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Magic Industry Empire Volume 1 Chapter 52

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Mentality change

This time, when Xu Yi left Great Magician Camillas exclusive research lab, he didnt look as sorry as he did before. Instead he had his head up high and he had a proud smile on his face.

Still had been waiting outside for a full two hours and had already become anxious from waiting. When she saw Xu Yi come out, she immediately rushed over and expectantly asked Xu Yi, “How is it How is it What did grandfather say”

Xu Yi smiled as he raised his right hands index and middle finger at still, showing the “v” hand sign. Then realizing that Still might not understand what this meant, he quickly said, “Relax, his excellency Great Magician agreed.”

“Agreed” Still called out in surprise. She looked over Xu Yi with a face covered in curiosity, “Grandfather actually agreed! I say, Xu Yi, how did you make grandfather submit Could it be that you used the legendary dark enchantment magic on grandfather”

“How could I possibly know that stuff” Xu Yi snappily looked at Still, “Then again, your grandfather is a Great Magician. I am just a fellow who hasnt even passed the Magicians Guilds certification examination, wouldnt I be rushing to my death if I cast magic on him”

“Then how did you get grandfather to agree He is someone who absolutely hates businessmen, not to mention working together with them.” Still kept questioning him in a curious manner.

“This…..” Xu Yi paused for a bit before giving a helpless sigh, “His excellency Great Magician had no choice. In the end, a magician still needs to eat and the problem your grandfather faces right now is real, he doesnt have any money. Although an old person like him is very stubborn, compared to this Magic Tower that he painstakingly built, that stubbornness doesnt count for anything. Then again, cooperating with me is better than cooperating with other merchants, I at least am considered a merchant with a conscience. Moreover, at the same time, I also have a status as a magician, which makes it easier for your grandfather to accept.”

A dispirited look appeared on Stills face as she gave a slight nod. She said with a sigh, “Thats right, if it wasnt for the fact that he really had no other choice, grandfather definitely wouldnt do this.” After saying this, she looked at the door to Great Magician Camillas exclusive laboratory, “Im going to see him.”

Watching Still walk in, Xu Yi considered it before turning to leave the Magic Tower.

He had just discussed this matter with Great Magician Camilla for a full two hours, Xu Yis harvests could be considered quite rich.

The most important harvest was naturally finally being able to cooperate with Great Magician Camilla.

Since what he studied was magic machines, magic naturally had an important role to play.

Before now, the magic machines Xu Yi studied could be considered light machinery, so the magic used wasnt any high level Magic Arrays. With his current strength, it was enough to complete it.

But when Xu Yi prepared to develop the Magic Plowing Machine, he ran into a problem that he had already expected. That was the fact that his magic power wasnt strong enough.

Because the Magic Plowing Machine needed to loosen a large area of earth, it needed a power source that was stronger than the other magic machines that Xu Yi had developed before. After Xu Yi made some careful calculations, he confirmed that if he were to use Wind Attributed Magic Arrays, it would take at least a Level Six Magic Array to work.

Although Xu Yis magic power had been constantly increasing, since it had been a short period of time, he was still only between a Third and Fourth Grade Magician. He could only use a few Fourth Grade Magic Spells and Magic Arrays, he had no way of using Sixth Grade Magic Arrays at all.

Even if it was Still, Evita, and Akali who were stronger than Xu Yi, they also couldnt use a Sixth Grade Magic Array. Xu Yi was helpless in this matter and could only steel his heart to look for Great Magician Camilla for help.

Speaking of this, Xu Yi should thank the Lampuri Kingdoms Royal Family. If they didnt suddenly cut Great Magician Camillas funding, causing this economic crisis for the Great Magician, Xu Yi wouldnt have been able to make this clean sweep with him. Who knows when he would have been able to convince Great Magician Camilla to agree to working with him,

Xu Yi was not in a rush for success. He knew that even if Great Magician Camilla agreed to work with him, the prejudice against merchants in his heart would not easily disappeared. So, he only brought out this Magic Plowing Machine to let Great Magician Camilla study and didnt raise any other requests.

It had to be said, a Great Magician really was a Great Magician. Not only did his magic power surpass Xu Yis, his eyes, wisdom, and realm all surpassed him.

After Xu Yi thoroughly explained the concept of the Magic Plowing Machine, Great Magician Camilla only said a single word that stunned Xu Yi for a while.

“Since its to plow the earth, why do you use a Wind Attributed Magic Array Why not use an Earth Attributed Magic Array”

When Xu Yi heard this, he was stunned for a while before slapping his forehead.


Great Magician Camilla was completely right. Since the Magic Plowing Machine was used to plow the earth, using an Earth Attributed Magic Array was the more direct and effective method. It was far from something that that plows moved by a Wind Attributed Magic Array could accomplish.

Xu Yi understood that he was completely limited by his structured thoughts.

This was because in his original world, all the machines used energy transformation and then used that energy to power the machine. So, when Xu Yi researched the magic machines, he had followed this same logic.

For the first Magic Fan that Xu Yi made on the Sines Continent, he found that the Wind Attributed Magic Array could simulate most engines from earth. So in his further studies, he simulated the machines from earth and naturally used Wind Attributed Magic Arrays.

However, now that he had been reminded by Great Magician Camillas words, Xu Yi suddenly realized that he had made a mistake.

The Sines Continent in the end was different from earth and the biggest difference was magic.

Although it wasnt able to compare to the highly developed industrial system of earth, magic had its own advantage.

Before this, Xu Yi sighed with emotion at how efficient Magic Crystals were in powering Magic Arrays, but now he found that magic had a powerful advantage in terms of flexibility.

Just with the Magic Plowing Machine. If one followed Xu Yis thoughts, it would be the same as plowing machines on earth and would use a Wind Attributed Magic Array as a power source.

Because the land that had to be plowed had been desolate for so long, the power needed to move land that was this firm was quite high. In the end, Xu Yi determined that it would need at least a Grade Six Wind Magic Array.

But after being reminded by Great Magician Camilla, Xu Yi quickly changed his thoughts. If he considered it from the angle of Earth Attributed Array, he found that it only needed a Second Grade Earth Magic Array, the Earth Splitting Array to satisfy this requirement.

As long as the design was fine tuned a bit, the effects would be even stronger than what Xu Yi had estimated before!

In this process, the most important thing to Xu Yi was not making the design of the Magic Plowing Machine much simpler or greatly decreasing the cost, rather it was that his thoughts had been open.

Before, Xu Yi only used his rich mechanical engineering knowledge and used a bit of magic to make copies of the machines. Now, Xu Yi found that there were many uses to magic and he could completely change the design, perfectly combining magic and the special mechanical engineering knowledge that he had together.

In other words, the magic machines Xu Yi researched before could only be considered magic powered machines.

But this new Magic Plowing Machine that he designed after researching with Great Magician Camilla, that is a product that was a true fusion of magic and machines! It represented the true fusion of the culture of the Sines Continent and earth!

Thinking of this, Xu Yis footsteps couldnt help becoming faster.

The heart of a mechanical engineer inside him had already begun to burn and he was impatient to rush back to the factory. He wanted to lead Camby and the dwarves as they carried out research on the new Magic Plowing Machine.

But when Xu Yi stepped on the little path to the factory and looked into the distance, he was stunned. In the empty space in front of the two buildings, it was filled with people forming a dense crowd that didnt leave a single opening.

Seeing how noisy these people were, Xu Yis heart skipped a beat.

Could it be something happened-

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