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“Why are you displaying all these Magic Cars at once”

While the miss was receiving questions from the guests, Xu Yi was also answering various questions, but the people he faced were the reporters from the various newspapers.

It had been half a year since the Frestech Chamber of Commerce last held a product release and they announced todays product release a week ago, so it was enough to see that they placed importance on this product release and naturally the newspapers of Banta City and the surrounding cities placed importance on this.

After the reporters arrived at todays product release, they immediately found that it was very worth it.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces past product releases only released one product, but this time they suddenly released over ten different products at once.

Although the main topic was Magic Cars this time and all these new products could be considered a form of Magic Car, seeing this many kinds of Magic Cars with all kinds of different appearances and functions really was enough to make one feel shocked.

Especially the Magic Car called the Magic Sedan by Xu Yi in the center, it attracted everyones eyes.

The reporters were more experienced than normal people, so naturally they could tell with a single glance that although this Magic Sedan was expensive, it actually satisfied the wants of the merchants and the nobles.

If it was priced too low, the noble and merchants that came today wouldnt care about it that much.

And this Magic Sedan whether it was in terms of appearance, function, or comfort, it was all top class and could even be considered a work of art, so it was natural that it was well accepted.

But compared to the Magic Cars that shocked everyone, the reporters cared more about why the Frestech Chamber of Commerce released this many kinds of Magic Cars at once.

Compared to the previous press conferences, it was different from what Xu Yi said before about “eating bite by bite or taking step by step”.

“Why” Xu Yi looked over the reporters and revealed a faint smile, “Because through this product release, we want to tell everyone a fact. Its that there are many development opportunities for Magic Cars and there are many kinds that can be developed. It isnt just the medium sized passenger and transport Magic Cars that our company promoted before.”

The reporters all nodded.

Indeed, before coming to this product release, everyone only knew the two types of Magic Cars the Frestech Chamber of Commerce promoted before. Now that there were many kinds of Magic Cars at this product release, especially after seeing this Magic Sedan, everyone realized that there were indeed endless possibilities when it came to Magic Car.s

It could be said that because of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces product release, everyone had suddenly changed their mentality.

From the Magic Cars they saw at this product release, everyone could think of more types of Magic Cars.

“Thats right, in the future, our company will make even more kinds of Magic Cars with different uses. We will also improve the quality and performance of our current Magic Cars.”

Xu Yi nodded and confirmed everyones guesses.

“For example, this Magic Sedan, we used the latest steel alloys. Its made the Magic Sedan much more resistant and stronger against contour changes. So dont just think that this Magic Sedan is smaller than the medium sized Magic Car, it isnt less safe to sit in it at all. You dont need to worry about losing your life in a crash. At least its safer than riding horse carriages.”

The reporters looked at each other before one of them suddenly raised their hand to ask in a loud voice, “Chairman Xu, Ive heard that you look down on horse carriages, is that true”

Xu Yi looked at him and recognized him as a reporter that specialized in gossip. He shook his head and said, “That isnt accurate. Accurately speaking, Im looking down on the abilities of a horse carriage, not on the horse carriage itself.”

The reporters under the stage were stunned, “Is there a difference”

“Of course.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “I look down on the abilities of a horse carriage because whether it is in terms of safety, comfort, or the most important factor when it comes to transportation, speed, they dont satisfy me. Compared to the Magic Cars, the horse carriages cant compare at all. Dont you think that since our company has developed Magic Cars, why shouldnt I look down on the performance of horse carriages”

“Chairman Xu, can I take it as you trying to sell the Magic Cars of your company that you have this attitude” That reporter kept asking.

Xu Yi looked at him and couldnt help smiling. He spread his hands and asked, “Do you think…..I need to go all out to sell the Magic Cars”

Seeing the other reporters looking at him like he was an idiot, that gossip reporter understood and felt that his question was really stupid.

Xu Yi was completely right, he didnt need to sell the Magic Cars at all, he didnt even need to in the beginning. Because after seeing the performance of Magic Cars far surpassed the horse carriages, all the companies of Banta City and many companies from other cities were all hounding the Frestech Chamber of Commerce for Magic Cars.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce couldnt match the demand, so the Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Car factory was the one that was always working overtime.

Even like this, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had orders that surpassed their production by several times, even planning their orders into next year.

In this situation, did Xu Yi need to put on an attitude to sell the Magic Cars

It had to be known, people were begging to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to buy Magic Cars, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt need to sell them at all.

Seeing that the reporter no longer spoke, Xu Yi continued with a smile, “Alright, since youve asked this question, Ill take this chance to give you my ideas in detail.”

The reporters were all shocked before focusing on Xu Yi.

“I just said, I look down on the performance of horse carriages because compared to Magic Cars, horse carriages really cant compare and cant match the needs of the people. The most important thing is that it cant satisfy the large transport demands.”

Xu Yi paused before pointing at the large transport Magic Car at the entrance.

“Take a look, that large sized transport Magic Car has a standard load of ten tons. If we used horse carriages, even the Fersen Carriage Companys largest transport horse carriage that has a total of eight horses pulling cant load more than three tons, it cant even reach four tons.”

“It isnt lacking by that much that people cant accept it.” A reporter refuted.

“Is that so” Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Youve forgotten two important problems. One is investment cost and one is operation expenses.”

Oh Chairman Xu, please explain.”

“First lets talk about investment cost. Do you know, how much does it cost to construct a large horse carriage for the Fersen Carriage Company Let me tell you, chairman Pompeii personally told me that they had to custom order the large horse carriages. In order to support such heavy cargo, they have to use the most durable material, so each horse carriage has a high cost of three thousand gold coins.”

“But your large sized transport Magic Car costs five thousand gold coins, its much higher than the large horse carriage.” A reporter on the side said in a loud voice.

“Did you forget about the eight horses” Xu Yi asked back.

That reporter instantly fell silent.

“Horses that can pull three to four tons are of course the best horses. So the Fersen Carriage Company spends at least five thousand gold coins on these eight horses. So in total, the Fersen Carriage Company spends over eight thousand to construct a large horse carriage.

The reporters looked at each other, unable to say anything.

Xu Yi took out real facts and numbers, they couldnt refute it at all.

“Now that were finished with investment cost, well talk about operating costs.” Xu Yi continued, “According to the data chairman Pompeii gave me, if one wants to use the large horse carriage, they need to spend at least twenty gold coins a day to buy feed for the horses. As for the maintenance cost of the large horse carriage, it costs up to two thousand gold coins a year. If you average it to every day, its over fifty gold coins a day. In total, to use the large horse carriage, it would cost at least seventy gold coins a day and it costs more the further one goes.”

“Then chairman Xu, how much does your large Magic Car cost to maintain each day” A reporter asked

“This large Magic Car has two parts when it comes to consumption. One is the daily maintenance and by the standard our company puts, if nothing big happens, this large Magic Cars maintenance is probably three to five hundred gold coins a year in a normal situation.”

“This little” The reporters didnt really believe it, “How much is that when counted on a daily basis”

“This is already considered a lot.” Xu Yi shook his head, “If our company makes new breakthroughs with the Magic Cars, we can further reduce the maintenance costs.”

“Then what about the other part The horses eat grass, so its impossible that your Magic Cars dont need anything to run, right” Another reporter asked.

“Of course, to make a horse run, you need to feed the horse. I think that you should be very clear that Magic Cars use Magic Crystals. Then for this large scale transport Magic Car, there isnt any difference and also consumes Magic Crystals. According to the initial tests of our company, this large Magic Car going at a normal speed would consume thirteen Evs of magic per one hundred kilometers. If you use the standardized Magic Crystals that our company has made, it would cost a total of thirteen gold coins.

“This means that if you want to pull ten tons of goods a hundred kilometers, it would cost thirteen gold coins” The reporters all had looks of disbelief.

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “There is another important factor which is speed. Carrying a normal load of ten tons, this large Magic Car can go at a speed of forty kilometers an hour. What about the horse carriages”

The reporters look at each other before smiling.

Horse carriages Not mentioning carrying ten tons, even if they ran without any goods, they could only run for an hour at thirty kilometers an hour.

Seeing the reaction of the reporters, Xu Yi spread his hands, “Now, tell me, why cant I look down on horse carriages”

The reporters all laughed.

After this, the gossip reporter raised their hand again.

“Chairman Xu, after several questions about the Magic Cars, I want to ask a personal question. Its about your newly born daughter, are you willing to answer it”

The other reporters looked at him with frowns as they couldnt help revealing a trace of disdain.

This was the Frestech Chamber of Commerces product release, why are you asking a personal question.

However, after hearing that this question was about Xu Yis daughter, all the reporters focused to look at Xu Yi with looks of hope.

“It really did come.” Xu Yi revealed an understanding smile before nodding, “My mood is good today, so you can. Ask me then.”

“Alright. Chairman Xu, I heard that you named her your sole heir the day your daughter was born, is this true”

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