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Magic Industry Empire Volume 1 Chapter 49

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Insecure hearts

“Xu Yi, you didnt need to do anything for me, Im fine.” Still revealed a relaxed smile to Xu Yi beside her.

The two had already finished eating lunch in the magic research lab. Still was planning on heading back to the Magic Tower and Xu Yi wanted to find Great Magician Camilla for something, so they took the road back to Great Magician Camillas Magic Tower together.

“Youre really alright” Xu Yi looked at Still with a frown, with doubt all over his face, “Why did I think that your expression wasnt that good just now.

“That is just……” Still thought about it before waving her hand in a slightly agitated manner, “This matter will make people unhappy no matter what. I just felt disgusted thinking about it.”

“As long as you don't have any more feelings for that fellow.” Xu Yi said with a shrug.

“Could it be that I would still have feelings for that fellow who isnt anything good!” Still angrily glared at Xu Yi, “Do you think Im an idiot I liked him before because I didnt know his true face and was fooled by his outer appearance. Thinking about it now, I really was weak back then, actually liking a person because of his appearances. This…..Alright, I was indeed an idiot back then.”

Xu Yi laughed, “Being an idiot once is not a bad thing. At least after this matter, youll know that you cant judge a book by its cover. Compared to ones appearance, their heart is more important. After all, a person like me who is outstanding on the outside and inside is really rare.”

Still looked like she wanted to puke, “Can you act humble I just finished eating, i dont want to vomit everything out.”

Xu Yi gave a snort and revealed a look of disdain, “Im just telling the truth and you wont believe it, you really are a child who wont learn. But forget it, an outstanding man like myself is like a moon in the sky, it cant be hidden even if one wanted to. Im not lacking a person with broken eyes like you to discover me.”

“Your eyes are broken.” Still glared at Xu Yi before suddenly breaking out in laughter.

This laughter was like a flood gate that couldnt hold back the water and more and more kept pouring out. Still at first covered her mouth, but as her laughter became stronger and stronger, she held her stomach and couldnt stand up straight as she laughed.

Xu Yi had a straight face at first, but he couldnt help laughing with her in the end.

On this noon during the summer, these two fellows were wildly laughing on the street like this, naturally it attracted strange gazes from the people around them.

These two fellows were considered people with a decent amount of fame. After the people around them noticed them, they couldnt help pointing at them.

Xu Yi quickly noticed this and quickly grabbed Stills arm before he ran off.

Only when they reached the Camilla Magic Tower did Xu Yi finally let go of Stills arm. He was panting as he pointed at the Magic Tower and said, “Alright, go and find your grandfather first. I should take a trip to the lab first. Thats right, tell Great Magician Camilla something for me. I have something to look for him later, I hope that he could give me a bit of time.”

“What are you suddenly being polite for” Still looked at Xu Yi, “Didnt grandfather already tell you that you could go see him whenever you wanted”

Xu Yi shook his head with a bitter smile, “There was no problem before, but after being cursed out by him, I cant dare say that if the old man still has a favourable impression of me anymore.”

Xu Yi gave a cold snort, “You deserved it.”

After saying this, Still suddenly knit her brows and gave a soft sigh. She turned to look at the Magic Tower standing proud and a somewhat regretful look appeared on her face.

“Xu Yi, actually…..Actually, I shouldnt talk about you. I always wanted to urge grandfather against this. If he stays like this, Im afraid this Magic Tower……”

“Whats wrong with the Magic Tower” Xu Yi noticed the sadness in Stills voice and couldnt help asking in a surprised tone, “Could it be that there are problems with the Magic Tower It shouldnt be. Then again, Great Magician Camilla is a Great Magician and has status in the entire kingdom.”

Still shook her head, “It isnt this problem, but I wont talk about this to you for now. After I finish talking to grandfather, Ill find the time to discuss this with you. Perhaps…..Ill have to request for your help at that time.”

Hearing Stills serious tone, Xu Yi tightly knit his brows.

Based on her tone, Great Magician Camilla seemed to have met some troubles.

“Dont say request, just speak if there is anything I can help you with. Still, in the past, you were the one who made the exception that allowed me to work in the Magic Tower. If it wasnt for this, I would be doing some other kind of work that probably wouldnt have been related to magic, so there would be no need to mention me making this company. So the fact that I could have these things now, you played a decisive role. Since its like this, is there a need for you to be polite with me”

Still revealed a faint smile, “Then do you know why I made an exception for you back then”

“Oh Why”

“Because…...you held the door open for me back then.” Still paused for a second before throwing these words down and turning to leave.

“Just because of this” Xu Yi rubbed his nose as he shook his head with a bitter smile.

When Xu Yi came to the lab, he raised quite a stir.

Since the Frestech Chamber of Commerce became bigger and bigger, Xu Yi asked for more and more days off. After a while, he would only come once every few days and he would only stay for an hour before leaving.

This made his coworkers in the lab even forget that he was still a member of this lab.

The stranger thing was that if it was anyone else, they would have already been chased out of the Magic Tower by Great Magician Camilla. But for this Xu Yi, Great Magician Camilla never said a thing, like he didnt know what Xu Yi was doing at all.

So as time passed, the coworkers in the lab knew that Xu Yi held a special place in Great Magician Camillas heart.

Adding in the fact that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had more and more products and the company became richer, Xu Yis position in the mind of his coworkers also grew.

Now that Xu Yi had appeared in the lab, naturally he wouldnt be ignored like in the beginning. Also no one showed any hostilities towards him and he seemed to be met with the same warm welcome.

“Hey, Xu Yi, why did you have time to come here today” Lotte was the first to jump out, welcoming Xu Yi with a full smile, “If you didnt come back, we would have forgotten that we worked with you.”

“Lotte, what nonsense are you saying We could forget others, but we would never forget Xu Yi. Then again, we worked together on the Magic Fan for such a long time in the past. Dont you think so, Xu Yi” This coworker was one of the ten who had worked on the Magic Fan Magic Array for Xu Yi before.

“Thats right, this will never be forgotten.” Another coworker came beside Xu Yi while laughing and he slapped Xu Yis shoulder. He suddenly asked in a low voice, “Hey, Xu Yi, do you have any work in your company If there is, help find something for me, alright”

Hearing this question, the lab suddenly became silent.

Xu Yi looked around and saw that other than a few people, the other coworkers were all looking at him with expectant gazes.

Even the coworkers that werent looking over were clearly attentively listening to them, not looking like they didnt care at all.

Xu Yi was secretly shocked.

These coworkers used to look down on Magic Array drawing work before, why did they suddenly show such interest

There was only one explanation, there was a change that he didnt know about yet.

“There is this kind of work, but with your magical strength, Im afraid it wont match your skills” Xu Yi replied with a smile, while seriously watching for everyones reactions.

While he was seriously looking over them, Xu Yi found something that had shocked him.

“Yi Why dont I see Cimirot, Rem, and Wella Those three wouldnt have taken a vacation like me, right”

“You dont know” Lotte looked at Xu Yi with an astonished look before suddenly realizing something, “Oh, right, you havent come in several days, so you definitely dont know. They already no longer work here. Ive heard that theyve ran off to a company in Saltan City, working for that company.”

“Working for a company” Xu Yi was instantly stunned, “With their strength, they wouldnt have run off to become a guard for a company, right I wont mention Cimirot, but with how proud Rem and Wella are, how could they have agreed”

“No, of course they arent guards. How could they be willing to run off to a company to be a guard” Lotte shook her head, “Ive heard that they seem to be doing some kind of research…...Thats right, Xu Yi, it seems like it is related you your Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

“What relations does it have to me company” Xu Yi was even more stunned.

“I dont know the specifics either. I only know that the company has given them a high salary. Anyway, before Cimirot left, he said that it was even higher than their salaries here.”

“Really” Xu Yi knit his brows and sunk into deep thought.

Cimirot was the second strongest in this laboratory, so naturally he had one of the highest salaries, even higher than Rem. He received forty gold coins each month.

For a company to give him a salary that was even higher when he had just started out, that really was not a small number.

If they gave the same starting wage to Rem and Wella, it wouldnt be strange if the two of them agreed at all.

“Thats right, since the three of them have been baited over by the company, what about you all Why havent they tried taking you” Xu Yi then asked.

He never thought that once he asked this question, the coworkers in the lab would all show the same strange look.

Xu Yi immediately understood. There wasnt a single exception here, they had all been taken.

As for the reason why they were still here, there was only one answer. They hadnt finished discussing the conditions yet.-

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