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Xu Yi quickly threw away his own guesses.

The Sarank Chamber of Commerce had been established for close to a hundred years, they had developed from a small company to one of the biggest companies in Banta City, even gaining footing in the entire Lampuri Kingdom. For a company like this, they definitely wouldnt take the risk of betraying the country by selling the Frestech Chamber of Commerces secrets to the Sack Kingdom, there were no benefits for them.

Even if the Sarank Chamber of Commerce had this idea, they didnt have this ability.

Since the Rem matter, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce has been very strict about protecting their technology. Without passing a test and becoming truly trusted, they wouldnt be able to touch this technology at all.

To think that the Sarank Chamber of Commerce sent a spy to steal the data, it was more likely that the core researchers of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had betrayed them.

And the people who could touch this research at will could be counted on a single hand. They were the magic research facilitys chief Evita, the top grade researcher Great Magician Camilla, the magic machine development centers manager Camby, and Xu Yi himself.

Xu Yi definitely didnt believe that Evita, Great Magician Camilla, or Camby would betray the company. The Sack Kingdom being able to manufacture that Magic Trebuchet was most likely them getting some materials on the Magic Trebuchet from another channel and then making this from that.

As for this channel……Xu Yi didnt state it clearly in front of major MacConley, but he was seriously doubting the northern army, or even the army headquarters.

“Hey, chairman Xu, is there a need to consider this long” After seeing Xu Yi being in thought for so long after hearing his question, chairman Rank couldnt help asking this in a confused voice.

“Ah Oh…..” Xu Yi reacted and said with a smile, “Of course Im interested, but chairman Rank, is the business channel between you and the Sack Kingdom safe If we transport a large amount of cargo to the Sack Kingdom, but they found an excuse to confiscate all of it, that would be a large loss.”

Chairman Rank laughed, “Relax, I havent been in this business for only a day or two. Moreover, other than our Sarank Chamber of Commerce, there isnt another company that can do something like this. Actually, there is a large demand for magic machines on the Sack Kingdom side and the people on the side have requested this many times. If it wasnt too inconvenient, they would even want to personally contact you.”

“Un, I understand.” Xu Yi nodded before giving some thought, “Alright, give me some time to consider this. When I return from Sowell City, Ill give you a response.”

“Good.” Chairman Rank nodded before asking, “Speaking of this, your Frestech Chamber of Commerce is investing in Sowell City, so you should be heading to meet Count Sean, right”

“Of course, Count Sean is now Sowell Citys City Lord and he has always supported our Frestech Chamber of Commerce. So now that he wants to develop Sowell City and needs our Frestech Chamber of Commerces support, of course I wouldnt reject.”

Chairman Rank was silent for a bit before asking, “Sowell City isnt far from the Sack Kingdom. If youre willing to trade with the Sack Kingdom, its easier to open the channel from Sowell City. Chairman Xu, you can discuss this matter with Count Sean when you meet him, I think that the Lord Count should support this.”

“I will.”

After he finished discussing this, Xu Yi found that there was no meaning for him to stay at this banquet, so he found an excuse to leave early.

When he returned to the residence, he found that two Magic Cars containing the girls from the New Moon Troupe were also coming back.

Xu Yi was attending the banquet at the West Hack Kingdoms embassy tonight, so he also arranged for the beastmen girls to attend a banquet that Hannas was hosting. His goal was to let the New Moon Troupe gain a bit of fame among the Anvilmar City nobles.

However, based on the unhappy looks on the faces of the beastmen, this seemed to have failed.

Xu Yi looked at Hannas who came out of the first Magic Car with a confused look.

“What happened”

Hannas had an awkward look on his face. He gave a sigh and shook his head before pointing at the door of the residence.

“Lets go in and talk.”

After having Housekeeper Lahm arrange for the girls to rest in the other rooms, Xu Yi and Hannas went into Xu Yis room.

Seeing Xu Yis questioning gaze, Hannas gave a bitter laugh.

“Xu Yi, sorry, I might have screwed up tonight.”

Xu Yi knit his brows, “What does that mean Why do you say you screwed up”

“I planned for the New Moon Troupe to sing and dance at my banquet to add to the fun. I thought that with their dancing, their singing, the beautiful appearance of the beastmen girls, and their uniqueness of being from the beastmen race, the nobles would definitely like them……”

“In the end” Xu YI was a bit curious, “I dont believe that the nobles of this city would dislike these beastmen girls.”

“They indeed liked them, but…..they liked them too much.” Hannas said with a bitter smile, “After seeing the dance performance, several nobles directly asked me to sell these beastmen girls to them.”

“Sell” Xu Yi was stunned, “Did they treat these beastmen girls as your slaves”

“Thats right.” Hannas said with a sigh, “But you cant blame them since when beastmen girls appeared in our human society before, they were slaves and there were no other possibilities. Moreover, these beastmen girls are this young and beautiful, so they all thought that these were beastmen slaves that I obtained.”

“And then How did you respond” Xu Yi asked.

“Of course I rejected them.” Hannas immediately replied, “I told them that these beastmen girls were from the New Moon Troupe, they were not slaves. They worked as performers and they were no different from the other performance troupes in the city.”

“This explanation is very correct, so how did you mess up afterwards”

Hannas gave a cold snort as a trace of anger appeared on his face.

“Those fellows, there really is no cure for them! Although I clearly explained it, they didnt care at all. They even tried to touch these beastmen girls in front of me, so I got angry and argued with the worst fellows on the spot. In the end they left the banquet in a bad mood, so naturally I messed up.”

Xu Yi looked at Hannas with a somewhat helpless look. He was at least a tycoon in the Lampuri Kingdoms newspaper business, how could he be this hot blooded and so impulsive

But Hannas couldnt have been considered wrong from his standpoint, rather he felt that Hannas did very well.

As a noble of Anvilmar City, Hannas actually fought with the other nobles for these beastmen girls. It was enough to see that he took the matter Xu Yi handed him very seriously.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi patted Hannas shoulder and honestly said, “Its been hard on you. If it wasnt to help me, you wouldnt have had a conflict with those nobles.”

“Humph, those fellows really were too much. Even if it wasnt for you and the beastmen girls, I wouldnt have been able to keep watching!”

Seeing Hannas who was filled with righteous indignation, Xu Yi laughed. After thinking about it, he said, “This matter is my fault if were being honest. Based on the situation you just mentioned, I overestimated some qualities of the nobles in the city. In the end, I made the New Moon Troupe walk on the wrong path.”

“You mean you dont want to take the high end route Then how will you quickly integrate the New Moon Troupe into Anvilmar City” Hannas asked in a daze.

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “We actually ignored a problem. The goal of establishing the New Moon Troupe was to let the people in the kingdom change their views of beastmen, so even if these beastmen girls arent accepted by the nobles, its fine as long as they are accepted by the people. Just based on this, we have a very big advantage.”

“What advantage”

Xu Yi pointed at Hannas, “Its you.”

“Me” Hannas pointed at himself in a daze. After thinking about it, he suddenly thought it through and gave a strong clap, “Right, I have the «Anvilmar Times» and the «Lampuri Weekly» under me, I can just give them some advertising. I say, Xu Yi, you must have thought of this in the beginning, so why didnt you have me advertise for them Could it be that youre not willing to spend the money”

“I said it before, I overestimated the nobles of Anvilmar City.” Xu Yi gave a shrug, “Its a good thing we have time to change this. Come, Hannas, let me tell you what to do. The first step is to start with public performances……”


Half an hour later, Xu Yi finished his instructions.

Hannas looked at Xu Yi for a while before slowly shaking his head. He said in a voice of praise, “Xu Yi, although Ive been taught by you many times, I still want to say, how did you grow that brain Why are there so many strange ideas Clearly……Clearly these ideas are all useful!”

“This is called talent, you cant be envious.” Xu Yi gave a proud smile, “How about it Do you think this is feasible”

“Of course.” Hannas nodded, “I even suspected that you didnt care about the New Moon Troupe, otherwise you would have already thought of this great idea.”

“The New Moon Troupe is under Stills name, so how could I casually interfere in her work Other than that, you should help me hide my involvement in this and say that you came up with this idea. Ill just give the New Moon Troupe to you and you can take care of them, understand” Xu Yi said.

Hannas was surprised, “Why”

“Because this work is very important to Still, I dont want her to know that I helped. To her and her enthusiasm……as well as confidence, it might harm them, so I dont want to see that happen.”

Hannas looked at Xu Yi with wide eyes for a while and couldnt help shaking his head. He said with a soft sigh, “Still really is lucky to have you as a husband. If I was a girl, I might even fall in love with you.”

Xu Yi rolled his eyes, “Scram, damn homo!”

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