords territory, do you dare stop him Do you believe that I wont run you over now” The driver arrogantly shouted.

The guard didnt reply and took out his weapon, aiming it at the Magic Sedan, making his intentions clear.

Seeing the reaction from the guard, the driver was filled with rage. He cursed out and turned the Magic sedan on, preparing to drive right in.

Seeing this scene, the guards at the gate were prepared to attack. Even the medium sized Magic Trebuchets hidden inside the base were activated. Xu Yi knit his brows and walked out.

Seeing Xu Yi come out, the guards relaxed a bit, but they still glared at the Magic Sedan.

The driver poked his head out again to look at Xu Yi and asked, “Hey, are you the manager here Quickly make this blind fellow move!”

Xu Yi shook his head and ignored him. He looked in the back seat of the Magic Sedan and raised his voice, “Lord, please get out. No vehicles are allowed to enter this base, so please forgive us.”

After a while, there was a cough from the Magic Sedan. Lord Wein opened the door and came out with a faint smile.

He first looked at the gate of the base before Lord Wein looked at Xu Yi with a smile, “Sorry, sorry, I fell asleep just now and didnt know we were here. Chairman Xu is right, this place is your companys important guard base, outsiders like us cant be allowed in.”

Hearing Lord Weins intonation on the word “outsiders”, Xu Yi knit his brows and said, “Lord, your words are too heavy. Lord, for you to suddenly come here, do you need something”

Seeing that Xu Yi wasnt planning on letting him in, Lord Weins expression fell, but he still revealed a smile. He pointed at the Magic Armoured Vehicles stopped behind him and said, “I met them on the way and after asking them, they said that you were in the base, so I came alone.”

“This means that the lord is looking for me Do you need something” Xu Yi asked.

“Actually this is related to the Magic Armoured Vehicles.” Lord Wein gave two dry laughs before saying, “I came to ask this time, chairman Xu, are you planning on selling these Magic Armoured Vehicles”

Xu Yi was a bit surprised, “What Is the lord interested in this”

“Un.” Lord Wein nodded, “Chairman Xu, you should know that Ive had a bit of a conflict with Count Fran to the south, so I feel that…..since your Magic Armoured Vehicles are so very easy to use, if you sell me a few, I would feel more confident.”

“A bit of conflict” Xu Yi felt this was a bit funny.

It was clearly Count Wein who kept provoking them and finally Count Fran couldnt take it as he declared war. Now they were trying to kill each other and this was considered “a bit of conflict”

Xu Yi always thought that the Stantine Duchy wasnt like a country and this matter proved it.

Count Fran controlled the land to the south of Count Wein. He was of the same rank as Lord Wein, they were both counts of the Stantine Duchy.

But they didnt have a good relationship and now they were fighting.

This situation was like the situation in the Dark Ages, the lords did what they wanted on their territory, just like small kingdoms.

Although these two lords didnt get along, they lived peacefully. The reason for this sudden change was the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Lord Wein had asked the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to sell some military magic machines to rent some land and Xu Yi had guessed his ideas.

But Xu Yi never thought that Lord Wein would be in such a rush.

Just a month ago, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce agreed to give him some military magic machines that he needed. In the end he kept provoking Count Fran last month and now they were fighting this month.

Only half a month had passed and there had been more than ten large and small fights.

During these fights, Count Weing had won without exception, taking more than half of Count Frans territory.

If they kept fighting, it wouldnt take long for Count Wein to defeat Count Fran and take all his territory.

For the Stantine Duchy, this kind of action was something that everyone tacitly agreed to.

As long as Count Wein was strong enough to take Count Frans land, Duke Stantine would confer this land onto him and wouldnt question it.

Based on this, Xu Yi thought of Anklo to the south of the Stantine Duchy.

With the support of weapons from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, Anklo had built himself up from several hundred warriors to owning a large piece of territory in the south of the Stantine Duchy in just over a year.

According to the person who came to the trade last time, Anklo was prepared to submit a request to Duke Stantine to make this territory his personal territory, which he was certain would pass.

As long as he became a lord of the Stantine Duchy, Anklo would be the same as Lord Wein. He could fight other lords and take their territory.

Anklos idea was to control the entire Stantine Duchy and then change it based on his ideals.

As for the process, there was no doubt it would be long……

“Chairman Xu…..Chairman Xu” Seeing that Xu Yi fell into thought, Lord Wein thought that he was considering his idea. Then he found that he turned to the south and looked a bit lost, so Count Wein raised his voice.

“Ah Ah…..Sorry, my mind wandered.” Xu Yi said with a smile. He gave a cough and said with a serious look, “Lord, the Magic Armoured Vehicles are the news military magic machines of our company, you should know this. Normally, the newest type of military magic machines arent easily sold……”

Hearing this, Count Wein revealed a happy smile.

There was a meaning in Xu Yis voice, this thing could be sold.

As expected, Xu Yi said in a disguised voice, “But…..since our company came to the Stantine Duchy, the lord has taken care of us. Our company being able to smoothly develop to this scale cant forget the lords support.”

“Of course, of course.” Count Wein nodded with a smile, “For a company like your Frestech Chamber of Commerce that helps improve everyones lives, of course I need to support you. Not to mention that the duke has given the order that I should help you as much as I can.”

Xu Yi laughed in his heart.

Whether it was Lord Wein or Duke Stantines support, it relied on one thing and that was money.

In order to smoothly develop in the Stantine Duchy, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce paid more than five hundred thousand gold coins to build relationships.

As for their expenditures, it was also over a million gold coins.

If there was no return on this large investment, it would be unbelievable.

“Un……In short…..Lord, its not that we cant discuss it if you really need this Magic Armoured Vehicle, but…..” Xu Yi deliberately paused and looked at Count Wein, revealing a ghost of a smile, “The price of this Magic Armoured Vehicle, each one is much more expensive than your Magic Sedan, so……”

“Dont discuss price with me, I dont have that many gold coins.” Lord Wein cut Xu Yi off and he said with a serious look, “Chairman Xu, didnt you always want land that belonged to you How about I give you a piece right now”

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