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He was different from the other three City Lords that Xu Yi had experienced, the new City Lord Canero Kamado didnt have Xu Yi come to the City Lord Manor. During these three months, he would frequently come looking for Xu Yi.

Using the words Kamado told Xu Yi in secret, it was because the magic machine industry was a very important industry for Banta City. Xu Yi as the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman was someone that he naturally needed to win over.

He said this and he also did this.

In these three months, not only did he come seeking Xu Yi, he would always be very polite to Xu Yi when he met him. He didnt seem like a noble Lord City Lord that was coming to see a normal merchant.

Other than this, on many public occasions, he had called Xu Yi the “business leader” of Banta City many times. He claimed that most of Banta Citys development fell onto Xu Yi and he as the City Lord only played a secondary role.

These views were not opposed by anyone because they all knew the use of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, this was a fact that was clear to everyone in Banta City.

But Xu Yi had never accepted this.

He was clear that although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce developed well, they hadnt been established for long, so they were still lacking when they were compared to the older companies.

For example, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards that Xu Yi wanted to expand. He could only recruit some dismissed wandering soldiers, he couldnt compare to an old company like the Falcao Chamber of Commerce that had the Jole Family behind them. With just a single word, they could recruit several thousand powerful guards.

Moreover……There had to be other motives for this.

Canero was a City Lord, but he was this polite towards Xu Yi, this definitely wasnt normal.

It had to be known, the new business tax that was aimed at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the other magic machine companies, they all came from the City Lords hands.

When Xu Yi came back to the Falling Star Manor, once he walked in, he saw City Lord Kamado pacing in the garden.

When he saw Xu Yi, City Lord Kamado came forward with a wide smile.

“Chairman Xu, you really are busy. Every time I come to the Falling Star Manor to come looking for you, you are never home resting.”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “Theres no other way, there are many things to take care of at the company. Its only possible to come home and rest when it is very late. Moreover, there are many times where I stay at the Falling Star Manor and dont come home. Lord City Lord, if you come look for me here, youll end up empty handed most of the time.

City Lord Kamado said with a smile, “That isnt right, with madame Still here, chairman Xu comes home regularly. Could it be that now that madame Still isnt here, chairman Xu has a reason for not coming home Could it be…..chairman Xu has a new lover while the madame isnt home”

Xu Yi rolled his eyes, “Even if I wanted to find one, I wouldnt dare. Look, Still has left an informer to watch me.”

After saying this, Xu Yi pointed at Liz on the side who was serving the tea that Still had left behind to serve Xu Yi, “Liz, go and prepare lunch. Its about time, the Lord City Lord will have lunch here.”

When Liz replied, City Lord Kamado quickly waved his hand, “No, no, no, without the mistress here, I wont disturb and Ive already agreed to have lunch with chairman Cruise. Xu Yi, have this beautiful maid bring out two stools, well just sit in the garden and discuss business.”

“You have a meeting with chairman Cruise”

Xu Yi looked at chairman Kamado, but he didnt ask. He had Liz bring out two chairs and a small table like chairman Kamado said, as well as serving some tea and desserts. Then he turned to City Lord Kamado and waited for him to speak.

City Lord Kamado paused and looked around the garden before suddenly shaking his head, “Chairman Xu, not having a mistress in this manor really is different. I remember the first time I came here, the garden was all neat and tidy with all kinds of flowers in bloom. But now…..dont you feel that it is a bit disorderly”

When City Lord Kamado brought up Still, Xu Yi gave a cold laugh in his heart, but he still said with a faint smile, “Lord City Lord is right, Ive never been someone to care about this. With Still not here, naturally theres no one taking care of it. There is only Liz in this manor and its already hard enough for her to take care of me, so naturally she doesnt have time for other things.”

“Un…..I can understand this. But chairman Xu, madame Still has already been gone for a month, is she not planning on coming back” City Lord Kamado asked.

Xu Yi shook his head, “This……Shes very happy in the Stantine Duchy and Freya is also used to living there. Since they are happy, then they can play there for a bit and I didnt have them come back.”

“Is that so” City Lord Kamado looked at Xu Yi with a deep gaze and a smile, but he didnt keep asking about this.

After talking about a few things, Liz brought out the furniture and the two sat down in the garden.

The sun wasnt too strong today and there was a breeze, so it was very comfortable sitting in the garden.

The two drank their tea while chatting. City Lord Kamado suddenly put down his cup and revealed a serious look.

“Chairman Xu, I came looking for you today is for the matter from last time. I want to ask, have you considered it”

“This…..” Xu Yi revealed a difficult look, “I told the Lord City Lord last time, carrying out a comprehensive cooperation with the kingdoms magic research department is something that is related to our companys development. Even if I am the chairman, I cant make the decision alone. So…..we are currently discussing this in our company and havent reached an answer yet.”

“Then chairman Xu, do you think it will pass” City Lord Kamado looked at Xu Yi with a forceful gaze, “Or perhaps, is this chairman Xus attitude towards this cooperation With your influence in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, I dont think theres a need to mention this. As long as you approve, I think that theres great hope for this matter.”

“As for me…..Of course I approve this principle.” Xu Yi laughed into the sky, “Cooperating with the kingdoms magic research department and developing magic machines, whether to our Frestech Chamber of Commerce or the kingdom, this is very beneficial. How could I be against it”

“Chairman Xu, you are a wise and farsighted person, naturally you can see the advantages.” City Lord Kamado nodded, “According to the kings instructions, as long as your Frestech Chamber of Commerce agrees, the kingdoms magic research department will transfer any resource you need to your company. This means that all the magicians in the kingdoms magic research department, your company can have them work for you. I think……with the help of these powerful magicians, your company will definitely achieve better results.”

“Un, I deeply understand that.” Xu Yi nodded with a faint smile, “But Lord City Lord, you should know that this is a big matter, so I hope that you can give us some time to consider this, alright”

Seeing the expression on Xu Yis face, City Lord Kamado thought about it before giving a nod, “Alright, I understand your worries. But chairman Xu, I hope that you can give us an answer as soon as possible. His majesty has had ample patience with you and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, I hope you wont disappoint him.”

“Definitely.” Xu Yi had a full smile, he didnt seem unwilling at all.

City Lord Kamado looked at Xu Yi before taking a sip of his tea. Then he casually said, “Right, chairman Xu, Ive heard that your company has transferred a new batch of military magic machines to Sowell City recently”

Xu Yi didnt seem surprised and said with a confident look, “Un, this was to prepare the equipment for the third army. This was the order of his majesty Lampuri Thirteenth before he passed.”

“I know, but…..Chairman Xu, you should stop this. Its fine to transport normal goods to Sowell City, but you should stop sending military magic machines.” City Lord Kamado waved his hand.

“Why” Xu Yi was surprised, “This was the order of the thirteenth majesty, I am just following his last wishes.

Hearing Xu Yi mention the “thirteenth majesty”, City Lord Kamado couldnt help slightly knitting his brows.

“The situation in the kingdom is different now, naturally you cant follow the orders from before. Remember, all the military equipment in the kingdom is managed by the royal army, so you can only transport them after receiving approval. This includes the military equipment youve been transporting to the Stantine Duchy, understand”

“Is this a clear warning”

Xu Yi looked at the serious looking City Lord Kamado and thought that if others could see City Lord Kamados tone and expression right now, would they still think that the new Lord City Lord was giving Xu Yi preferential treatment

After thinking about it, Xu Yi asked, “Then Lord City Lord, what about normal household magic machines Our company had received the thirteenth majestys authorization to sell household magic machines to other countries, it wouldnt be taken back now, right”

City Lord Kamado shook his head, “Theres no need, since normal household magic machines wouldnt improve the safety of the kingdom. But there is a new rule for selling products to other countries.”

“Oh How about the Lord City Lord tell me”

“According to the instructions of his highness, the goods being sold to other countries and regions will receive a corresponding tariff. As for the specific amount……if nothing unexpected happens, it should be announced at the end of the month. Your Frestech Chamber of Commerce is the company with the most foreign trade in Banta City, chairman Xu should prepare yourself.”

“Oh” Xu Yi found this funny as he asked, “Then is it being increased or lowered”

“Theres no concrete information, so chairman Xu shouldnt try guessing.” City Lord Kamado shook his head and after pausing, he said, “But I ask chairman Xu to remember that any adjustment to the tax rate is to strengthen the Lampuri Kingdom, so I hope that you can understand his majestys decisions.”

Xu Yi gave a cold laugh in his heart, but he still nodded with a faint smile.

“I understand.”

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