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“What nonsense are you saying” Count Sean snappily looked at Xu Yi.

“Why do you want to build a weapon factory if you dont want to revolt” Xu Yi asked in a confused voice, “Shouldnt this thing be controlled by the army headquarters alone”

“Who told you only the army headquarters had weapon factories” Count Sean shook his head, “It seems like you dont know much about our Lampuri Kingdoms military policies.”

“I am only a merchant.” Xu Yi said with a laugh.

“Let me tell you, although the military is controlled by the royal army, each city and each noble have the right to hold a certain amount of military force. Not to mention that Sowell City is near the northern border, so they have greater rights. I have already submitted the plan to build a weapon factory in Sowell City and it has already been approved by the king and the army headquarters.”

“Are you really not afraid of people thinking you will revolt…..” Xu Yi couldnt help muttering.

“As long as his majesty has the most power, no one will think of revolting.” Count Sean softly replied, “Alright, you havent replied to my question, can your Frestech Chamber of Commerce build a weapon factory”

Xu Yi thought about it before replying, “Our company can prepare the production magic machines for the weapon factory, but as for building the weapon factory…..Our company doesnt work in this line.”

“You dont need to care, Ill arrange it myself.” Count Sean nodded, “Since your company can do this, then I represent Sowell City to officially order the production magic machines for weapons from your Frestech Chamber of Commerce. When can you provide them”

“I think…..at the quickest, it should be next year.” Xu Yi replied, “As for officially beginning production, I think it would take at least next summer.”

“Alright, my estimate was starting production before the end of next year, its best if it can be before that.” Count Sean said.

“That should be no problem.” Xu Yi gave a nod. After hesitating a bit, he couldnt help asking, “Lord City Lord, can you tell me what you are planning on building a weapon factory for If its to equip the Sowell Citys guards, I feel that it is more convenient to buy from our company and the cost would be lower.”

“I wanted to solve the problem of equipping all the cities in the north and to stop ordering from a distant place like Banta City. Especially when it comes to maintaining the weapons of the northern army, its more convenient to transport from Sowell City. Then again, according to his majestys orders two days ago, the third army will be moving up, so theres even more of a need for this weapon factory.”

Xu Yi slightly knit his brows. His majesty had sent the third army that was the most well equipped, the best trained, and the most elite unit in the royal army to Sowell City at this time, it was clearly to defend against the attacks of the Sack Kingdom.

But since he made these preparations, why didnt he order his highness Eric to not attack the Sack Kingdom

After thinking it over, Xu Yi couldnt guess his majestys thoughts and could only give up.

“Alright, Ill prepare the production magic machines for the weapon factory as soon as I get back and send them as quickly as possible.” Xu Yi said, “But Lord City Lord, this place isnt far from the Sack Kingdoms borders, so if a weapon factory is built here, it might make the Sack Kingdom very vigilant and greedy. This might put Sowell City in a very dangerous position.”

“Of course I know this.” Count Sean gave a cold snort, “As long as those Sack Kingdom fellows dare come, Ill definitely teach them a lesson.”

Seeing Count Seans confident look, Xu Yi didnt say anything else. After discussing a few details with Count Sean, Count Sean saw that it was getting late and ended the banquet.

To welcome the Frestech Chamber of Commerces people, Count Sean had prepared a residence in the City Lord Manor for them.

Xu Yi as the chairman received a small private courtyard.

He didnt know if Count Sean did it on purpose, but the courtyard he prepared for Xu Yi was actually only separated by a single wall from the courtyard that Princess Caroline had moved into a few days ago.

Seeing Xu Yi enter his courtyard, Princess Caroline who had left the banquet with Xu Yi threw him a tempting look.

“Chairman Xu, this wall shouldnt be able to stop a powerful magician like you, right Then…..Ill be waiting for you.”

“This…..Ive been traveling all day and Im very tired, I want to get some rest early.” Xu Yi waved to Princess Caroline before entering his room without even looking back.

Behind him came Princess Carolines laughter that was as clear as bells and was quite charming.

Xu Yi naturally wouldnt go right to sleep. After taking a bath, he would summarize everything that had happened today out of habit before sleeping, while also planning his work for the next day.

Because he would start working on constructing a production base in Sowell City tomorrow, Xu Yi had to prepare himself ahead of time.

At the banquet tonight, Xu Yi had told Princess Caroline that they were first preparing to construct a cement factory and then a steel mill, which wasnt a lie at all.

If he wanted to construct anything in Sowell City, he had to have a cement factory. Then the foundation of the magic machine industry were steel products, so the steel mill had to be constructed right away.

With these two factories, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could even build a production magic machine factory in Sowell City. They could produce the production magic machines here and wouldnt need to transport them from Banta City that was over a thousand kilometers away.

Xu Yi put the Sowell City map Count Sean gave him on the table. On this map, Count Sean had put several marks ahead of time for the Frestech Chamber of Commerces production base.

The addresses were what Count Sean had discussed with Xu Yi before, so naturally there werent any problems.

But after hearing Count Sean mention he wanted to build a weapon factory in Sowell City, Xu Yi had to consider something else.

If they built the weapon factory, this news couldnt be hidden from the Sack Kingdom. That meant that the Sack Kingdom would definitely be interested in this weapon factory.

If the Sack Kingdom realized the high value of the weapon factory and tried to take it, if Sowell City couldnt stop them, then Sowell City and Frestech Chamber of Commerce wouldnt just lose some equipment, they would be losing some important information.

So what Xu Yi had to consider now was how to maintain normal functioning of the Sowell Citys production base and the weapon factory while also protecting the secret material.

This was a very contradictory matter. If they wanted to produce things, they had to use the related material. If they wanted to protect it, they would limit those materials which would hinder production.

“In the end, if there wasnt war on the continent and everyone lived in peace, properly developing the economy, wouldnt living conditions be much better”

Xu Yi gave a bitter laugh as he shook his head. He knew that his thoughts were complete nonsense.

Whether it was in ancient times or the highly developed earth, fighting between humans was inevitable.

For the half feudal society of the Sines Continent, war between countries was normally seen.

Like bitter enemies between the Sack Kingdom and Lampuri Kingdom, it couldnt be easily solved.

“If I could kill in all directions like the novels and unify the continent, making everyone obey my orders and focus on researching magic machines to develop the industry, how good that would be…..”

Xu Yi couldnt help letting his mind wander and thinking about this.

When he thought for a while, the door was opened and Linda came in.

Seeing that Lindas hair was still wet, Xu Yi waved his hand at her with a smile, “You can just go to sleep if youre done washing up. I still have some things to do, you dont need to serve me.”

Linda shook her head and came up behind Xu Yi, putting her hands on Xu Yis shoulder and pinching.

This was considered something that Linda had been doing every night. Her technique was quite good and Xu Yi quite enjoyed it, so he didnt stop her.

When he was going to continue looking over the map, Linda asked in a soft voice, “Master, are you going to Princess Carolines place tonight”

Xu Yi was surprised, “Why would I go”

“Because I saw how Princess Caroline seems to be tempting you. She is that beautiful, your heart should be moved, right”

Xu Yi didnt know whether to laugh or cry as he turned to look at Linda, “She is indeed very beautiful and my heart is moved, but that doesnt mean that something will happen between me and her. What are you asking this for”

Linda bit her lip before suddenly taking Xu Yis hand and putting it on her high chest.

Xu Yi immediately knit his brows, “Linda, didnt I tell you before that you cant do this kind of thing casually”

Linda wasnt scared off by Xu Yi like last time and raised her head to match his gaze.

“Master, after you reprimanded me last time, Ive thought it through very clearly. You are the best master and I really do love you, so I definitely wouldnt regret giving you my body. If you dont want me this time, perhaps I wont have the face to remain by your side any longer.”

Feeling the warm and soft feeling coming from his hand, Xu Yi said with a sigh, “Linda, youre thinking too much. I never treated you or Liz as slaves, so you dont have to act like other slaves and offer your body to guarantee your position. I dont like doing something that you dont want to do.”

“No, these are my real thoughts. I like you, master, I am willing!” Linda had a serious look on her face. She moved her hand and pulled Xu Yis hand on her chest into her bathrobe, touching her smooth skin.

Feeling the smooth and curved bunch in his hand, Xu Yis heart couldnt help skipping a beat as his blood surged.

After seeing Princess Caroline today and being teased by her constantly, his heart was already palpitating.

If it wasnt for his will being strong enough, he might have really gone to Princess Carolines room next door.

Now Linda was giving him a taste, it was harder for him to suppress and he really wanted to do something.

Not to mention that Still had given Linda to him last time, so Xu Yi didnt have any scruples in his heart.

But when he thought of this, he couldnt help reacting.

Lindas eyes fell onto the bulge on Xu Yis lower half and her face turned red. She gave a sweet smile as she came to Xu Yis side, saying with a faint smile, “Master, the madame wanted me to take care of you on this trip just for this.”

After saying this, Linda put her hand down Xu Yis chest and went down his clothes, going all the way to the part between Xu Yis leg and grabbing.

Hearing this, Xu Yis final line of defense collapsed. He picked up Linda and headed towards the bed.

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