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When Xu Yi saw Great Magician Camilla, he couldnt help laughing.

Great Magician Camilla was currently wearing the light blue uniform of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. He pinched two steel plates in his left hand as he held a Magic Welding Torch in his right, currently focusing on the slit between the two steel plates, moving the torch bit by bit.

If he had a face mask on, he would have looked exactly the same as the welders from earth.

Seeing Great Magician Camilla focusing on the steel plate and Magic Welding Torch, Xu Yi didnt disturb him as he stood at the door watching his actions.

Compared to when the Magic Welding Torch had just been developed, Great Magician Camilla was much more skilled when it came to welding the two steel plates together.

Although the Magic Welding Torch in his right hand wasnt moving quickly, it moved at a very stable speed, so it didnt tremble at all.

Just based on this, he was on par with the welders on earth with years of experience.

When Great Magician Camilla finished welding these two steel plates together, Xu Yi took two steps forward to take a look. He found that there wasnt a trace of welding between the two plates and it was like they were naturally linked together, being part of a whole.

Xu Yi couldnt help sighing with praise as he picked up the welded steel plates. He put his hands on opposite sides and tried to bend them, but the steel plate wouldnt bend at all.

Great Magician Camilla saw what Xu Yi did and laughed, “Kid, you think that Im the same as before”

Xu Yi shook his head. After the first bending test of Great Magician Camillas success, he put the steel plate down on a table and left a space in the middle before picking up another steel plate. He lifted it high up and slammed it down.


With a heavy sound, the steel plate bounced off the desk and fell to the round, but it didnt show any signs of loosening.

Xu Yi picked it up from the ground and honestly looked at the space between the steel plates, finding that it didnt show any signs of breaking apart. Xu Yi couldnt help giving a surprised gasp.

“This is just too strong! Grandfather, how did you do this”

Great Magician Camilla laughed before saying in a proud voice, “Actually it was just changing the method of welding. I heard that a welding rod had to be put between the steel plates to fill the space, so I always thought about how to solve the problem of a welding rod. But after thinking about it, since I wanted to use a welding rod to fuse the two, wouldnt it be better to fuse the two steel plates together instead of using a welding rod”

Xu Yi was surprised, “Melt the steel plate Can this be done The welding rod can melt because it is thin and some combustion aids are added……”

After saying this, Xu Yi was stunned.

He suddenly remembered that when Great Magician Camilla did his welding tests, the welding rods didnt use any combustion aids at all because Great Magician Camilla had developed the “Diamond Distorting Array” that Xu Yi joked about last time. He could dissolve the metal itself, so why would he still need to use supporting methods

Since it was like this, Great Magician Camillas thoughts were correct.

Anyway, since he could easily melt steel, why would he need a welding rod to connect them Compared to welding methods that werent as reliable, of course it was better to fuse the two steel plates together.

Xu Yi looked at the complete steel plate in his hand and he felt emotional.

He had been influenced by the concepts of earth too much, he kept approaching things with the methods from earth.

But in reality, because of the existence of magic, there were some things that couldnt be achieved on earth that could be easily solved with magic.

For example, Great Magician Camilla didnt need to develop a high temperature Magic Array to weld the metal. It was much easier than using the high temperature welding method from earth and it was easier to use.

“Let me show you another of my new welding methods.” Great Magician Camilla suddenly picked up two steel plates and he tapped them with his finger.

Xu Yi could see that there were several small Magic Arrays laid on the two steel plates, but because it was too small, he couldnt clearly see what kind of arrays they were.

After a while, Great Magician Camilla stopped his hands and held up the two plates for Xu yi. Then he squeezed both plates together by the sides that had Magic Arrays on them.

Xu Yi felt some magic fluctuations from where the steel plates came together. When Great Magician Camilla relaxed his hands, the two steel plates were connected like they had been welded.

“How did this weld together” Xu Yi took the steel plate from Great Magician Camillas hand in a confused manner, carefully looking over where they were connected.

Although these two steel plates werent seamlessly connected like the one from before, it was still quite tightly attached. Xu Yi hit it again, but it didnt show any signs of cracking.

“Its very simple, I arranged several small Smelting Arrays on the steel plates. You just need to connect them and inject some magic power to activate the Magic Arrays, which will melt the steel plates and naturally weld them together.”

Xu Yi simulated the situation in his mind and understood.

This welding method wasnt as firm as the other method, but its advantage was that it kept the steel smooth. There was no need to process it afterwards like with the other welding method, so naturally its more convenient.

Moreover, this welding method had many places where it was better. For example, one needed to use the Magic Welding Torch for welding things together, but it was greatly restricted because of space and angle. But if one used this method, they just needed to prepare the Magic Arrays ahead of time and they would be able to weld them by sticking them together, it wasnt hard at all.

Moreover, because the Magic Arrays were installed ahead of time, if they were in a rush, they would quickly weld them together to satisfy the needs in special situations.

Xu Yi thought of all the places that they would use this new welding method and he couldnt help giving Great Magician Camilla a thumbs up.

“Grandfather, you really are a Great Magician, you can think of all these methods.” After saying this, Xu Yi gave a sigh, “Ai, if we could get several Great Magicians like you to invest in researching magic machines, that would be good.”

Great Magician Camilla rolled his eyes, “You think that Great Magicians are like vegetables You can find them whenever”

Xu Yi laughed, “Of course Great Magicians arent that easy to find, but higher level magicians shouldnt be that hard, right”

Great Magician Camilla narrowed his eyes and gave a cold snort, “Kid, what kind of scheme do you have Be honest, I know that you wouldnt find me for no good reason.”

Xu Yi immediately said in an aggrieved voice, “What no good reason Could it be that me coming here to increase your wage isnt a good thing”

“Increase my wage” Great Magician Camilla was surprised, “Why would you increase my wages Im already earning over three thousand gold coins a year, why would I need more Then again, the company provides me with the magic materials for my research, so I dont need to pay at all. If you have too much money, its better to provide more funds for the magic research facility.”

“I already considered increasing the funds, but raising your wages is also necessary, otherwise how could we attract more magicians to come work for our Frestech Chamber of Commerce” Xu Yi said with a laugh.

Great Magician Camilla knit his brows and understood Xu Yis meaning.

“You mean……you want to increase my wages to have me be an advertisement”

“Thats right.” Xu Yi nodded, “Look, you are the only Great Magician in our company right now, you are the sign of our company. If something happens to you, many magicians would pay attention, dont you think”

“That is correct, but……” Great Magician Camilla looked at Xu Yi and doubtfully said, “How are you planning to use me this time Only increasing my wages I dont think that would have any effects. My wages are already high enough, so increasing it wont have any effects.”

“Hei, hei, its because we havent added enough. To make a real stir, we cant be too stingy.”

Great Magician Camilla knit his brows, “How much are you planning on giving me Five thousand per year Isnt that too much”

Xu Yi shook his head with a smile before sticking up a finger.

“No, five thousand isnt much, how could it have the advertising effect that I want This time, I plan on raising your wage to ten thousand gold coins a year!”

“Ten thousand gold coins” Great Magician Camillas eyes opened wide in shock, “Xu Yi, are you crazy! Youre giving me a wage of ten thousand gold coins a year You think that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces money comes from nothing”

“If you want good results, you have to be willing to invest.” Xu Yi gave a shrug, saying in an uncaring voice, “Although ten thousand gold coins isnt little, I feel that if we used it to weigh your worth as a Great Magician, its too little. To me, just your worth alone already surpasses a trivial ten thousand gold coins. Not to mention that I have other goals in giving you this kind of wage.”

“You want to move the hearts of other Great Magicians” Great Magician Camilla asked.

Xu Yi nodded with a faint smile, “Thats right.”

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