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“Installment payments” Still touched her belly that had very clearly swelled a bit. After thinking about it, she said with a nod, “Right, this is indeed the idea that Xu Yi gave chairman Cruise. What about it Are you interested”

Akali looked at Evita before nodding, “Un, I feel this idea isnt bad. Look, if you divide it into ten years of payments, it would be five hundred gold coins a year. Evita and I are currently earning around eight hundred to a thousand gold coins per year, so we can afford this.”

“That is true.” Still turned to Evita, “What do you think”

Evita slightly knit her brows, looking a bit conflicted.

“Although we can indeed afford to pay five hundred gold coins a year, but…..that doesnt mean that well have that high of an income each year. If theres a problem where we cant pay the funds, according to the contract, the house would be taken back by the Amrit Chamber of Commerce and they will not refund the money to us.”

“What are you worried for” Akali said with a snort, “Could it be that youre worried we will lose our jobs Or are you worried that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce will close”

Evita helplessly looked at Akali. This fellow, she was saying that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would close in front of Still, it really was a slip up, “Look, Still already said this, we should make our decision, right” Akali quickly urged Evita, “Think about it, as long as you buy the house, we can live in that beautiful environment and our lives would be much happier.”

Evita still shook her head, “You forgot an important problem. We work in Falling Rain Valley every day, this place is over sixty kilometers away from there. Do we have to spend two hours on public transport each day to come back”

“You dont need to worry about this. Arent we currently researching personal Magic Cars We can both buy one when the time comes and well just drive our Magic Cars home each day, itll be very stylish.” Akali said in an excited voice.

Still looked at the hesitant Evita and paused before saying, “How about this, Evita, if you feel that it isnt safe for you and Akali to pay in installments to the Amrit Chamber of Commerce, I can lend you the money first. You can slowly return the money to me in the future, just like the installment payment, but you should be more assured with me, right” Still revealed a faint smile. She pinched Akalis face before looking at Evita, “Evita, what about you You are my old classmate and friend, theres no need to be polite with me.”

Evita took a deep look at Still and her eyes passed over her stomach. Then she looked around before taking a final look at Still while slowly shaking her head.

“No need, Im not as interested in a house as Akali.”

“Why It isnt anything to borrow a bit of money from Still, right It isnt that we cant repay it, then again…..”

Akali only finished half her words before Still covered her mouth.

“Since Evita isnt willing, then forget it. But I believe that with Evitas abilities, youll be able to receive five thousand gold coins within a year. When that time comes, you wont need to consider installment payments, right”

Evita said with a faint smile, “I hope its like this, but that will depend on if sir chairman will be generous.”

“Oh When have I not been generous” Xu Yis voice suddenly came from the door.

The three turned over and saw that behind Xu Yi, Bella, Claire, and Cecilia walked in together.

“Hey, Still, your belly is much bigger now.” Bella immediately came to Stills side, staring at her belly as she said with a sigh.

Claire and Cecilia also came over and put down the gifts in their hand. They gathered around Stills belly to talk to her, pushing aside the topic the three of them had been discussing.

Seeing the girls talking to each other, Xu Yi shook his head and told Liz and Linda to prepare lunch.

Evita and Stills other old classmates were here to visit her, so he had to properly entertain them.

When he walked out, there was the sound of footsteps behind him. When he turned around, he saw that it was Akali pulling Evita over.

“Whats wrong Did something happen” Seeing Akalis rare slightly worried look, Xu Yi asked with a smile.

“This……Its nothing big…..Sir chairman, Still just said……”

After hearing what Akali discussed with Still, Xu Yi laughed and waved his hand, “I thought it was something important. Since Still already agreed, I dont mind at all. But you are good friends with Still, so based on our relationship, it is very normal for us to lend you money.”

Akali happily ran over to grab Xu Yis arm and shook it a few times, “I knew that sir chairman is the most generous. Ai, it would be great if I met you before Still, I would definitely chase you and then I wouldnt need to worry about buying a house like this. Right, sir chairman, how about I use my body to repay you”

Xu Yi couldnt help laughing as he shook his head, “Alright, stop joking, Still is here.”

He looked at Evita afterwards and wanted to console her, but he gave up this idea after considering it.

Every person was different. Akali could accept borrowing money like this, but Evita wasnt willing, so he couldnt force her.

But after thinking, Xu Yi suddenly thought of something that he asked Evita, “Right, Evita, I havent asked about our companys recruitment in a while. How many new researchers do we have right now”

Evita was surprised that Xu Yi suddenly changed the topic, so she thought for a bit before saying, “A total of thirty nine, what is it”

Xu Yi shook his head, “The growth isnt fast. There were over three hundred people last year, but this year its only thirty nine. It really is too little.”

“Too little” Akali said in a surprised voice, “Sir chairman, there are less than two hundred magicians under Great Magician Eisenkel and our company has over three hundred magicians, its already very shocking.”

“I still feel its too little. Dont you feel that were lacking people when were conducting research”

Evita and Akali thought about it before nodding at the same time.

“Actually……I wanted to find a few more assistants for me recently, but everyone has their own research topic and they are all very busy.” Akali said.

Evita said with a sigh, “Right, currently there are many research topics and I have a bunch of research projects from the magic machine development center, but I cant find any people for these projects. If we could get another two hundred…..another hundred, it would be good.”

“Then why do you think other magicians arent willing to work for our Frestech Chamber of Commerce” Xu Yi asked.

Evita and Akali looked at each other before replying, “It isnt that theyre not willing since our company is already famous, many of our classmates have asked us about the company before. I think that many magicians are unwilling because they dont want to work in an unknown city, theyre worried that they wont be able to adapt to life here.”

“Look, this is a very important reason.” Xu Yi gave a clap, “You two have worked for our Frestech Chamber of Commerce for over two years and you still have to consider your residence in Banta City, its no wonder magicians are worried they cant adapt to life here. I feel that if we can solve their housing problem, making magicians not have to worry about anything after coming to work for our company, there would be more magicians willing to come.”

Evita and Akali looked at Xu Yi in surprise, thinking that this sir chairmans thoughts really could jump around.

They were clearly talking about the two of them buying houses, how did he suddenly think of this

Xu Yi ignored the surprised expressions on their face and after thinking for a while, he suddenly walked out.

After taking less than two steps, it was like he suddenly thought of something as he turned to say, “Right, help me tell Still that I need to go see grandfather. I wont be back for lunch, so you guys can just enjoy yourselves.”

After waving his hand to them, he turned to leave.

The two watched Xu Yi enter a horse carriage in a daze, heading off into the distance before they finally reacted.

“Sir chairman really is something. We came to see Still today, but he as the husband ran off, what is this…..” Akali couldnt help muttering.

“He should have thought of something important, otherwise he wouldnt do this.” Evita explained for Xu Yi.

Akali looked at Evita and pinched her cheek before saying with a smile, “Whats wrong You protect him so much, but its a pity that youre a coward and dont dare tell him your emotions. It doesnt matter how much you protect him.”

Evita rolled her eyes, “Its still better than you openly saying that you would repay him with your body, right What do you think you are Its not good to be this confident, right”

Akali gave an indifferent snort, “Im happy, you dont have to care!”

Evita helplessly shook her head, pulling Akali back into the room.

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